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Darkness Impenetrable Full Album Lyrics

Embrace of Thorns - Darkness Impenetrable cover art

Darkness Impenetrable

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > E > Embrace of Thorns Lyrics (18) > Darkness Impenetrable Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2016-09-24)
1. Of Morbid Existentialism & Unholy Sorrow (2:58)
Our uninterrupted bloodline shall out span death...
Immortality awaits...
Procreate the sons and daughters of fire
For they will defy the hollow
and rise above mankind's tombstones...
For they will defy the hollow
Immortality is gained!
2. Sons of Fire & Brimstone Levitate! (4:26)
Levitate my fellow brethren, retract from oblivion
Search for the light (truth) into darkness... Carpe Vitam
Live through dying, separate thy selves
From the mundane throes existence bears
Follow me in the cave
Where flesh and conventions are slowly withering...
In a melting pot of human needs
An amorphous mass of flesh, bones and feelings
Veritas est adaequatio rei et intellectus

Chapter II: The Defeat of Man

Desert funeral for the credulous
Alas, your faith appears to dry out
Abruptly falling into the trench of your death
in blindness!
"Thou... conscience, holy terror and necessity
Shall possess the son of faustus
and will oppress him for as long as he lives."
Existing without living...

Existential cancer, ontological oblivion
Absorbed by goals and petty aspirations
Inside the brown fog of a winter dawn
Armies of rolling coffins marching
Under the pale rays of the sun
In a wasteland
Death is reaping the living as they're laughing...
3. My Hermetic Quest for Thy Blackest Temple (4:05)
I seek you not with arrogance
I cherish your mysteries without any vanity
Have I revered thy blazing presence
and I have felt the warmth
of thy scorching black flame

Scratch under the surface of your being
Reach the state of non-being
Lurk in the shadows, enter the void of life
Embrace the beauty
and perfection of the great darkness
Seek with new eyes inside the cosmic vacuum
ad exist through inexistence

My body sparks and radiates
Glowing like coal in thy pyre

I shall willingly accept all trials
and horrendous torments
Seeking perfection
Either shall I perish
or i'll transform into thy potent ally
Visita interiora terrae rectificando
Invenies occultum lapidem
4. Darkness Impenetrable (6:00)
We seek for holy darkness
To satiate our thirst for knowledge
The mystical body of Satan we adore and venerate
Only to break the frontiers
and to become one with darkness impenetrable
Only to become enlightened
and to see the world with new eyes
To embrace your morbid glory
For you are the most potent of all kinds

We must burn like candles
We must burn like azothic fire
We must achieve neutral polarity
Neither good nor evil
Neutrality that radiates
and poisons the alien elements

Ignite the core of my soul's mysteries
With meekness I feel the warmth of your burning flames
In awe i'm staring at the halo of your great pyre

I shall reach the planets of teitan's wisdom
Through rejection of the divine

Through humble quest for the blackest light
and I shall willing bear the torch of gnosis
Homo deus dei negatio
5. Erect Bloodstained Totems (4:07)
We stand before thee in absolute mockery
We scornfully curse your inherent blindness
For you are nothing more but an empty shell
in denial absolute

New symbols have arisen from their places of rest
Archetypes worthy of worship...
Dissimilar to thee great fraud of being
Deceiver of all...

These totems we choose to shed our blood for
God forlorn for you we sharpen our swords for
For thee my sweet Satan...
Defiant assassin of all that is prudish and meek
Thou who stand behind all scourges and tribulations
Thou who bringeth awe and terror to thy adversaries

We sacrifice matter to become one with thee
in paradoxical iconoclasm
We deny symbols moulded and raise your totems
Deification through conscicide
Deification through deicide

Illuminet satanas vultum suum
Super nos et miseriatur nostri
6. At the Antipodes of Chastity (Hail the Sons of Cain) (3:51)
Through fire and myriads of trials
Born the daimon erect
Exhausted by the tribulations of mundane living
We aren't alive nor dead anymore
Our murky grins, our fatigue shines bright

Like wingless fallen angel
Caressed by the satanic grace
we are finally blessed...
Blessed by the blackest light...

Sweet are the magic hands of death
The grand consoler of the world!
Within his forceful arms
Sleep is deep and dreamless
Yes, Indeed, he is a welcome visitor

A quiet and peaceful harbor,
among the roaring waves of the oceanic life

Of which the outbreak knocks and flushes
The steep and treacherous beaches of death in vain...

Happy lonely boat
Floating in the peaceful waters of the black gulf
So much it has suffered from the wild waves of mortal life
Tied within this bay forever
My boat, it does not need any sales, nor it does steering

To this deadly embrace
It will find the quietness it always craved for
oh death you're welcome...
And farewell my body, from which I reaped no sweetness
With every passing second, darkness becomes deeper
Until the oblivion I crave covers me
With lids completely sealed
Surrendered in the coldness of my shroud-clad body
I'm now ready, to be separated...
7. I Die Therefore I Exist (5:14)
Enter a trance like state of being
Absorbed by the emissions and dense fumes
The whole world as it's known burnt to the core
Only to regress to its pure structure
Atavistic regression
The whole world burnt to the crisp

Cracking this mortal shell
Regaining atavistic qualities
Denying once and forever
Those treacherous scrolls of manichaism

Hollistic baptism
I'm all and everything is me
pure as evil
Black as the most obscure planes of hell
Red as blood and wine

White as virtue
Burning like desire
furious as war
we are but amalgams

Worthless like clay
Noble and timeless like gold
We are fictitious and real
Contradicting and mysterious

From the void caressed
Only to be reborn through alchemy
Intrare vacuum mortis et radiatis
8. Charon's Ride over Wasteland (4:03)
Bloodstained scythes reaping
Rusty sickles harvesting...
Charon spreading his wings
A triumphant eclipse kills the sun
That is old and pale
A soil that cannot feed its children anymore
Offspring made of clay
Perish like flies
Blinded and scorched like insects

Crushed parasites, hyaenas feast
Carrions rot under the hostile nuclear rays
On the once sacred nuclear ground
Where children of god defecated
Can you see the stretchmarks?

Similar to the ravaged cunt of an aged whore
Abused for aeons
Waiting for the nuclear fallout
Waiting for the atomic dawn

Aftermath in carrionland...
9. Der Grausame Aspekt der Menschlichen Wirklichkeit (1:19)
10. Aiwass Arisen (2:46)
Strong ideals never fail
Your voice dictates the law
Your passion instills desire
You are the imposer of mediocrity
You are the oppressor of the meek
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