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Thánatos Áskēsis | Full Album Lyrics

Dysangelium - Thánatos Áskēsis cover art

Thánatos Áskēsis

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
LabelsWorld Terror Committee
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > D > Dysangelium Lyrics (9) > Thánatos Áskēsis Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2016-01-03)
1. Consecrated by Light (3:55)
I offer you three living doves, my sacrifice, black ink stains their feathers, as I write on them the curse of your twin-tongued daughter, consecrated as I gave what you asked from me.

Mother, who hides behind untainted shrouds, walk with me through the petrified river, your amber eyed children float along the clouds, watch my every move since I have sworn the oath

The twilight breaks out of your chest, feed me with the light, melt my soul, return me to thy womb.
2. Words Like Flames (4:36)
I was told of the divination, as He rose from his charred throne, wields a weapon, His tongue like a whip, His words like flames, blazing from His mouth.

I am not your father,
but your brother I am

I am as you, been cast from my place, in everyone I walk the earth, I am Legion, the Leviathan, I am as you, the imperfect beast.

Whispering voices drown in unwonted ears, but I understand your words like flames.
3. Obelisk of the Sevencrowned Son (3:47)
Centuries ago I summoned the demons to build the obelisk.
Centuries ago I harvested souls to build the obelisk.

Living obsidian monolith for the son of the lion, the bearer of the seven crowns.

A place of worship for the devotees of a newborn religion.

Master, I call out to you, I summon thee, bring forth the commandments of what we shall live by in the new age.

We shall abide the laws you brought upon us. Ave Satan.

I will give my blood for the master.
I will give my flesh for the master.
I will give my soul for the master of eternal damnation.
4. Chaomega (4:38)
The end is crowned with chaos, welcome death as salvation. Elder gods of armaggedon arise from their slumber. Deepest pits birthing creations, distorted shades of the thousand-eyed lord.
Feeding on the brightest day to the blackest night eternally.

The lifeless husk returns to dust, millennia in disgust, ending at once.
Chaomega, beginning of the end.

Open up your burning hearts, embrace the downfall, all at once.
Chaomega, beginning of the end.

Warring faith will gain momentum, be the antagonist of them all.
Lead them to destruction, lead them to the end of time.
5. Aries (5:44)
Aries within a circle, drawn with the embers of cremated flesh.
Paint the third eye between his brows, cense him with the smell of ebony leaves.

Behead the beast and the ritual commences, open up your veins, mix the blood together, let yourself fall onto the sacred soil.

Let its blood nourish the earth, let its bones become a sacred effigy, let it be a worthy proposal to the one lord, the king without throne. His light shall shine upon you and pierce your mere skin.
Burn your heart and burn your lungs, breathe anew as you've been reborn.

Upheave the head of the horned sacrifice.
Take his tongue and surrender it to the flames of your hunger.

Aries within a circle.
Aries within a circle.
6. Gateways to Necromancy (6:39)
Circles, squares, triangles, the symbols of magick
Candles, swords, goblets, the tools for rituals.
Henbane, incense, embers, the ingredients for trance.
Blood, milk, oil, the offerings for sacrifice.

Follow me, through the four gateways of the life-draining magick, the black arts of necromancy.

Read from the ancient tome, the one that is bound into human skin. Recite the cryptic letters, which only a disciple may know. Written in blood and conserved through powerful spells. Witchcraft from times long lost, brought into the present age

Call forth the ancestor, the one who carries scythe and crown. Unspeakable rites. Forever lost wisdom. Gained anew by the one who dares.

Follow me, into a world unknown. Accept the abscence of all where no living man has been.

The dead have stories to tell, they're to sire the past, when the spirits upheave from the realm, feeding on your mind and soul.
7. Murmura (5:07)
Murmura, the whisper of the dead. Speak to me, speak of me, progenitor, I conjured you to tell me secrets of the other side.

Will I endure what I'm about to learn? Or will I suffer under what lies beneath? Horrors or beauty, so close together.
The cycle.
But what ends with life? And what begins with death? Anima mortis, anima historii.

I can see, I can see, see what they have done.
I can see, see what has been done.

Murmura, the whisper of the dead. Speak to me, speak of me, progenitor, I conjured you to tell me secrets of the other side.
8. Ave Obscuritas Incarna (3:20)
I gave birth into the darkness of Null, where once ruled nothing there shall be planted my seed.
Evergrowing desire for Sin.

Inside you dwells what you neglect since birth, a thought of absolute blasphemy.

Watered by tears of a mislead soul, I harvest the fruits when the time has come.

Walk among us into the unlight of His grace, as disciples of a reborn darkness.

Follow to where you've never gone before.
Follow to what you never thought before.

Into the labyrinth of seduction, taste form the apple of sin, fallen from Eden, a serpent's gift.

See what I have born, unknown in shape, a creature of shadows.
Unknown by man, follow to where it guides.

Ave Obscuritas Incarna, Illuminatio Mea.
Ave Obscuritas Incarna, Illuminatio Mea.
Ave Obscuritas Incarna.

Praise the arrival of your lord and master, enlighten your spirit, darken your soul.
He comes from the inside.
9. I Am the Witness, I Am the Servant (7:51)
I have seen the face of god, I heeded his call.

Oh father, why do I have to wander the desert? Expulsed from enlightment, carried forth by the winds, I am alone.

Renounced from hope, no purpose to serve.

And then I witnessed creation of his sevencrowned son, my ascension through his ruin. I will sit to his left, servant of the fallen one in life, in death and far beyond.

I walk my third eye open, my path enlightened by the blackest of flames.

In Nomine Luciferii.

He speaks as we pray, the bearer of light, who has been cast from the canopy. Where I go, He shall follow me.

In Nomine Luciferii.

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