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Emberland Full Album Lyrics

Emberland - Emberland cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > E > Emberland Lyrics (7) > Emberland Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-04-11)
1. Bonecrusher (3:10)
Blood stains your hands
Thoughts cat your mind like worms
Crowbar you hold in your hands
Is all that you have
Kill or hurt is all you can do
God makes those who like blood
And you'll become the same
Such as everybody is
Revenge is your favorite game
The revenge for unrealized dreams
Kill is your nature
And you are playing this game
All we walk on the broken human bones
And continue to break them
For moving further
This is life, acknowledge this
The hate devours the future

The hate devours the future
The future is the hate
The sense of your life
Is washed away by the blood
By the human blood
You walk your path to the happiness
With the sounds of braking bones
2. Broken Mirror (3:48)
Fragments of broken mirror
Pervert the human faces and bodies
Perverted and ugly they change each other

Perverted mind that kept in them
Creates ugly fantasies
Cruel and dead reality beyond the mirror
The reality we are living in
Violence is the only order
And the only thing that's connects everyone
Is existence of broken mirror

Broken mirror, broken heaven,
Broken happiness, broken dreams

Broken world reflect in the mirror
The sun that burns to the bones
And the night that kills by its cold
The thoughts could be another
Paradise for damned

Love become hate
Sense turn to dust
Time into tears
Cold wind warms cold body

I see the reflection of beauty
That hides beyond the mirror
In the dead of the night i try to find the line
Cold glass causes fear
Perverted faces wake pain and disgust
Cold broken glass create the monsters
Monsters that there are not beyond
3. Crushed by Fallen Sky (3:06)
Under the black sky
Under the rotting sun
Near the poisonous river everyday we die

Vermin in mind
Fear of future
Maggots of disaster fill our souls
We will never see the light
Burn with your own fire
Every day you die
We will never see the light
We were crushed by fallen sky

In the past we were lost among
The rivers of destruction
Our fire will burn us to ashes
To devil's satisfaction
4. World of Excrements (3:39)
Beautiful world of love and flowers
Blue sky and seas
Green trees and warm winds

Blowing winds bring the smell of flowers and shit
Somebody excretes to your soul
But it isn't order

The smell of excrements suffocates
For a plenty of people shit is more expensive
Than it should be

The world became brown
It's difficult to breathe here
Excrements have turned to human values
Stain faces and soul

Stink kills me and i faint

The blood and shit stain the feet
It's harder to go further every day

Save your self if you can do it
Pick up pieces of heart drowning in shit

The sever brown world dictate the rule
The sever brown world has built by us
5. Faceless Humanity (and Its Facedevouring Principles) (3:47)
Wild crowd of faceless creatures pursues remains of person step by step
Bloodthirsty bastard devourer body of consciousness
And you will be one of them soon
Dead and soulless

Original madness that is given them by god
Shuts doors and burns all bridges leading to free mind

I close my eyes not to see the hands tearing of my face
I don't known if i'll be able to open them once again

No chance, no face, nothing
I'm dying everyone has died
But i want to stay alive

Insane crowd tearing off faces of victims
And make them like themselves
Faceless and dead

Kill yourself from inside if you want to live here
Kill yourself from inside if you want to live here
Here in nothingness

Strange thoughts control you
Your face is eaten and you'll never see the world with your eyes
6. Every Time We See... (4:42)
Every time we see the war and bloodshed
Every time we feels disgust and fears
Every time we wait and cry
When we look through our windows of life

My face is splashed with blood
It's a misery path we go
Cold human bodies around us
They wanted to live but life is war

We stay at battleground
There is no way to runaway
We are saved from death today
But we'll die tomorrow

Bloodred sky above the heads
Bloodred ground under the feet
Hearts full of hate
Last step to grave

Destructive warminds devastate the future
We are drowning in our own blood
It will never stop
It's last moments of our empty life
7. Let Them Lick Your Mind (3:30)
Like a sheep in the darkness
You are among hungry wolves
Evil eyes gaze at their target
And the target is you

Let them lick your mind
And you'll a puppet in their hands
The poisonous tongues will catch your soul
Slaves of master's desires

Freedom is lost
Life is an illusion
You are nothing
Victim of strange ideologies

Black thread of your masters lead you into a deepest grave
Where they built their happiness on our useless remains

Let them lick your mind
You will be a puppet in their hands
Open your heart and wait
Your masters care about your empty fate
8. Mr. Earthmover (4:26)
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