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Tales from the Morgue Full Album Lyrics

Entrails - Tales from the Morgue cover art

Tales from the Morgue

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2012-05-20)
1. Intro: Tales from the Morgue (1:08)
2. Blood Red (3:29)
I am your majesty
Noise of death I'll hear
Never change the course
I have your soul of death

Cut by knife
I scream like hell
Blood red I spill
Raining blood
I should never lied
Blood red I spill

I am your worst nightmare you ever had
I scream in your head your blood turns red
I call you in the darkest death
When you have arrived you can't find back
3. Voices (4:10)
Voices tells me what to say and do
Nothing pleasant but I want to
Evil pleasures in my fantasies
Not enough NO! Not enough for me

Voices - Hell bound
Voices - Blood spill
Voices - Carnage
EVIL - voices

Am I evil or am I just insane
Am I a pervert, totally deranged
But I like the nasty thing I do
Living out my fantasy on you

Nothing could stop me from hurting you
Seeing you fear makes my dream come true
Evil pleasures in my fantasy
Not enough NO! Not enough for me
4. Breath of Blood (3:30)
I know the time
When you grow up
Time has not changed
After your parents' death

Time after that
You were paralysed
No family to go to
Took care of your self

Death can see
More than you know
Death can strike
Wherever you go
Your parents they died
By force they were killed
Blood in throat breath of blood

Now in this time
A big and a powerful world
You still remember
Your parents' death
5. Entrails (4:34)
Shadows, the dark place in chaos
Entrails, the waste from the flesh
Dry blood, red as it can be
Disintegration, decay from rotten bones

Entrails... a tasty entrail
Flesh and blood
Dinner for two
Show me some death

Autopsy, the final way to die
Raw meat, taste the smell of fear
Coffin, silence in the grave

I am the slayer
You are the victim
All shall face the death
Soon you will die

Graveyard... The end of destination
Undefeated soul... Anger for mankind
Worn out... To stand by your own
Immortality... I shall rise again
6. Stormy Death (3:32)
Clouds in the sky
Rain pouring down
Protect your head
Lightning strikes again

Stormy weather
Blood on leather
Death is rising
Blood is flowing

Piles of flesh and bones
Ripped off by the dead
Awakened by the storm
You're now without head

We are all helpless
Weather have such power
Black clouds are forming
They want you dead

Cloud dark and ugly
Thunder can be heard
Give me your best shot
Goodbye bastards
7. Euthanasia (4:40)
Dying and helpless, punishment
The life is silent as the grave
The attempt is doomed to failure
To be in mortal fear
Obituary notice fatally massacred
To the visions of the fatal truth
Stream in feelings heavenly meanings
On the sentence of death

Victim of hell always grotesque
The holy master confesses
By the mortal dread
The angel saved your breath

Euthanasia calling for you
Autopsy flesh digging pain
Euthanasia calling for you
Darkness has come to judge your death

Dead by help dead by dawn
Entrance to hell
Rotten by cancer
Mystery disaster
Freedom of pain
Be in the death throes
Climb up the Satan's stairs
To preach with the dark side
8. Evil Obsession (2:37)
The story was told
The crypt was old
We have a confession
The evil obsession

Evening in a tormenting crypt
Chains around your neck
Food once a week lifetime to die
Dead flesh flowing out of your ass

Reborn to society
Crawl with anxiety
Pain from lost mind
No one can find

Death and smelly corpse
Buried in the walls
Graveyard in the garden
Their souls shall be reborn
9. Triumph of the Sinners (7:04)
Sinners shall burn
To a melting stuff
Great kingdom shall rise
Cause of sinners doom

Memories from that time
Slowly rot away
No one misses their friend
Cause sinners shall burn in hell

Make some noise
Scream and exterminate
Violence to hell
The sinners are born again
Ruin the world
Fight the life
Of remaining crowd
Your doom is near

For nothing the pain ends
Be drunk to kill again
So be to the great pain
And rise from the grave again

The enemy will get away
And stand gone forever
No threat to the people
The peace finally arrives

Fighting death to death
To create some life
Life who shall win
Against the dark hell

Flowing power makes
Me to win at last
Death shall be reborn
Triumph of the sinners
10. The Morgue (4:15)
Night in the cold
You were working at the morgue
Have no friends, was alone
There was nothing else to do
Flames from fire in a room
Questions in your head
What should I do now
Should I run or should I die

There was a room with a corpse of fire
Moaning souls flowing through the walls
Panic reactions grab your back
Heat from flames you begin to burn

You felt the skin fall off
Dark memories from the past
Memories that should end
If you would die

Scarred and burned
You found some water
After that night
The wound seems to heal

Two years later
You were walking in the morgue
The same scary noise
From flames in to the room with corpse
11. The Curse of Death (5:31)
The bringer of plague, the bringer of death
A fist in humanity's face
Unleashing the wrath, save your last breath
Condemning the human race

Inverting the cross, the image of Christ
The sign of weakness and lies
The world is aflame, evil will rise
Torment will be your demise

You shall fall
The plague is spreading fast
Death to all
The triumph of death at last

No help from your god, your feeble lord
Evoking the evil unseen
Summoning of the demonic horde
A genocidal war machine

Your god has failed, he is now dead
Killed by the arch nemesis
Death is a fact, blood's flowing red
Satan will take what is his

The curse of death
A swarm of plagues
You will be dead
None will survive
The curse of death
You will be dead
You are cursed

Darkness ascends, black clouds draw near
Only ashes remain
The end of the world, it's finally here
Suffering and pain

Mankind is but a memory now
No life, no laughter, no light
Darkness will reign, now take a bow
Everything's transformed into night
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