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And We All Hate Ourselves | Full Album Lyrics

Embolism - And We All Hate Ourselves cover art

And We All Hate Ourselves

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresGrindcore, Death Metal
LabelsErebos Productions
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Lyrics > E > Embolism Lyrics (15) > And We All Hate Ourselves Lyrics (15)
Submitted by level ― (2011-06-08)
1. Have Your Fear? (2:06)
Alone with your loneliness
Before yourself yoe’re running
Closing yourself before the world
An invulnerable you’re playing

Have you got a fear?

In the darkest corner of despair
You’ve seated entirely alone
You’ve paid the price of frienship
But in loneliness you’ve stayed there

Have you got a fear?

Finish that self-torment
It will soon outgrow
In neverending raving
And wrath will grow up
In thorns around you

Have you got a fear?
2. The Thorns Of Hatred (1:36)
Don’t approach to me
You could cut yourself on the thorns
Of my selfgretting and egoism
That stick out of me as of a rose
Don’t touch me
In order not to hurt yourself on thorns
Of my anger and hatred
That have shat together with the flowers

Dont’t look at me
My thorns could blind you
The thorns poisoned by sorrow and melancholy
Would blind your mind
Go away it’s the time
You are close not to
Cut yourself
On the thorns poisoned by hatred
3. The Wreckages Of Life (2:51)
You live in wonderful world
The birds sing happily
The grass sings gaily
Meadow those carpets of flowers in bloom
Provide you a splendid look
Which touches your soul
People are human to each other
The air is drenched by love
And then you wake up
In the wreckages of your life

This is the right truth
Uncompromising cold
The life is like a gilded metal
Glittering outside
But under the glittering cover
It’s being broken by corrosion
Like the whole world is being covered
By the cover of love and friendship
But inside it’s being broken
By the corrosion of the humanity itself
4. Are You Sleeping? (1:58)
You are sleeping and shivering of a fear
And then you wake up from a dream
And throw away the thoughts in a dust
What the dream was about you don’t suppose
You just feel that sorrow in your heart
Which is burning deep inside of you
Words that were said by the wind long time ago
You are going to bed
Trying to sleep
It’s like sign of death
There’s no way back
And again that fear and that pain
The dread of life
You are lifting up your fist
And your mouth is mute
You don’t know what to do
This is an everlasting problem of the youth
The mind’s becoming blind
At first of those who are weak
5. Deadly Result (1:01)
People from the very beginning
Have been running against the self-destruction
The have been on the way of killing
Murdering, raping and damaging
Is this the way of natural selection ?

Since we started to think
The wars have been ruling the world
Genocide of the human beings
Has has a direction to erase us
These are the deadly results

We’ve released a demon from a bottle
When we started trifling with viruses
Biological arms and nuclear bombs
With our nature we’ve started a battle
We can’t win without deadly consequences
6. Fight (2:22)
I fight for my night
Fight for my day
Fight for my life
Fight for my fate
I fight to stay alive

I don’t fear of your anger
Don’t fear of your hate
Don’t fear of your hunger
I don’t want to wait
So I fight
Fight against the night
Fight against the day
Fight against the love
Fight against the hatred

Blood on my lips
Blood on my hands
Wrath in my mind
Grief in my head

I fight for my life
I fight for my death
So let me leave
So let me breathe

So let me breathe
So let me die
So let me be
So let me cry

I love this world
I love the peace
I hate the wars
I hate you – freaks

I don’t your pain
I don’t want your grief
I just want to stay
And to breathe
7. Money, Life And Love (2:48)
We’re living in the cold world
In the world full of violence
No one likes nobody
And the man is laughing at man
And the man is destroying the man

Hypocrites and people without heart
Murderer behaving like a judge
Determining the way of out life
Are speaking into our heart
And preaching us the moral rules
The rich are preaching about modesty
Unhumiliated are preaching about submission
But they are without conscience
They’ve never heard about character

