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Adversary Omnipotent Full Album Lyrics

Enfold Darkness - Adversary Omnipotent cover art

Adversary Omnipotent

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal, Black Metal
Album rating :  87.5 / 100
Votes :  2
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1. Awaken, Brak'tal O'minn (1:16)
2. Lairs of the Ascended Masters (4:21)
Amnu Na'ak Beru - Na'ak Ba'ran!

Hail the victorious
Of a once exalted throne

Brak'tal O'minn and his powers that I've gripped through his talisman
Ik'thran'ithul, and his kind, they shall pay (and be slain)
By my hand, as we assert our dominion on this earth

Seized into a dream of our world

Under disguise through a guise of lies
Just to keep them docile
But we escape these fools
In the lairs of the ascended masters

Behold the tome of the ascended zones
It is the gate of forbidden keys
Of a mind of the highest design
Resisting death - I alone will live the
Test of time to assume my throne

Seized into a dream of our world
Seized into a dream of salvation

Under the skies as my portal does
Slide from the trace - disaster
But I show these fools
As I destroy all the fucking bastards

Quicken the decimation of the slaves
We're sent to lead astray from truth
And the sacred magic

The of their sacred masters


The power of dark light
Their contrivance - my foreordination!
Hell shall be unleashed as our armies
Are unsheathed
The elder council - they face extinction!

And now - orgone, it activates the sonus
Apex doth sound
The gates shall be flung open

Now come to me
Feel my pain
Suffer in my world
Brak'tal O'minn!

Once lost, with no path
A new order will assume the reign

And with one drop of blood
Added to components conceived
I will reconstruct my body
With aid of unholy trinity

And as we accost the holy temples
Of the Sali-un Umm'thraba
We shall bring to the earth, the blackest flames of hell

Back on earth physically reborn
I'm here to start the war
Of a mind of the highest design
Resisting death - I alone will live the
Test of time to assume my throne

Seized into a dream of our world
Seized into a dream of salvation
3. Liberator of Mages (5:26)
Hundreds of thousands of ages have passed
Since the dawn of the Sali'un
They had given the gift of the white magic
A resource to the lesser kin
Which had uplifted them from the welk and the desires of evil men

Yet a dark shadow arose from the east
Their purpose settled in blood
A war faring folk with technology
Able to diminish the powers and control the
Mind of the mages - they had become weak

A child is born
Under the sign of the morning star
The catalyst of prophecy
Im'maud'hi - Rise and restore the nature of the word

And like the great beast, they came from the sea
Legions of men chartered by the evil king
Come to destroy the
Land of the ones unamenable to he
And to murder the golden son of the old prophecy

They set fire to the homes
And salted the fields
Raped the mothers and daughters
Shed the blood of the men
Enslaved their sons
And stolen their wealth to do Ik'thran'ithul's will

A great presence had overtaken one of the guard
"This child is mine, now save him and take him afar"
And so they erected their obelisk
Claimed the lands for their own
But the son of the morning
Had been given a new home

Seven years had come and gone
The boy safe in his new home
Unawares of his past - Everyday he would ask
The questions that answers would never be known
And his days were spent learning the tongue of the king
Tending the fields and taking up sward
He was destined to be in (the) Narcillian army

In the midst of the night
An apparition appeared before he
Materialized from light from the hearth
The boy startled, fell to his knees

Then the master extended her hand
"The powers of ancients are yours
Go now learn with these tools"
Reached out with her palm and touched his head

Now gone - sailed away in whirlwind of shadow
The creative force withdrawn to the realm of the unknown

Disease had spread o'er the flock
And the folk had fallen in despair
Without knowing, the boy healed all
And raised the dead fowl
It's stench wafting through the air

Many witnesses came to bear testimony against the boy
Necromancy, unknown to the people, yet punishable by death
Would be his fate without intervention from the ones who know

At last he had been made known of his story
His past, once blackened now brought to light

Ostracized from his town, destiny to overthrow the crown
And restore a new age of light to his kin
Left to focus his craft, a lone mage on the path
Banished to the wilderness to discover the light of the imminent dawn
4. The Sacred Daemonic (6:03)
I've fallen victim to unbroken monotony of servitude
And reluctantly forced to worship the human form
In the thickets of branch and labyrinthine tendrils
An unfamiliar script emerges
"For what secrets doth this script wish to reveal"

In the distance a silhouette emerged
Ancient masonry draped in the infinite vine
And exotic bulbs of prepubescent flowers
The haunting script etched above the crest
Da'at Hane'elam - the star inscribed and facing the west
A sanctuary to the preservation of the obscured
Wisdom and ritual binding the magic of Pistis to the mortal plane

Divine decree has reached and pulled me inside
Found myself in an astral state as if no longer a slave to time
Years had passed by without a sing moment lost
Immersed in the mysteries of Yaldabaoth
Pulled from my slumber in the nocturnal hours
Visions seek to sway my path to an illuminating presence
The masters - calling me by my true name, Im'maud'hi!

