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Erotik Nekrosis Lyrics

Endezzma - Erotik Nekrosis cover art

Erotik Nekrosis

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Lyrics > E > Endezzma Lyrics (7) > Erotik Nekrosis Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-05-23)
1. Incipit (Intro) (1:20)
2. Junkyard Oblivion (5:45)
Waking up in the wreckage of a morning
Jagged lines comes towards me, scorning
Pace every inch of this room
The walls around me, collecting gloom
Time has passed, without light
Thought I was mastering my own mind
But I was there, again last night

Like a phantom, I run the circuit
All the colours of darkness that I see
Revel and pulse through me
Absinthing my veins it peels my skin
Who are you to let me in?
Dead hairs and rabid eyes
Even the tigers of Sahara is lies

Been some time, thought I was clean
Been some moments, thought I am normal
Been some hours, thought I am equal
Last night, I washed it all away

Come on you fuckers
Welcome to my Oblivion
The last time

Trying, but me pledges like thorns
Riding on a mass of disgust
Crying, but my tears are rusty
Back on the Road again
Back in filth and morbid shades
It's the lifestyle I wear, the lifestyle I carry
I have reaped this life, in Excrement City
Scanning the cavities of the shit hole
The Junkyard opens its eyes to Oblivion

One day kills less than the rest
I live to love myself again
3. Enigma of the Sullen (8:08)
I am the code of the old-school
I am the all, a morbid result
The ultimate death-tool
I am the mountain world's fire breath
I am the road, bringer of ultimate death
I will be your icon-ghost of tragedy
I will be your repulsive storm of misery

Life contracts, Death is certain

Flaming eyes with malicious sin
Sirens light, let me in
I cloak you in, strangle the life
Define me, define me
Blackest horror might

I am a serpent's strangling grip
Your life will dissolve in my poison
I am the stir in the water
Darkness, fire and chaos
I am a human form divine
The occulta philosophia

I am the catalyst of putrefaction
Exclusive of the black sphere
The clandestine, the trigger
Of sexual repression

I am the code of the old-school
I am the all, a morbid result
The ultimate death-tool
I am the mountain world's fire breath
I am the road, bringer of ultimate death
I will be your icon-ghost of tragedy
I will be your repulsive storm of misery

Darkness, Fire, Chaos
4. Against Them All (3:59)
Harvesting the ground
Of a stronger self
Our morbid state caused us lifeless pain
It shall hurt and it hurt
It shall burn and it burn
It shall die and it dies
The titans fall
Against them all

Welcome to my wake
Where I lay, bleak and cold
Welcome to my wake, my way is strong

Credit me death, in a precious land
Total affection, inner self
Credit me no human affection
Credit me self perfection

The pain is a chain
That keeps the soul to the skin
Grieving till death, on my own
Distance, the human virus swarm

It shall hurt and it hurt
It shall burn and it burn
Against them all
5. Swansong of a Giant (6:34)
Oh, disgusting world
You that hold my head underwater
You that seek the rust in my veins
Leave my wounds so open
Lifeless, I close my eyes
This will be my last fight
Oh, savage life, I distance myself from your light

Am I human or less?
Drowning in grotesque
My mental walls are all wearied down
My hands is digging a hole in the ground
As a exclusive stranger
Presenting myself to me
In my piss-soaked eyes, what do you see?
Am I human or less?
Mother, will you clean my mess!?

Walking barefoot in the desert
Warm sand eats through my wounds
While the dusty old woman plays jazz
On her white virgin Mellotron steel guitar
I am truly trained, yes I am truly trained
For the abyssic morbid session
And it's all, it's all a shot of La Doom

Oh, get on your nekro horses!
Let's see how you tame this, motherfucker!

Come dine with me, in the garden of misery
While we watch,each other burn to death
Hold my hand and steer
Into the oblivious serenity
Portrait of a lifeless soul
Coughing, growing into old
Sinking, into the ground
Here we make no sound

My journey, is better walked alone
My story better left, untold
It craves a piece of me, striving for history
But no history
Burn with me like you desire
But oppressive morbidity
You know me, you know I'm fire

Like a bitter-sweet, rusty swansong
My skin is hurt
From the sparks, of welding my gallow
6. Hollow (4:10)
Coursing, plaguing my soul
This turbulence is way
to disturbing cold
Feel the pieces breaking
Corrupting and aching
Like a sexual transmitted disease
My emotions were too invalid
As ignored
As you gave me only darkness
To explore
You know my faint and rusted mask
Do you know me?
Do you ever care to ask?

You are the serpent, crawling around my feet
For my comfort, or my defeat
Feeding me poison, to hold me down
To this contemporary and idle death sound
It made all my love so disgusting true
You was always there, as a wolf in my view
The world abused me today
Stripped me naked and made me obey
The world stained my heart
Slit my old scars apart

Felt like passionate sex with you
My white pale skin turned blood-red and blue
I drank their piss and wished them away
Kept me warm for my last minutes to stay
7. Krossing Rubikon (6:32)
A rose of darkness, beneath my skin
The parasite, that paradise my skin
Creeping, into the cold, alone
Where the latter of life, is shown
Breathless, on the ground
This is a hymn, from a haunted time
This is...far across the land
I make love across your face
My hands is the cruelty
That hold you in embrace

For upon your life, a shadow has fallen
Can not guide you to the titan worlds
No more fallen memories
All your wither will assassin
I am the One, your auguries accursed
I am Two, your everlasting shadow
Three, Four, Five, fuckin' Six Six Six!
Dwell in your splendorous visions
Lets Death's bleak beat
Shock you into eternal coma

The light, an intimate birth
Not for your eyes to see
The sun, in existential carnage sets
Come on, enter these halls
Enter, the waves of darkness with me

This very wire, of life exceeds
The sirens, the death bells sound
Chanting the distance and all around
Depression know, no gentleman
The masquerade, of mental abuse
The carnival, of dissolution
Prestige, beauty of life
Is well sealed, in a glass of urine
The die is cast
Let's kross Rubikon
8. Soulcleansing (3:22)
Inner disturbance, that must decrease
A hungry, rabid, scent of disease
Lifeless, in this cold air
Rehearsing in this old coffin sphere
Turbid line of no return
Can't prevent the end any longer

The way of human decay
Is withering away

Carving death into my chest skin
In pure devastation
Vomit pouring down my ribs
Coagulating with the blood
In a bitter, grotesque stench
Deathwish O.D.

This ain't no black fucking magic

My body is a temple of bacterias
As everyone piss your mouth full
Making love with the scum of the earth
The monolith of shit gave you birth
Human plague
In the halls of the giants
Death shall strain
In the halls of the giants
Death shall strain
Resist and restrain
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