Everyone is saying that love is first-rate
That health and fortune are the sense of life
But they are shitting, money are the first-rate
And who doesn’t like it may he wake up
8. Voices (3:44)
I have voices in my head that are saying
You are dead and I feel I’m dying
Voices in my mind are whispering me
You are blind and I realize I can’t see

I feel those sounds inside me
Listening how they are shouting from me
I feel I’m dying know I’ll be dead
When the voices are crying – the voices of dread

How could I silence them they are so loud
Do I have to follow them – will they shout
They are even in my soul I can’t stop them
Stealing my heart so now I’m screaming
9. Death Causing Pleasure (2:36)
You could hear |
Only the sound |
Of his steps and |
Then be found |
His name on |
The memory board |
For the others he had died |
In the war |
Only one injection of this liquid
Injected in the vein
You feel good for a while
With the poison in your mind
You think you are God
You fly high but falling down
Shows you the right side of the truth
When you are dead

You’ve started one way road
With bad start but worse end
And there’s no one to give you hand
For a help

Die vermin die, die
You’ve started
Death causing pleasure
With pain, hatred and grief
„They try to kill me
But no one heal me
So hate me
And leave me
10. Everything Irritates You (2:06)
We are young and unleashed
And we live our way
You cannot stop us
We are unlimited
We are you so strict
We want to laugh
We want to breathe
So let us live
Everything that we do
Irritates you all
But try to think of it
You all were young
You all did some stupid things
But life hasn’t stopped
The worls hasn’t crashed
You just lived yourway
So let us do the same
We are young
We want to live
Now it’s our time
And we want to see our stars – not yours
We want to be young – forever
11. Depresy (2:02)
I don’t believe anymore
And I don’t know why
When I open my eyes
I see everything possible
The love on the corner
And the anger in the eyes
I speak about god
On the black mass
The life plays with us
Jesus cries
And drops his tears on us
These tears of sorrow
Fall on me
Drenched tothe bone
I’m like a lamb
I hate people
I love loneliness
I ever wake up
Wet by sweat
Life’s bitch
And then you die
I’m always depressed
I think it’s time to leave
12. There's No Chance (2:28)
You have fight every mourning day
You are disgusted, your mind is grey
You search for the light to shine your life
Only pain of life you have found

Don’t call for help, nobody hears you
Don’t try to escape, it is impossible
Don’t want to cry, nobody listens to your screams
Don’t try to shout, all around deafness is

Your mind’s confused, that sorrow is real
This desease burning inside you can’t heal
You’re finding out there’s no chance
You are going to wreck yourself

Don’t call for help, nobody hears you
Don’t try to escape, it will get you
Don’t try to cry, nobody cares about you
No chance – there’s nothing you can do
13. Impossibility? (2:17)
We have become blind
We don’t want to see the reality
Because it is too hard to find a courage to face the truth
And the truth has become impossibility

But we can’t be blind forever
We must seek something clever
That will help us clean the streets
Of that plague called nazi-skinheads

We don’t need any racism
We don’t need any nazism
We don’t need any fascism
There’s only one race – human race

Nevermind – what colour you are
Nevermind – what opinion you share
We all can live without fear
Of our existence
14. The Nowhere Land (2:52)
I just crossed the hill
Which in fact wasn’t there
A bird flew around me
But it didn’t move at all
I crossed the meadow to another flower
But I didn’t notice it

I flew over a wide river
But I didn’t know how to fly
I crossed the mourning waters
Where no bridges were
I sat all the day in the saddle
But the horse couln’t walk

I’m walking on the mountain glade
But there isn’t any mountain
I’m swimming on the sea surface
But I cannot swim
And when I’m sinking to the bottom of the sea
I’m awakening from that dream
15. Hypocrisy (3:18)
You think I’m a dangerous gun
For your satisfaction I have gone
For your satisfaction I have run already
I have never found my own way

All you cowards
You were thret for me
I’ll come back
And let you bleed the sea

All your hypocrisies made me dead
Now I’m gonna hold your breath
All you hypocrities you made me still
Now I’m the only one who wants you to kill

I’m fed up with your hypocrisy...
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