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Embodiment Full Album Lyrics

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TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
Album rating :  82.5 / 100
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-23)
1. Shroud of Flesh
I descend upon the earth
in the radiant flames of a craft unknown.
Ripping through the atmosphere
spreading panic as the audio drones.
All my essence is imprisoned in the comet
as it impacts with blinding light.
Shattering through colossal structures.
Nothing gets out alive.
I was sent to this earth to observe humanity.
To perceive the universe with the eyes of mortality.
I shroud myself in flesh.
Existence is governed by death.
Generating a perfect clone.
I am reborn.
A wolf in sheep skin undetected.
I am reborn.
What they want to see is projected.
I am reborn.
I can feel Everything.
I walk through the flames.
New sensations.
I feel the pain.
The smoke fills my lungs.
They're staring clueless, biting their tongues.
If they knew what lies beneath my skin
they'd know that the one they judge, is the one who will judge them all in the end.
2. Mortem Incarnatum
I am the observer.
Mortem Incarnatum.
I look down upon the world perched on a rooftop.
The wind blows through my cloak.
I observe the world as it carries on,
feeding on the carrion.
The flesh of their own, the flesh of their brothers,
clenched in their hungry teeth.
Power and glory is what the people seek.
They can't think on their own,
yet they perceive like they are alone.
This kingdom isn't made of stone.
This kingdom is made of flesh and bone.
Built on the graves of those
who have fallen before them.
Masses of slaves waging war on themselves
in the name of the conclave.
Murderers. Adulterers.
Betraying one another.
Brother turned against each other
3. Temptress
Sadistic infatuation.
Too hard to resist temptation.
It makes me feel alive.
Without the pain I feel deprived.

My flesh is weak.
Cursing your name through my broken teeth.
Everything that you stand for makes me sick to my stomach.
I tilt my head back and swallow the vomit.
Your pathetic lies shine through your eyes.
Mesmerized like a piece of shit that attracts the flies.

I let you in.
You're so close I couldn't live without you.
The pain is pure, the pain is true.
You were always there even when the world turned it's back on me.

Sadistic infatuation.
Too hard to resist temptation.
It makes me feel alive.
Without the pain I feel deprived.

It makes me feel alive.
I can see my reflection in your watery eyes.
I can see what I am by the way you agonize.
I'll always be your piece of shit no matter how hard I fucking try.

I will always be your piece of shit.

I've been itching to let the animal out. Lose control.
He's been watching through the eye holes of the portrait on the wall.
I am him, he is me.
Without each other what would I be?

Sadistic infatuation.
Too hard to resist temptation.
It makes me feel alive.
Without the pain I feel deprived.
4. Never Forgive, Never Forget
I've been living with the guilt for so long.
I lost you. What went wrong?
If I would of done something different,
maybe you'd still be here, but I didn't.
Never Forgive, Never Forget.
I live with the guilt. I live with the pain.
Life will never be the same without you.
I'm trying not to lose hope. I'm still trying to cope.
Maybe if I would have done something different,
you wouldn't be dead, but you are.
I wish it could have taken me instead.
I'm alive and I live with the pain every single day.
I can never forgive myself.
Every day without you is fucking hell.
Never Forgive, Never Forget.
When I think of you, I think of you as you are.
Maggots eating away at your flesh.
When I put my ear to your lips there was no breath.
You've been taken from me, taken by death.
Never Forgive, Never Forget.
5. The Draconian Oculus
They think that I'm crazy. I know that I'm not,
but their words keep coming back to haunt me.
A book falls off the shelf. How can I trust myself?

