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The Lesser God Full Album Lyrics

Dumal - The Lesser God cover art

The Lesser God

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2017-01-07)
1. Fane of the Clandestine (6:12)
Offer! I offer unto you
This blood that's been spilled upon an
Altar made of ash and bone
I cry out and fall before thy throne

By candlelight the demons summoned me
Through a thick haze of incense smoke
I saw their faces becoming clear
“Draw me closer to your hellish flames!”
We joined as one and chanted this black prayer

"May we here, together in this temple
Hidden by fog and shrouded in ivy
Destroy the hope of the righteous
And conquer our holy enemy

May no light ever pierce the walls of our spirit
May no holy words be uttered by our lips
May no Abrahamic blood be left upon the Earth
May we forever dwell in our darkened fane"

I chanted these black words for all to hear
In their grasp now, our spirits ever joined
2. Lost Caverns (6:13)
A damp mist shrouds the air
As we walk through
The ground gives way
Falling deeper down
Moss covered walls escort us
Enchanted water falls before
Drawing us downward
Into this lost cavern
My senses numb, yet I still see
His light's not here to follow
Becoming as the living walls
Ghostly hands reach out, we fall
So strange it calls to us
In a trance we obey
Bloodied feet under wills of stone
We hear you and storm forever on

The god that man had created
Is dead and gone - only futility remains

In a pile of ash his unsacred bones lay
And our corpses now beside
Ethereal bodies on frozen ground
Hidden deep within the Earth

This graveyard that holds us
Was never meant to be found
We cry upon it tears of blood
And watch as all life drowns
3. Abrahamic Contagion (8:59)
Invert - the trinity of liars
Pervert - the books that sustain them
Blaspheme - all names held there within
Desecrate - the temples built unto them
Deny - their prophet of ignorance
Tear down - the walls of paradise
Burn - all symbols of their faith
Destroy - the bloodline of Abraham

The prophets of Jerusalem unleashed on earth
A curse to man
Forever plagued by the scourge of ignorance
Spread by the parasites
Leeching from the world, they will be undone
All light extinguished

Mock - those who would give reverence
Forsake - the cause of the righteous
Renounce - the false holy words
Drown - all life of the world yet to come

Oh dark ones, give me strength to make this so
To watch infernal fires rise
Let shadow be cast upon us, cold and still;
We'll revel in the darkness
Until the flames of evil are dancing
In the reflection of our eyes

We hear the heathen call
To cleanse the land, rid it of the plague
To burn it down and start anew
Without the disease of faith
Poisoning the world

When their kingdom is crushed and the false light has waned
May the graves that bear these marks:
The cross, the star, the crescent
Be freed from the ground and from the rituals
That bound them there
Let their remains be set ablaze
To look upon as we welcome nothingness
4. The Path to the Fortress is Lined with Statues (6:05)
I feel it spilling forth, a sacrifice
My bronzen lords are bathed in moonlight
Drawing closer still, black air I breathe
Possessed by rapture, nocturnal spirits call to me

Haunted by darkness, a fire pit is formed
The air tastes strangely as autumn winds surround

Cast in fire and forged in ancient lands
Our fortress stands strong, defying his command
An Earthen path leads us on through the hills
Guided by statues, warriors of old

The blood we spill, a trail left in our wake
Each drop an offering to long forgotten ways
Twilight breaks above, our eyes are set ablaze
Splendid visions, god's kingdom cast in chains

A nightly sacrifice of blood unto our lord
Ensuring victory, christ’s blood upon our swords

Cast in fire and forged in ancient lands
Our fortress stands strong, defying his command
An Earthen path leads us on through the hills
Guided by statues, warriors of old

Unholy creatures whisper as we sleep
Giving us strength, mocking him in our dreams
His prophets and angels all will soon lay slain
At the grim command, we attack his heavenly gate

His kingdom now ours to take, he’s dead and gone
Enthroned in the black sky, we chant:
Praise our dark lord, for with your strength
We have conquered this feeble world
5. Serpents in the Bramble (5:59)
The fire! It glows as white
And blackened shadows danced beyond
Encircled in barbs and thorns
Placed there on earth alone in early dawn

The moon looked down as we subsumed
The serpents and I so deep entwined
My limbs and their body soon ceased
As night bid farewell for the last time

Oh, the sound of mountains falling!
The air thickened with the dust of old
The last shrines of creation crumble
Every tale that ever was has now been told

The stars beckon me to transcend
As the last of blackened earth falls away
My eyes fill not with tears for them
But with the sight of eternities embrace

Joined with them - serpents in the bramble
This is the nevermore we'd sought
We've lost naught - no wise men, no prophets
As the void grants my deepest desire

Infernal flames - burn down the gate
Blackened eyes - filled with hate
In our spire - we watch the end
From within - we now transcend
6. The Wind Demon (4:28)
7. Ukrainia (8:28)
Poetry by Taras Shevchenko.
8. Spring Will Never Come (5:38)
I am but a cult of one
Leader and follower, in me the same
The endless failures of christ
Have shown me nature's eternal path

It lay before - untrampled, untouched
And leads me to a forest dark and green
No god exists here, no heavenly father
To welcome me into his arms

Placed there on the rocks, it beckons me
As I enter a clearing in the wood
A chalice of bronze, filled with blood
I grip it tight, and listen deep
To the trees around me, the stars overhead
Sealing my fate, I take the blood within
And see visions of the world’s bleak demise
The spell's been cast, I now ascend

Alone on this mountain I'll stay
For spring will never come in my heart
No hope can comfort my mind
Overtake me as I depart for the void
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