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Buttfucking Man Full Album Lyrics

El Duce - Buttfucking Man cover art

Buttfucking Man

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Punk
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Submitted by level 4 UnholyAndre (2014-06-12)
1. Rape and Take (3:25)
Its gettin' ugly and I'm gettin' mad
I'm hot and bothered, and I'm bein' bad
goin' lurkin' with a one-track mind
I'll fuck anything that i find
I'm sick & tired of jackin' with my hand
this dick belongs to the king of the land
orgasms your daughter will fake
its time for me to rape & take

rape & take, rape & take
I'm gonna fuck your daughter for goodness sake
rape, rape, rape, rape & take
get down n' fuck like an ape

put on black clothes, and get Vaseline
i don't suppose I'll need the Thorazine
knock her out and, fuck her that's where its at
knock her out with a base-ball bat

rape & take, rape & take
I'm gonna butt-fuck your daughter
rape & take, rape & take
i do as i ought'er

cruisin' with [gals] around the neighborhood
i wan' some fresh pussy that feels good
i spot a young victim, and what do i do?
take a glug of shine, and snort some glue

rape & take, rape & take
I'm gonna butt-fuck your daughter
rape & take, rape & take
cruisin' around like i ought'er


i cruise around, and drink some whine
i wanna girl tonight that's fine
another little girl with big tits
butt-fucked her now, now that's the shits!

rape & take, rape & take
I'm gonna butt-fuck another victim
rape & take, rape & take
who knows what i do with em rape & take.....
good enough.
2. Buttfucking Man (3:09)
When i get my chance, with a chick
i pull down my pants, and shake my dick
lift her shirt give her ass a whack
cram them dirty fingers in her dirty crack

I'm a slutfuckin' tit fuckin'
cunt fuckin' buttfuckin' man

when i lick your butt-hole i get a ragin' hard pole
spread your cheeks, and give it spit
polish the cock, and then drill shit
fuckin' cunt it can be nice
when you fuck ass now that adds spice
stick it in and watch her squirm
then cover her ass with a load of hot sperm
her ass is hairy as big as the sky
she's baking up dingle berry pie
slut fuck all the bitches i can
that's why I'm the buttfuckin' man

slutfucking, cunt fucking, tit fucking, buttfucking man
i'm a titfucker, buttfucker, fatfucker, buttfucking man
tit fuck, slut fuck, buttfuckin' man
titfuckin' hell raisin' buttfuckin' buttfucking man
butt fucker, slut fucker, buttfucking man. hot butter!
butt fuckin' slut fuckin' buttfucking man.....
3. Gypped By Love (3:15)
yeah...you're high-school...my dick

gypped by love, makin' love to myself
gypped by love, makin' love to myself

it's another day in prison
let me tell you what went down
I met this girl, and we made love
when i pulled her panties on down
we fucked, and balled all night
let me tell ya her pussy was tight
how was i to know she was a she was a so fresh and clean
i thought she was an adult, but she was thirteen
later her mother found out. [?????????] began to shout
then they gave me forty years for rape
caged up like an ape

gypped by love, makin' love to myself
I'm gypped by love, makin' love to myself

committing sodomy on a little girl, we went around the world
i got forty years for rape, now I'm caged up just like an ape
can't even get bail. forty years or more
i thought she was an adult whore

I'm gypped by love, makin' love to myself
I'm gypped by love, makin' love to myself
I'm gypped by love, makin' love to myself

jackin' off in my small cell. its a life of complete hell
in the clink you gotta have gall, to sneak in a blow up doll
i had this young sweet Lolita she's so hot, nasty, and sweeta
don't get caught like me busted for rape & sodomy
4. Keep On Fuckin' (3:13)
Keep on fuckin' now keep suckin' keep on fuckin' with your legs in the air
Keep on fuckin' now keep suckin' bitch you ain't goin' nowhere
service me or be smacked. brains in your head you seem to lack...

keep suckin' keep on fuckin' you are my sex slave
keep on lickin' then take some dickin' bitch you do as i crave
remove your girdle and bra and jump in the sack
then suck me off with no hands pleasure your man bitch
you must understand

lick my penis, now suck my wenis get that load out in your hair
spread your pussy i ain't no wussy spread your butt-cheeks I'm goin' in there
I'll give you a pearl necklace and a cream facial
service me or be smacked. service me or be smacked.
service me bitch or be smacked. yeah smack your face yeah
service me bitch or be smacked
5. Booze Drugs And Tattoos (3:55)
Booze & drugs and tattoos it the alleys of Hollywood
who knows what we do to you? booze & drugs...

over to the rock shop and around the alley
scorin' some drugs sweet sally
hey do you got your drugs? we sleepin' where they got the bugs
got my tattoo lets head to the alley for a good screw.

