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Precursions | Full Album Lyrics

Drearyym - Precursions cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
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1. Draugr March (Intro) (3:05)
Here we are at the end of days
Gazing out from the sea of rage
We'll make this world bleed its sins
We are one, we're eternity
2. In Obsidian (7:08)
Here we are
Here we stand
The first war
In this wasteland

Hear the sounds,
The March of Death
Upon command
Skies and seas run red

The light is wasted
On all the dark
As we close in
Shrouded In Obsidian
We'll take them all, we'll
make them fall
Finally today
Hear the horizon call

The Wind
Awoke in the shade
Breathing life
To the roots of rage
A careless gleam
Of light subdued
Guiding our way

The moans of hate
Of this bloodborn glade
Still echo these plains
And do so in vain
We are ourselves
The hands of death
That once led us astray

"Hear me now under this twilight sky,
as we stand on the bones of those claimed by this land!
We have been awoken beneath these stars from centuries of slumber,
and now is the time to take what was once taken from us!
Now is the time for retribution!
On this, the day of repayment, let me hear you!"

It is them
They are the eldest, the wise
This is the day to sound their demise
Dead is the light within our eyes
As we've travelled a hundred warfare worlds

The stars in our skies,
Of our fathers before
Fade they did
Centuries ago

Yet we are here
Drawing near
To bring ruin
Upon our precursors
3. Nine Divines (6:51)
Take us
Through the times they will take us
From birth to enslavement
To the solace of sunrise

This rugged mountain cradle
Seen by no man
Something grand
Taking hold of the land

A golden shining stream
Running through the vale of time
Mist of a cold white dawn
Circling monoliths of size
The masters of the worlds
A sincere force high of age
With strength of a thousand beings
Standing on it's shores
Gazing to the sea of rage


Now embrace this vision they paint
A void that leads us far astray
Between these ancient worlds
They speak in riddling tongues...

Finally we will see
What lies beyond the raging sea
Spirits wash upon the shore...
As the sun rises in the east
We're carried far beyond this dream
They will all set us free...
From the deep rise all Nine Divines
With the tide, the crimson sky
They will all set us free... when we die

Take us
Through the times
Take us
Into the skies
To your realm beyond creation
Take us
From dark to light
4. Hunter's Tale (11:35)

''From home I hied me,
and from home faring
I saw a way of ways:
Was a way beneath and a way above,
and ways there were on all sides..''

In all its stillness
the moon pierces it's light through me
As if I'm but a ghost
A phantom shattered with illumination


Oh, mother moon, awake
Shine your light for my path to gain
Unveil to me tonight my fate
As your shrouds drift away

Through the wilds I wander on
Knowing a time will come
Where I will remain
And no star will fade away

As the northwind blows
The blackbirds form a darkness overhead
The waters whining restlessly
Chanting the names of the dead
Through the withering leaves, memories whispering
Travelling for years oveseas
How merciless can sorrow be

Endlessly I roam in search
of the moonlight's way
No rest will come until I find
the treasure of its rays
As long as the sound of silence
keeps me company
I will wait
'Til time
Becomes the end of me


From your restless dreams you shall awaken, as I speak to warn you... What is envisioned in clairvoyance, will take part now, when the skydwellers are aligned... The mistress of darkness is near...
Roam tranquil, traveller...

*Heavy breathing*
''What... what spirit... was that...
''It was the precursor...''
''Who goes there..?!''
''I am called by many names...''
''W-Who are y... The wraith was right... You're...Her''

''Vaeltaen unohtaa ajat
Kuin ikiyön verhoamat
Silti iäti muistaa huudot
Kaskisavun kuolettamat''

''I've searched through every darkened land
For your ancient signs in the sand
At last now, you have come to me
'Our paths have crossed, it's destiny'''

''I humbly offer you my steed
Think of all that we could be
Two greatest of the winds and seas''

''Such melodies echo dead to me, for
with me, not one like you could stay
as my shadows drift in darker shades
My beloved gloom, let me see you
Rise alongside the moon''


Thrice I have roamed this forgotten path
The eldest, the wise, they flew to me
Teach they did, their secrets so vast
''We are all one, we are eternity''

The path is open, my mind is clear
Came true the omen, as the dark crawled near...

..And she sang...

The precursor of my power
In the land of silver call
Through earth's anger I will rise now
For its followers to fall

The precursor of my power
In the land of silver call
Through the earth bounds it will rise now
For the darkness it shall fall

''The precursor of my power
In the land of silver call
Through earth's anger she will rise now
For its followers to fall

The precursor of my power
In the land of silver call
Through the earth bounds it will rise now
For the darkness it shall fall''

''Harshly he clangs, on hard paths treading,
which he has fared before.
Two mouths he has, and mightily kisses
And on gold alone he goes...''
5. Old Barn (Re-entered 2016) (5:06)
In the dark night
The long road was covered in snow
I walked on the path towards north
When I suddenly heard a shout
I walked towards the forest
And I saw an old barn

As I walked through the barn
I saw a man hanged
The man was hanging in the rope
And he had lost his consciousness

I ran trying
To take him from the rope
But I failed
And so he died

The event left me scarred within
The burden and emptiness was too great
So I did what was right
I was the one who had to be hanged

I ran trying
To take him from the rope
But I failed
And so I died
6. Hunter's Tale (11:22)
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