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Dýrtangle | Full Album Lyrics

Ego Depths - Dýrtangle cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresFuneral Doom Metal, Experimental Doom Metal
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Lyrics > E > Ego Depths Lyrics (12) > Dýrtangle Lyrics (3)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-11)
1. The Angleshifter (4:10)
2. Wheel of Transmigration (18:54)
Endless turning of the wheel
The wheel of eighty-four they named it
Seek the way onto the mountain
On top of which you will be bled
The burden takes you over
The deeds that are done
The deeds you'd do
Its endless turning is your karma
Foresee the wealth and rot in solitude
Until upon its other turn
Seamlessly the earth will come into your flesh
Rebirth is the delusion...
Cyclic existence...
Ravenous demons hold the beings in their jaws...
Death is inevitable
Humans, demi-gods and Gods...
Animals, hungry ghosts and hell beings...
Eternal transmigrations that are waiting for another cycle to happen...
Desire, hatred and ignorance...
Are the afflictions of superior character...
They bind a man to cyclic existence...
A pigeon, a snake and a tail eating pig...
The helpless transmigration from birth to birth...
And the jaws of Lord of Death are holding tight the wheel,
And inevitable is Death,
And unavoidable is being from birth to birth...
And we are bound
to the eternal turning of the wheel
The wheel of transmigration
3. The Onward Tide (4:24)
4. Awakening of Gshin-Rje, the Lord of Death (23:35)
Hereby, I, myself, confront the Red Gshin-Rje;
Triple in face, senary in arms,
Stretched apart are its legs.
Blue is the color of his right face;
Black of color is the left face;
Center face is blood red.
Fierce devotions, false delusions...
False devotions, fierce delusion...
The three arms on the right side
Hold the Vajra club and knife.
The three arms on the left side
Hold the skull full of blood,
The bell and the stick.
From his body shine forth splendid rays of light.
The Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Three Pillars,
and all deities in the ten directions and three times,
all become the red Gshin-Rje.
Like rain falling, they descend here and are absorbed into the Buddha of the Front Vase.
From the body of the Vase Buddha incessantly flows out the Water of Heaven.
From the Buddhas of the three times...
Down to the lowest animals,
The insects and worms,
All should he wise
To keep good relations with the King of Death,
The life-eater, the powerful one!
The release of greater power
Subsequent emanations
Transform the being into a fire field...
The defilers took my freedom,
Enslaved my power,
Profaned my shrine,
Immolated my peace.
At the step from achieving
The final enlightenment;
Killing the cattle fiend,
Dragging my eyes out.
I will drink from their skulls!
I will eat from their maws!
I will split them to rags,
I will leap their skin upon me!
I am seething fire,
And I am overgrown by power;
My head to be the one they cut,
I am to be the one who devours!
Grail for rescue, I will be voracious to blood;
I will show no mercy,
I will achieve the supremacy,
I will be bringing pain.
Slay the predators, dismember the defilers;
Rip the guts of all surrenders
Into the well of power!
I am Death!
I will be spreading stench of rot!
And then my fire will go out,
And then the blood will dry out,
An ominous existence,
The liquid non-dual reality
Will consume the banks of the river of life
Will forever devastate the being...
Trapped by infinite reproduction of myself,
I am enclosing my circle of being,
Transforming the fury into rain,
Becoming the protector, the guardian.
Forever I will keep my duty
Forever I will slay the defiler of the secret kept in heavens
Forever I will light the ravenous demons
Forever will I quell the wind, consume the rain, and guard the sky
5. Vitrification, Ineludible Meditation (28:21)
Journey afar,
To wipe the land;
Burn out under energy spread;
Flesh is seedless,
Sight is preachless,
The filth is forged
Upon the miracle of being;
We turn to glass,
Whole world is glass,
We seem to sink in glass,
Our grave is glass.
Solitude of grimness worship,
The paragon of consonance;
Endless turn of the wheel.
Split is a second to none of the existent,
Morphing into primal crippled nascence;
Soring the deep injury of centuries;
I plead for nothingness.
Zero is the level
Of the turning point,
When we all turn to glass;
The enormous spread
Of energy we hold
Of power we hear
Of our endless wrath
And the wrath that used to be,
Will spread among the lifeless ruins,
Bringing death and devastation;
And all will turn to zero,
And all will turn to glass.
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