When I'm alone I'm never by myself.
I flip through the pages. Every word is sedating.
The hairs stand up on the back of my neck,
the words read "Your heart is black".
I've decayed on the inside,
poisoned by the judgment of man.
I can feel the nails hammered in my hand.
Crucified like swine, but the meat goes to waste,
because you can't stand the taste.
Internal war wages. I bled these words on to the pages.
The hair stands up on the back of my neck.
The words read "Your heart is black."
I'm starting to believe it my self.
The voices in my head need to be bled.
After a while of hearing "You're insane",
You start to doubt yourself and wonder if it's in your head. Maybe I am. I pull out the nails hammered in my hand. You're all laughing now,
but in the end we'll see who's laughing,
when the judgment you pass is what destroys you all. Maybe I am insane. I'll be pushing up daisies.
I know that I'll rot. I'll rot the man I am,
not the man that they want me to be
6. Serpentiform
The moonlight creeps through the window,
slithering up the sheets like a serpent.
Illuminating the scars and the wounds,
reminding me that death is coming soon.
This flesh is weak. I collapse at the serpent's feet. Transcending mortality. Materializing in front of me. Composing a vision of death.
When I ascend from the depths of my flesh.
Walk through the valley of the shadow of death.
I will transcend through the barrier.
I will be the bringer of hysteria.
I've come to terms with my death.
I'll be leaving this world in a body bag.
No one will ever remember my name.
Everything I've built will collapse in the end.
No one will ever remember my name.
7. Black Earth
In this world your beliefs are what plague you all
Kill each other until one is left, the rest will fall
Until the unbelievers are dead these rivers will always run red
Never ending war
Exterminate to eradicate
You must think alike
Carbon copies of one another
Kill each other
I live in a cesspool
The divergent hide
The self righteous rule
I live in a cesspool
Cold hearted
Full of fear & lethargic
Sedate me
Shove it down my throat
Fill my lungs until I choke
Is this what you want me to be?
Hands tied behind my back
Obedience is what I always lacked
If I don't give in, If I don't comply
They'll shit me out like the rest
Sentenced to die
Sedate me
8. Embrace the Ashes
I want to change the world
but I can't trapped in the body of a man.
I can't expect seven billion corpses to understand.
There's nothing left for me here.
Embrace the ashes of what you hold dear.
Everyone that I've ever loved turned to ravenous creatures. Starving, Hungry for blood.
They betrayed me in the end.
A judas kiss placed on my cheek by my friends.
They were in it for themselves.
That's what makes this world a fucking hell.
The flames illuminate in the night,
burning ever so bright.
Embrace the ashes of what you hold dear.
9. Empty Sockets
I don't see what they see.
They see a world of love.
I see a world of hate.
Do you see what I see?
Do you see the blood?
Do you see your fate?
You live life with blood on your hands.
At the end of the day, you kneel down and you pray,
but never it washes off the stains.
You blame your sins on the devil,
but you're the only one to blame.
You and Satan are one in the same.
He exists so you can sleep at night.
Say your prayers, everything will be alright.
Tuck your children into bed.
God will forgive every spiteful thing you've ever said.
You never eat where you shit,
but when you open your mouth, you're fucking full of it. You're fucking full of shit.
You judge me. Take a look in the mirror.
Is the image becoming clearer?
Look yourself in the eyes.
Look past the barrier of lies.
Do you see the devil in your eyes?
Do you see your fate?
10. Deflesh to Unveil
Beneath my skin.
I feel the hatred that burns within.
Everything that I've ever loved has been taken from me again.
I can never forgive this world.
Not until it gives me what I am owed.
I walk through this world alone.
Scars so deep they run straight to the bone.
This flesh is weak.
Serrated teeth cut through my skin to see what's underneath.
Unleash the hatred. I won't let this life be wasted.
Sitting back while the world crushes me under it's weight.
Letting the fear I have control my destiny.
I won't the victim. I won't be the coward.
I won't hesitate to destroy you in my final hour.
I'm sick of bearing the weight on my shoulders,
waiting for something to change.
To no avail, it always remains the same.
I am the only one I can blame.
I am the only one who can change.
I won't be the victim. I won't be the coward.
I won't hesitate to destroy you in my final hour.
I won't hesitate to destroy you in my final hour.
This earth belongs to me.
Nothing can stop me.
Decay and Erosion.
I am the Omen.
11. Father of Abortion
Father, forgive them
They know not what they do
If I told you I don't want revenge
This wouldn't be true
As I hang from my cross
I see the hate in their eyes
These children are lost
Abort the bastards
Ignore their cries
There is no hope for a world inhabited by humanity
They rule with insanity
They are a plague wasting away
At our integrity of this sacred Earth
Father of abortion, destroy this perversion
Erase what you have concieved
This is the world that I percieve
Father, forgive them
They know not what they do
If I told you I don't want revenge
This wouldn't be true
Smite them, invite them to hang on the cross
With me beneath the blackened sky
Ignore their desperate cries
Father of abortion destroy this perversion
Erase what you have concieved
This is what I percieve
You gave birth to a mistake
You breathed into their lungs
And they mocked you with their deceitful tounges
Abort this debauched creation
12. Cruciform
I spend my last day on earth enjoying the last bit of beauty it has to offer.
Sitting in the sunlight as the final nails are hammered into my coffin.
I accept my fate of damnation. I await it with anticipation. The crows perch on the trees above,
as if they could preconceive the spilling of my blood.
When I look into their faces. I see the empty spaces.
The crows tore out their eyes. Torn out before they could die. My father had prepared a place for me.
Nailed to the wood of a rotting tree.
My father had prepared a place for me.
My father had prepared a place for me.
Placed upon my head. A crown of thorns.
All hail the king of the dead.
The fury of god strikes down upon the earth.
Marking the beginning of the planet's rebirth.
13. Deathwind
My flesh melts and drips off the bone,
de-fleshing the side of me that I have never shown.
Now you will know what I truly am.

I'm not the man I say I am.
For when I die my body transcends,
with the breath of the wind.
My ashes spread like the plague that I am.
I ignite the world in fire and sulfur,
in the names of all those who suffer.
Forged in the flames of damnation.
My gifts of demise is your salvation.
I welcome you to oblivion. You are not alone.
Beneath the piles of scorched flesh and fragmented bones, new life is seeded. New life grows.
Fertilized by the carbonized waste,
growing through the skulls. New life is embraced.
Fear not the unknown.
The depths of nothingness in which you are thrown.
You are not alone.
Before it gets better, it always gets worse.
This is the way of the universe.
Everyday is a new day.
Transcending flesh. Transcending my skin like a serpent. Death reigns from the sky on the culprit.
Burning in the fire you call out my name.
Withering into dust.
Boiling blood.
I am smiling from above.
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