With the tree completed, it's monolith self inscribed

(solo - Elijah Whitehead)

In the wilderness seven years had come and gone
Im'maud'hi our hero determined to bring about the light of dawn
To teach his mysteries to only trusted kin
Destiny! To reverse Ik'thran'ithul's sins
Buried beneath the obelisks encased in stone
Enchanted gears perpetuating frequencies of confusion
The destruction of these monuments is the key to freeing the minds
Once this hideous curse is broken I will rise

Returned to society and shunned by all
The hermit spat upon and all curses called
Yet kindness was shown by a fellowship of six
Now seven within seven his entered apprentice
Sharing the mysteries of Sophia's call
Seven angles now formed the Golden Dawn

(solo - Colin Butler)

Together, this night we resists the tyrants
And birth the new revolution
We destroy the first monument of control
And the rest are soon to follow

(solo - Elijah Whitehead)

And brought with them Da'at
They rose to meet the path of prophecy manifest in flesh
And with coming of dawn, great works they would spawn
"I beseech thee o Pistis guide my hand"

Undoing the workings of tyrants of greed
And they revel in fear as the minds are unleashed
For we shall not stop at once
But dismantle all shrines of oppression
Stone by stone we deface, autocracy erased
And establish our name by subjugation
Surrounded now, by guardians of the king
Brows furrowed and weapons drawn
And with our spells, we cast them into death

For we are the few who dare to rise
Placing the weight the world, solemnly on our backs
Forging a path to mysteries of the ancient one
We await the coming days, with quests whispered from sacred daemons and demigods
Our future is set
5. Invocation of Na'ak Ba'ran (3:15)
(Ik'thran'ithul read sthe invocation of Na'ak Ba'ran)

"O come forth, thou who art the apocalyptic beast. I call out thy name and invoke thee!

O Na'ak Ba'ran, come forth and make thy presence manifest
With thy fires of truth, burn now asunder the veils of
Illusion and let now the dawning of the black light's timeless aeon commence!"
"They brought with them ancient magic of the goddess
Destroyed my obelisk and left my legions hanging dead
They threaten our rule
How then should I proceed, o fallen one?"
"Gather your best men
And intercept them at the ritual summoning
They willingly give you their locus
The lover will lead them into ambush"

"Tonight we march by light of moon
And we shall utterly eliminate all who would stand against the throne"

"NO! Bring Im'maud'hi alive

I have better plans for them. Banish them to the dark
Arrest the minds of the remaining betrayers
This will silence the rest

Thy reward will be great in hell"
6. Banishment (4:28)
7. Arise, Morning Star, into the Netherworld (3:16)
8. The Adversary, Omnipotent (6:41)
9. Terror of a Perilous Quest (4:50)
Entrusted with deed to slay primordial beasts
That is my quest, that i may harness his dark design
To cut apex from the crown and join the artifacts
In perverse unholy union
With our might we shall arrive to save our world

It descended from heaven in smokeless flame
The dagger of ancients incribed with the names
To aid in my quest to slay the elder beast
And to forge it's apex into the instrument of dreams

Into the labyrinth of Knossos we march
And descend into the bowels of the lower world
Half man and half beast
Unlike anything that had been seen
The hallmark of hellbeasts within a dream

Now we prime our attack
Mounting surveillance
Our position not blatant
The perception of our magick magnified
Caused this beast to discover in time


And to the ground my comrade was pinned
Within it's grip in disbelief, could this battle we win?
Before it's teeth sank into the skin
My spell cast to his crown
It turned and relentlessly charged against me

Our spells used - now futile
Upon strength we must rely
Realized my only choice
Now with dagger in hand
The monstrosity it must die

My powers in tow and my visions aligned
To complete this chthonic test
The hostility of a vicious hellbeast
That is the terror of this perilous quest
Though difficult it be, we shant not concede
To the great horned beast that would rival my destiny

With fulfillment of deeds
Crown myself as king
Indentured to aquire the apex
Now dread has consumed us
Yet if i do not act it shall be us that will be entombed

This hour of danger has been brought before us
Upon my shoulders, on me the world weighs

Within the inner workings of my mind
The realization, blackest flames we shall bring to all mankind

My powers in tow and my visions aligned
To complete this chthonic test
The hostility of a vicious hellbeast
That is the terror of this perilous quest
Though difficult it be, we shant not concede
To the great horned beast that would rival my destiny

With fulfillment of deeds
Crown myself as king
Indentured to aquire the apex

Summoned forth from the black
An apparition appears
It allows us to escape

I mount the neck of the beast
And draw my dagger in haste
Soon the prison of the soul shall be erased

It's body flailing
And the blade raised on high
White knuckled, gripping it's head
A singular thrust to it's crest
For the monstrosity spells it's death

As it's body crumples to the ground
My dagger removes the sacred horn

It shall resound
10. The Test of Wisdom (6:38)
11. The Dirge of the Surrogate Invictus (7:07)
12. Summoning the Archons (5:28)
13. Vanish into Damnation (8:13)
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