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Left Hand Path | Full Album Lyrics

Entombed - Left Hand Path cover art

Left Hand Path

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsEarache Records
Album rating :  87.5 / 100
Votes :  23
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1. Left Hand Path (6:39)
I am my own God
Master slave and I will be beyond the grave
No one will take my soul away
I carry my own will and make my day

I am my own God
See the truth beyond
Through endless lies thy kingdom come
Glorified wisdom illumination tool
Self deceit it's the golden rule

Live your life you're gonna die your own death
There's no one above that's gonna take your breath

May the evil drown in its source

I dip my forefinger in the watery blood
Of your impotent redeemer
And write over his thorn torn brow
The true Prince of Evil

What man's created
Man can destroy
Bring to light
That day of joy
2. Drowned (4:02)
As the clouds so dark, so mighty
Hid the light of the moon from my eyes
I felt their presence even stronger
My invocation had caused them to rise

Terrors beyond the human mind
Awaiting me for thousands of years
Dimensions of another kind

Between the gates and the ancient domains
How was I to know that halfway on my quest
They would have me drained

They’ve taken my body
In control but I bear
No anguish no malice
The god of all gods are entitled
I remember the times
I used to travel beyond
All of what is and what has been is gone in man’s mind

They’ve left me now to shiver and cry like a child
Left me with the humiliation of knowing,
I’m not worthy of what’s yet to come

By the dark and mighty waters
I’m standing here alone
To hear and suffer my sentence
To pay the price I owe
I’m drowned

Terrors beyond the human mind
Awaiting me for thousands of years
Dimensions of another kind
Piercing their teeth into my skin and my flesh
Inner dimension beyond human conscience
I wish for only death
3. Revel In Flesh (3:43)
As your eyes filled are filled with horror
I lift up the corpse on the bench
You can’t avoid the dismal sight
It’s arms and legs I re-trench

Excavating it’s interior
To get a hold of what’s inside
And as I drivel and belch
You feel so damn reviled

As I continue with laughter
I drink the bowel’s rheum
Squeezing my hand through it’s mouth and further
Through it’s stomach to it’s womb

Of it’s once called body
There seems nothing to be left
And you better prepare yourself
For an equaling death

Revel in Flesh

Pools of coagulated blood
And rotten flesh by my side
Now I really need something more
To kill another day in my life
4. When Life Has Ceased (4:11)
5. Supposed to Rot (2:04)
Stubborn old, worthless hag
Simply had nothing to give
I couldn't stand your eternal nag
You didn't deserve to live

So I went to the stove and took a pork knife
and stabbed it into your head
Buried you in the fruit cellar
I was glad 'cause I thought you were dead

But the maggots didn't feast on your body
You didn't get moldy as I thought
And still I can hear that nag in my head
You were supposed to rot

Supposed to Rot

Now she haunts me, day and night
A haunting I can't forget
The deed was a coldblooded homicide
a murder I regret

But still she's the same old hag
And still my life has turned the same
Isn't there anything to set me free from this wicked pain?

You were supposed to rot.
6. But Life Goes On (3:00)
A rotten stench
Surrounds another ended life
Maggots infesting the rotten flesh
Is that the way you want to die?
Don't want to live in a decaying shell
But why should I go to heaven
And who's to say I'll enter hell

Dead - Deceased, but life goes on
I will be the one who won
My charred body will decay
But my soul will be floating anyway

Visually a corpse
But what's inside my head
Don't consider I once was deceased
So I guess I'll come back from the dead
Dying my death
In relentless aggrieve
Dead and put down in a wooden box
Just can't be my destiny

Dead - Deceased, but life goes on
I will be the one who won
Continue to seek and you will see
That life is your worst enemy
7. Bitter Loss (4:22)
Blinded eyes
Blind towards reality
Subconcious lies
For whom did you really care?

Can't let go
Slave to this mastery
Stop searching for
The things you were never near

Falling tears
Falling from your sorrow
For the one
Who ripped your heart to shreds

Who are they for?
The dead one leaving peacefully
Better realize
Can't raise the one who's dead

Imaginary emotions
For someone that you cared for
Someone who isn't, but was
It's just the death of your ego that makes you cry
It's just your own bitter loss

Blinded eyes
Won't hold no consolation
Subconcious lies
Won't set you free
Your falling tears
Are all mistaken

Dead and buried
Maybe that will make you see

You're living out this lie
For the rest of your mortal life
Can't you fucking see
Stop living with that lie

Imaginary emotions
For someone that you cared for
Someone who isn't, but was
It's just the death of your ego that makes you cry
It's just your own bitter loss
8. Morbid Devourment (5:26)
9. Abnormally Deceased (2:59)
A tumor of mould
Inherits you inside
Spreads in you
Soon to putrefy

Convulsion sets in
Relentless aggrieve
Stench of decay
Starts possessing visibility

Putrid stench
Infected body
Slowly putrefies

Heading for death
Flesh turns out to be mould
About these symptoms
You were never told

Decomposed to shreds
Bodily debris
Coagulated blood, moulded flesh
Surrounded by disease

Recently died
But limbs are moving anyway
Thoughts have ceased
But you scream in hysterical rage
10. The Truth Beyond (3:25)
People put to death in the name of God
And blood run red in an eternal flood
The word has been spread - Through out the centuries
Millions of corpses lying in the cemeteries

Reek of christianity
Down of obscuration
The birth of insanity
And death to liberation
Lord of evolution
Enslavement emperor
Root of all evil
It is the holy terror

God the almighty - The creator of Earth
Devote your life to this holy writ - The key to your rebirth
And if you've been a believer of justice and brave
So what! It shall be written on your grave

The bell summon its slaves to mass
In the darkest hour
To devour the body of Christ
The blood feast shall increase their power
Chalices filled to the edge with blood
Drawn from holy veins
Tearing his stomach open
And revel in the shredded remains

Smell the putrid stench
Of the godblessed crucifixion
And discover the lies
There is no resurrection
Get your eyes open wide
And discover the lies
See the truth beyond
The shadows of a false paradise!
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