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Golden Horizons Full Album Lyrics

Duilliath - Golden Horizons cover art

Golden Horizons

GenresGothic Metal, Symphonic Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-19)
1. Golden Horizons (5:07)
The aching cold closes in on me
As darkness threatens to swallow
I hear a voice calling it out to me
It's broken, lonely and hollow
It sings of hope and love and truth
For those who dare to long
It seems a long forgotten dream
But I will aid it's song

Follow that golden horizon
Keep it in your sight
No matter how close the nightfall is
Follow that golden horizon
Though it may run away

Once more my eyes close to see the light
I drink of it to quench
My fears that haunt me as I run
Upon my heels they linger
The twilight shows it's face to me
It warns of night to come
It weeps for me in my futile trek
But I still dare to hope

Don't give up the fight
Though despair seems only one breath away
Make it through the night
Live to see again the pure light of day
You cannot give in
Darkness will devour you
The hope of innocence makes the faithless run and hide
2. Esculent Soul (3:57)
You have made me into a miserable wretch
I can feel you feasting upon my neck
The lies flow off your tongue into my heart

You love the taste of a soul, slick down your throat
You love the feeling of triumph over the weak

You want to be that which poisons my mind
I can see you trying to make me blind
The knife you held so high will be your own death

Always feasting, glutting, sick
Pulling me in with your tricks
Bane, deceitful, evil thing
Why are you still lingering?
3. Interlude (1:36) (Instrumental)
4. Seabound (4:45)
We pray the blood of Ymir leads us true
To lands of bounty just beyond the blue
Our longships cut through the waters with ease
Sailing, we wish our rage could be released

Seabound we are!
Longing for combat, voices unleashed
See the blood flowing, bones shattering
We shan't fear our deaths as long as they are brave
We shall battle for eternity
On this we dwell as we weather storms
Expedition is our only goal
Fighting, sailing, plundering our foes
Tire we shall not when our purpose is before our eyes

Oceans deep filled with old serpents of yore
Enemies still when we reach yonder shore
Still we are filled with such courage and might
Conquering all who would threaten our light
5. Siren's Whisper (10:15)
Drowned in seas of melancholy
Millstone tied around your neck
Sinking ever deeper 'til all you see is black
All hope now has dissipated
Vanished, like the air
You drink deep of the ocean, swallowed in despair

Come deeper still!
You have lost yourself, and you will never find it again, my friend
All sight has gone, all you know is slipping away today
Death has come for you!

Trapped in chains of siren's whisper
Struggling to become free
Your limbs are bound and the siren laughs with glee

As the storm departed, we knew we had been blown off course. Our hearts sank at what we saw before us - the island of the sirens. And though we would rush to fill our ears with wax, though I would tie my hands to the wheel, we knew all hope was lost.

Oh treacherous daughters of Achelous, how I wish you would still your song! Heartless witches of the seas, your jagged cliffs have pierced my flesh, your island claimed one more.

Arrogance has done your soul in
Sailed too close to sirens' shore
Like a wilted flower torn up by dogs of war
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