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Mirage Full Album Lyrics

Edge of Haze - Mirage cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal, Symphonic Doom Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-08-04)
1. Mirage (2:51)

I always knew I wouldn’t be myself

I know I let you down

But someone inside me felt so scared

And I saw your pain and all the marks they left along your face

They said it’s part of the game

So on your nightmares stayed the same

Through all the times they made you fear

I pretended it was not my deal

I wanna say I’m sorry

I didn’t help you out

Sometimes it all seems hopeless

But if we stand against it

the tears have chance to dry

And no, it’s never easy

But the bruises fade away, don’t they?
2. Certainty (4:35)
The end began so suddenly

I was numb for misery

Disease blighted my freedom

Everyday I gaze same dot

What I've done or what I've not

My head is full of thoughts and pain

Being upset everyday is agony

I repay the price of my casual life

Finally I realize

How brief my life was

If I'd vanish today

Avoiding the truth, refusing the facts

I know that I'll die with certainty

Every time I close my eyes I fall within the silence

I'm afraid of my passing

3. Attitude (3:28)
You were young when I found you

You were scared too

Do I really need these eyes

to show the scars in you?

You were so suffocated

and amputee

How cruel this wicked life can be?

Close your eyes

Cradle yourself to disguise

Close your eyes

Your attitude helps you to rise

You had an obsession

To live like hound

I saw your siblings

The bodies on the ground

I came with true salvation

To pick you up from hell

I saw it just in place you dwell

I did
4. Inside (9:07)
One day I began to sense tremor

Now I don't know when I'm awake

Life is only blurred disturbance

I would like to open my eyes but I can't

Inside me grows a new kind of distress

When I realize that all this is true

I don't know when I slept last time

Or when I was conscious, have I ever been?

Am I alive?

Am I here?

I have no protection, sometimes I don't know

If I'm breathing or not

Over pounding darkness

I need to consolidate myself inside

Darkness deprives my mind

Senses fall behind

Ominous noises turn to truth in my head

My throat suffocates so I can't take a breath

The corrosion of my mind is ruining me

A sudden change with no reason

I'm uncertain of my existence

That consumes me from within
5. In the Place Where I Belong (5:08)
Life ain't always easy

You can never be sure

There are too many diseases

That do not have a cure

Be ready for tomorrow

From clear sky it may rain

I think that I belong here

Where the truth is in vain

This is the countdown to the war

Wrong kind of rebound to us all

Your deeds just became undone

In the place where I belong

Lie more, you are higher

There will be blood and sorrow

Lets pick up the berries when they're ripe

Practice of tomorrow

This is the countdown to the war

Wrong kind of rebound to us all

Your deeds just became undone

In the place where I belong
6. Auguries (5:15)
7. Black Lakes (6:33)
We thought that we could live like this

Waste resources and create crises

Only the strongest survive

The billow of frostbites

Collecting the remains of our culture

Suffering from the cost of our greed

Why does our every try

End up in agony

As the witnesses of collapsing world

We should see our weakness

Why does our every try

End in this destiny

We have only proceeded backwards

From the culmination of mankind

Once we had a chance to live

No one did remind


Thoughts in the past

We assumed that it would always last

We breathe in the frost now

Shrouded by the haze of the end
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