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Asheran Full Album Lyrics

Dvne - Asheran cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal, Sludge Metal, Stoner Metal
Album rating :  93.3 / 100
Votes :  11
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-08-05)
1. The Crimson Path (8:23)
From light we transpose

Hegira, last legion
A dying storm

Pyres alight moonrise in silence

From light they transpose

We hold communion for those drifting, beacons set loose for each we lost
Crimson torch vibrant, so they won’t venture in the dark

As always we strive towards the hope of returning home

From hubris arise all kingdoms, through hubris kingdoms fall
From hubris arise all kingdoms, through hubris kingdoms fall
2. Viridian Bloom (6:50)
Roots of solace, tower high
Crystal waters reflect the leaf filled sky

As seeds fall patterns form
Conception, breathe
The Canopy Unfolds

Harvester of dawn

Peace broken
A warning cry
To undergrowth we scatter
In secret there we hide

Giants clash before us
Giants clash above
Regal Warriors
Hooves cleave down like lightning
Wounded screams deafening

Eyes Sealed
On Blooded Ground
Obsidian branches
Obsidian crown

Sentinels abhorrent, sentinels dead
We leave them behind us
We see through trees, to sands, to our past

Exhausted we usher towards - horizon
Lost knowledge calls
3. Thirst (8:17)
Stark white barren leagues of bone
Campestral desert corrupt stones
Giants stand here. Vacuum scarred
Their face an abyss. Their voice a warning loud

Past grandeur, lifeless idols
Shells hollow, totems cold
Past grandeur, lifeless idols
Endeavour through

Ageless daughter, ancient guard
Too long rested in comfort, in silence, in sloth
In caves of logic, caves of mind
A true form taken, truth left behind

Ghoul vengeance
To create Edenfall

Casks pulse with diamond glow
Waters expose rusted champions, titan born

Black Door of wheels
Gates Turn in Harmony
White Door of Vines
Gates Burn

Atrophy, incandescent

lifeblood cast down, shattered lines fall
Forsake sacred, primal Oath

In our depths of arrogance, passage too far too deep gone
rend the bonds so recently joined, from this usher Edenfall
4. Descent of the Asheran (9:27)
Nimbus tinted brilliant crystalline
Heuristic consequence
Cosmos provides no reassurance
Guilt preserved in amber

Cursed, we gather in pools of moonlight,
awaiting conviction
Questing, our eyes turn skyward bound,
to watch our kin arrive

The thousands descend - Starfarers
In ships iron wrought
They come to reclaim - Asheran
They come to despoil

Nimbus once tinted brilliant crystalline,
now vanished, is this real?

We fight over roots that we once shared
We fight for the return of our past
Strike down those who refute ancient claims, our rightful home

No refuge in logic, no refuge in through
Bonding conventions, don’t forge on tainted ground

Rising upwards, spinning outwards
5. Sunsets Grace (4:21)
6. Rite of Seven Mournings (6:34)
Speak prophet of ending, of chasm, of retribution
Act prophet (bring)
Send terror (fury)
Send vengeance (raw)
Reform Elysium

Mourn innocence
Mourn fortitude
Mourn glory
Mourn forbearance

Mourn empathy
Mourn sanity
Mourn restraint
Seven eyes crossed

We fire from the heavens,
we weep as their halls burn.
The land once theirs is ours.
Broken and Forlorn

Seven eyes crossed
Seven eyes crossed
7. Edenfall (7:04)
We wilt unguarded
Brought down, on crumbling knees fall

Countless wretched fragments pulsate

For resolution, our time revolves in dark corners
Through exploration, our time revolves
The unseen path
For resolution

To seek that’s lost is to embrace the nature of man’s downfall,
the nature of gods
8. Scion (9:39)
Shadow ascension
Last Truth Keeper
Vengeful wraith flows
Baseness of earth

Tide of Belial, spear of North

Ignorant creature of lessons unlearnt,
we'd forgotten myths of form and deities to hail

All stone crumbles, to mire broken
Weave grave furrows, sow rows of seed

Scion blooms in absentia
Our exile restores grace

Eventide, dawns Gaia
New Night, rise Gaia
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