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Gjerhal ket Bardo | Full Album Lyrics

Ego Depths - Gjerhal ket Bardo cover art

Gjerhal ket Bardo

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresFuneral Doom Metal, Experimental Doom Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > E > Ego Depths Lyrics (12) > Gjerhal ket Bardo Lyrics (4)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-11)
1. Dissolution... (11:46)
As the gloom falls down from heavens,
You never know how specious it is,
How silent it was when you streamed your voice into the lethargical slumber.
It exposes the heart of existence into the height.
It bleeds with the black pitch of notion,
The notion achieved through much suffering
From being alone in the mud.
Blending the mind with groundless dogmas,
Keep on thinking that you are moving ahead…

И когда мрак ниспадает с небес,
Тебе никогда не узнать правдоподобность его,
Сколь безмолвен он был, когда ты обратил свой глас внутрь безмолвного сна.
Ось бытия Он направляет ввысь!
Черной смолью знаний Он кровоточѝт.
Знаний, полученных сквозь муки неистовые
Одиночества в грязи...
Затмевая разум беспочвенными догмами
Продолжай думать, что ты двигаешься вперёд...

Into the continuous fractal of real matter
It’s our everlasting root
Of tree we follow while we live.
And it gives the character,
And it throws the food to all of its parasites.
And it devours the being,
And it devours the space.
The slipping through the no-ward spiral…
The closure of ourselves
The opening of the eye…
And we mimic the universe,
And the universe is mimicking us.
And we form the fractal arrangement
Of the multi-layered assembly
We call time,
That we are dissolving in.
2. Unmasker of the Absurd (16:18)
Beyond the mask of fearless eyes,
He dwells the land in search of contradiction.
He hunts the norm that sinks in absurd;
Conferring devastation to malediction.

Of crescent glance his sermons are,
The everwilling is his ministry;
A confession, not immediate redemption
Inescapable; He went to hunt his prey.

The inglorious inventors; the contradicted preachers;
Shamming walkers and outreached leaders;
They all will face the blade of truth and verity;
Slaying the integrity…
Defeating the core...

He’ll dig its fangs into the body
Of the everpleading mind;
The seal he put onto the mouth;
And tear it up so drastically insulting faith.

Drink the blood of Absurd;
Drink the water of Absurd;
Think the rots of Absurd;
Eat the tongues of filth;
Loose the knot of inexpedient precepts…

Drink the blood of Absurd;
Drink the water of Absurd;
Think the rots of Absurd;
Eat the tongues of filth;
Loose the knot of inexpedient precepts…

He sweeps away the litters of all their lost beliefs;
Dissecting up the monolith of understated lines to pieces;
He breads the ones that grovel in the mental swamp;
He thrusts the handsword of the call
And forwards it against the purport leechers.

He pulls the spine out of the unpromising existent backs.
He kills the suckers all that spread the disarrangement.
He sows the seed of verily forgotten.

Unmasker of the evil;
Unmasker of the air;
Unmasker of the water;
Unmasker of the loss.
Unmasker of the Absurd.
3. My Hearse Immortal (15:56)
The grip of seldom ones wore being
As their lifelong grief urge them into the killings…

Compress the jaws of sight that blither false emotions;
Consolidate the inner sledging to obscenity;
Fall knelt and let the grass intrude into the flesh;
Lie down and let voracious worms to feast your guts.

I am erasing the relativity of being,
Seemingly dispatching the gore flow;
My death no wonder is interplay of thoughts;
My struggle is the synthesis of my imagination.

Unleashing the blackness,
Getting back to zero,
Summing up the distance,
I’m passing through extremum…

Simplistic quantization through deliberation,
Of eternal chaos I repudiate the space;
The flesh is torn apart and forever is inclined to immortality,
A coffin is the empty space, the Hearse is the abstraction.
When the corrosive stain and the voracious worms
Are no more lines of the subterranean stale air;
The aftermath renewal will be obvolute in time,
Cricotomy with scorched air,
Transection of internal boundaries;
Intermutation through billion pieces of cosmos,
My burial is through the density of time,
I lie in wait until the stained god’s void,
Until I’m spread to pieces far,
Until my hearse become the universe…
Until my hearse become infinite…
Until my hearse become immortal…
4. The Still (3:34)
5. ...into the Empty Maw of Universe (16:49)
Embrace me,
The snake of my consciousness,
The interphase of evil.
Where will be your event horizon?
Hiding from the flow
Leave the timeless tunnel,
Burst through endless surface.
Donate the food to the wolves of time and nature.

Never to exceed the limit,
There is no trust to light.
Comprise the mold.
Eradicate the tie that links to the exhausting drain.
Comply with the similarity of freedom,
Fit your place at the wall.
Face your fears.
Collapse into billions of pieces,
Grind the purpose,
Creep through the toothless maxillae,
Hastily pulling the soundness among the purity of torture.
The last insurrection before the bones got gnawed.
And the blood got rot.
And the thoughts feed the vacuum vulture.
So frantically shed the blood of centuries,
So callous they became.
Embittered as youth, the pile of sins
Break through the asomatous tissue.
Greed to dwell,
Tend to feel.
Live to devour.

Desired entity
The target approach
Demanding individuality…
Worthless are the moves.
Eroding the sense of destiny,
Embodying the point of doom.
Living the time
Taming the cannibals,
Immersing into the drastic obsidian flow
Enormously wrong
We are self-guided
Into the dark wormholes;
Into the empty maw of Universe.
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