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Slave to Thy Master Full Album Lyrics

El Duce - Slave to Thy Master cover art

Slave to Thy Master

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Punk
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > E > El Duce Lyrics (12) > Slave to Thy Master Lyrics (3)
Submitted by level 4 UnholyAndre (2014-06-12)
1. Asshole Gassholeen (3:42)
Fill her up!!
Alcohol is my leader.
Alcohol is my friend.
Guzzlin' booze , baby!
'Till the bitter end.
I like to get drunk
and act real mean.
Give me a bottle of that Asshole Gassholeen.
Lets get fucked up
and get drunk tonight.
And go out looking for some pussy.
And starting a fight.
The power of the leader
helps me think.
I'm mighty quicker with a drink.
When it comes to rocking.
Baby, I'm no spoof.
Give me a bottle, I'm turkey.
100 proof of that Asshole Gassholeen.
It makes me mean.
Rivers of that Asshole Gassholeen.
I pack a lot of power.
I pack a lot of might.
Smashing in tables, baby!
And starting a fight.
I'm going to a club
and picking up a stray slut.
Ramming my flaccid penis
up inside her coken sloppy butt!!
I need a...
A gallon. It's obscene.
I need a river or a lake or a ocean of that Asshole Gassholeen.
I need Asshole Gassholeen
Get your hands together now
Asshole Gassholeen
Gets me rocking
It makes me mean
Asshole Gassholeen
Get those buns together.
Bottoms up!
Pass the beer bong
I like my beer...
Ooohh, dark and strong.
2. Ungroomed Lover (3:49)
Boy, I need a bath. I can smell myself.
Ugghh. My toe jams are sticking to my shoes

I met this lady,
Way down in the park.
She said that tan on your back,
It looks real dark.
And when we started to flirt,
She discovered it was dirt.

I'm an Ungroomed Lover!
A smelly sack of shit under the covers.
Stinky you'll discover.
I'm an Ungroomed Lover!

I'm smelling like a pig because of our inflation
Can't afford a pair of new socks
Or a piece of soap
Bought me some rocks
of some good dope
We were smoking up our bodies
Hour by hour
Instead of getting groomed and taking a shower.

Ungroomed Lover!
Biggest pig you'll discover.
I'm your Ungroomed Lover!
Smelling up the sheets under the cover.

What now do yo discover,
A smelly drunken lover
Smelling up the cover.
Baby, your ass I must pass,
Because I gotta cut some gas.

Ungroomed Lover!
Smelling up the cover.

Walking down the streets,
I sallute the Navy,
by sticking my hands in my pants
And I pull it out!
Butt greavy.
Crust under my finger nails
and toe jam in my toes
The smell lingers in my fingers
and it goes up your nose!!

I'm an Ungroomed Lover!
Poor you to discover.
I'm a proud hobo.
Who needs a shave.
Not your living homo fag and slave.
Hear the grapes of wrath.
I don't need a bath!!!

Ungroomed Lover!
Under the cover.
Baby, I know how to think.
Ungroomed Lover!
Living under the cover.
Goddamn my feet stink!!!
3. Roman Coliseum (3:30)
4. Meatrack (3:40)
Oh, I'm back.
Checking you out, stripping your ass
Out on the meat rack
Shake that butt, I want my dollar's worth
Why don't you shake your tits
Spread that flabby ass
I want to see how you shit
Run, baby!
She came can...?
Back at the local's rape rack
He ties them up
And see which bimbo wins the game
The biggest stud at the poker game
Walks over to the piece of meat
Hey, baby I won you in the game
Because tonight you are my personal game
Off the meat rack
You come
5. Cold Turkey (3:50)
6. Witch Hunter of Salem (3:46)
7. Living on Welfare (3:01)
8. Welfare Part Two (1:49)
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