Booze & drugs and tattoos you never know what we're gonna do to you's
with my booze, drugs, and tattoos ahhhhh you never know what I'm gonna do to you

lets head back to the alley kill some Thunderbird sweet sally
bend over and I'll fuck you in my cardboard box
open your mouth and I'll make you eat my socks
I've got the drugs shut up yer hangin' with some thugs
get high tonight baby

with my booze, drugs, and tattoos you never know what I'm gonna do to you
drugs, booze and tattoos long haired Hollywood crusters do to you....
with my drugs, booze, and tattoos you never know what the Hollywood crusters do to you
with my tattoos, booze, and tat-drugs....oh fuck it i need a drink

your callin' out my name your just another passed out dame
spread your legs, and don't give me the crabs. cause red-dog hes got second grabs
yeah passed out and tattooed you know your homeless, and butt screwed
off the boulevard in the alley that's where i found you sweet, sweet sally
tattooed, butt screwed and I'm the guy you don't [sued]
6. Hurry up and Cum (3:31)
There's a woman who's got somthin to say c'mon up baby step on it and I'll fuck ya!

urgency, urgency, bust my nut gotta hurry up and cum
hurry up and cum, gotta hurry up and cum before the chick wakes up
gotta hurry up and cum, hurry up and cum, hurry up and cum before the bitch wakes up nothin' worse than a bitch wakin' while I'm tryin' to bust a nut
she'll catch me and call me a rapist or a pervert
i gotta hurry up and cum, ohhh gotta concentrate. concentrate, masturbate
concentrate hurry up and cum, hurry up....and cum she's makin' it with a homeless bum
i gotta hurry up and find a girl and cum ohhhhh. whos lookin'? they're stairin' they're gonna ruin' my organize. gotta hurry up, hurry up now.
hurry up, hurry up and cum. quick, quick, before they come home hurry up now
thoroughly crustin' fuck it ahhhhhhhh over the top, now over the top
get the load out, get that load out ohhhhh......ohhhhhh here it comes here it comes
quick before it blows back on your old mans hair. yeahhh
gotta hurry up and cum, hurry up and cum. ahhhhh that's how you do it
are you ready for the next one? its safe i don't see anyone around
its time for load two in the asshole! hurry up load two in the asshole
in the butt-hole. fucked the pussy once now just flip her over, flip her over
go up the asshole. hurry up and cum, hurry up now, and cum.
quick, quick, quick, get the load out. ahhhhh. it's safe again
time to light up a doober, get high, and relax. no rush hope you enjoyed it baby
time to relax and drink a beer. ohhh. ahhhhh. ohhhh get that load out
quick have to put the clothes back on. put the clothes back on and spliiiiiit the scene.
7. Glory Wall (2:51)
ahhhh so proud of myself. ooo yeah baby when I'm with you, you don't know what's gonna happen yet. when you pass out i get a trophy and i put it up on my wall
you are a bimbo helpin' me rack up my points
rockin' and rollin' with the sluts now I'm rackin' up my points yeah
your panties are goin' on my glory wall, a notch goes in my belt
I'm rackin' up the points with my good ol' pals. fuck em' that's what they say good ol' El
when the ding bat comes into my scene shes gotta know that shes gonna lose her
underwear, and bra and its goin' on the glory waaaaaaaall
the panties are on the golry waaaaaaaall. your bra and your girdle besides the money outta your purse i'm gonna take your id i don't care if your a checker or a nurse.
we gotta hang somthin' of yours to let the world know i fucked you
yeah take a little Polaroid picture, and put you on my glory wall
another notch in my belt, another hack on my bedpost. a rocker point cause the the most of the glory waaaaaaaall your bra is on the glory waaaaaaaall on the glory waaaaaaaall
your nude picture with you and an arab to on the glory waaaaaaaall
we got you picture and your bra on the glory waaaaaaaall
8. Hard up Again (3:48)
Goin' to the nightclubs to pick up some chicks
i gotta get laid, I'm goin' to the nightclubs to pick up on some chicks
takin' lots of drugs, and lots of money for my alcohol
Lyin' tellin' chicks that i won the lottery
i want to ball

hard up, hard up again - ready to beat off
I'm hard up, hard up, hard up again - I'm ready to beat off

that's why i have to get my shit together
and go down to some nightclubs with lots of chicks
pick me out a sleazer at the rock club
have to drag her on home
pick out any sleazer that's a teaser
and drag her on home
breakin' out my base ball bat, clobber her over the head
then grab her by her fuckin' hair, and drag her on home to bed
it's a cave man's way of fuckin' you
knock ya out, and drag ya home, then go for that all night screw
I'm desperate baby i don't have time to chit chat
i ain't gonna whine ya or dine ya
i just want some hot sex, and that's where its at
just get cool stay calm, and come home to bed with me
stay fresh, and calm, and I'll let you suck my dick
desperate for some sex tonight
i am so desperate, desperate for sex tonight
any girl will do I'm not to picky
lets head to the bath room for a quicky
I'm desperate to get laid, now that I'm with the band
you can be in the band bitch
get up here and dance....naked
9. No Hands (4:12)
10. Left Nut, Right Nut (3:13)
11. Fuckin' And Suckin' (5:02)
12. King of The Lowlifes (5:03)
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