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Myths of the White North | Full Album Lyrics

Drearyym - Myths of the White North cover art

Myths of the White North

GenresMelodic Death Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-01)
1. The Livid and the Lore (2:20)
2. Everwinter Trinity (5:55)
All shrouded in ice
No end for the wars
For the overwhelming grasp of winter...
Snow storming infinitely
In that unpeaceful dusk
No feasts in divine halls

Spirits kept fighting on
Against tides of endless evil
Their brothers butchered
In the fields of ice
No hope for Midgård
No hope for the birth of the sun
No light for life
Nothing but what forth lies

To end the trinity of winter
Frost, mirk and snow
They were all bloodbound...
But as was told before
It all must end by the sword
Under the gaze of the old
(Death's lore unfolds)

The Traitor sent his lackeys
To scourge the world
With ice eternal, for this land is damned...
The Lords of Asgard
They heard the pleas
Brought the Champion over the seas

Slain by the beast
He fought so eagerly
Left to bleed
His bold blood flowing free
There won't be peace
As long as the beast still dreams
For all these centuries
That the spirits will flee...

With a dreary heart
Confront the enemy
The mightiest of Einharjar
3. Blót (4:23)
The night is dark
As we travel to the sacred grove
The fire will be lit
With the wood of nine different kind

Nine sacrifises will be made
As was done by our fathers before
The blood will be sprinkled
To all who follow me

My journey begins

The feast for our gods

The gods will feast with our blood

The chilling steel opens my veins
As I taste blood on my throat
I say my last goodbyes
Never to see my family again

In my sight is now
The great hall
Forever I shall feast in those halls
Till the Ragnarök comes

Now i follow my bloodbrothers, in the twilight night
4. Miracles and a Rivalry (4:47)
Eternal war
The first and last in row
Death is blackening the skies

Forging a way through stone
Through fire, and through bone
Let eternities end where we die

Gather now where time stands still Forever
Hate will consume this world With fire
Nothing shall be forgiven As was foreseen
This land will be stricken To bleed

Now Gods and beasts
Equal as enemies
Awakening to the call of war

Sounds of enchanted steel
And the roar of the reapers' sea
Now telling the story of the final fall

Surt: Mwahahahahahaha A flaming rain from the falling stars
As now is summoned hell and oblivion
Ashes will be all souls and all hearts

Freyr: No! Your corruption will never prevail In the name of the heavens,
I will not fail
One by one, your creatures will fall
Thus bringing freedom forevermore

Surt: Ill spoken words from a clueless god
Destruction has come, you will soon be gone
March onward now, demons and trolls!

Freyr: I challenge you to battle! One on one!

Surt: Hahahahaha! I gladly accept
One last dance of death before a final sunset!

Freyr: May the great ones watch over the rest...

Freyr, Surt: Through the gates of hell, to the/your final last breath!
5. Northsong (6:15)
Valoloiston poissaollessa äänet johdattavat minua
Kauneimpia melodioita kotimaani kannoilta

Seven years now lost at sea
Paying the price for trying to be free
Hidden is my hearth from me
And the sirens sing so beautifully...

I once made a vow on the shores of the earth
A promise already broken at it's rebirth
Vowed to pray in every way with certain words
But it's too late, there's no return

Darkness gathers inside of me
And the water reflects someone I can see
He reached for me, so silently
As if the waves were listening...

He bowed in front of a million seas
Of stars guiding to mysteries
He said: ''As you see, so you must believe
I am as true as your dream of me”

Far away
At the sea so cold
Now lost I am
Memories fall from my hold

The sun is fading away
And frozen is the time
Willow Wisps ablaze
Beneath a flaming sky
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