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The One Who Lurks | Full Album Lyrics

Drawn and Quartered - The One Who Lurks cover art

The One Who Lurks

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsKrucyator Productions
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > D > Drawn and Quartered Lyrics (44) > The One Who Lurks Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-07-23)
1. Nefarious Rites (5:44)
Torn back through dying
Called forth from the cold of my grave
The earth erupts, bursting forth
Vengeful and ravenous

Nefarious rites
Undead arise
Destroy the carriers of holy lies
Nefarious rites
Reversed demise
Summons of Sathanas burns in our eyes

Hunting down the preacher
With rotten fingers bloody pieces torn
Flesh from bone, screams for god
He dies watching his guts devoured
In horrific agony

Nefarious rites
Evil arise
Destroy the carriers of holy lies
Nefarious rites
Reversed demise
Burning with hatred to destroy mankind

For there is no shining after
Only darkness of the void
But indeed now hell has opened
And your world will be destroyed
2. Ravage the Cadaver (5:40)
Coming home late at night
Hoping I won't wake her
But then nothing has for weeks
Tonight again I'll take her

Erected by the sweet stench of her rot
I thrust Into decay
The pleasure is cold
Yet I'm back in those dead holes

Silent consent
No resistance
Her skin so cold

Planting my seed in the decomposing depths
Pink inside no longer

In the graveyard hours
Ravage the cadaver
In the graveyard hours
I ravage the cadaver
3. Horned Shadows Rise (4:32)
Darkness fallen
Upon the earth
Lifeless barren
Silent ruin

Plague and bloodshed
Endless winters
Twisted worship
Was all in vain

All for nothing

Horned shadows arise
Over lands sown with death
Scrapes if scattered bones
The Old One's harvest
4. Deliverance to the Worms (3:18)
Barbaric butchery
Carnage piling high
Slaughter and suffering
My sadistic delight

Listing ever for the kill
Compulsive slaying spree
I prey upon the praying

Deliverance to the worms

High upon the stench of terror
Pleasure as my blade slides in
Lust as life is draining
Glutton for the screams and pain
5. Temples of Arcane Devotion (6:01)
Masters of profane
Demoniac magic
Sacrificial pyres
Rituals of suffering
Malevolent reanimate
Grotesque incarnation
Desiccate entity anointed (divine)

Temples of arcane devotion
Incense incantations
Stone of sacrifice
Hierophants of bloodshed
Black smoke
Tongues of flame
Cursed souls
Never rest in peace

Monolithic tombs
Portals of communion
Sacrificial chambers
Bodies pile higher
Priest of sacred science
Adepts with daggers raised
Consecrate the altar
Profane initiation
Doctrines of destruction
Grotesque desiccation
Shedder for eternity
Slaughtered on the bloodstone
Essence of malevolence
Summoned from the void
6. Carnal Transmigration (2:41)
Invocations to the Serpent
Carnal transmigration
Divine frenzy fervent chants
Final consummation

Buried alive
Initiates of iniquity
Interred resurrect
Necromantic reincarnate

Cursed for eternity
Carnal transmigration

Desiccated corpse
Reclothe itself in flesh
Cursed immortal tomb
Resting place of the ages
7. The One Who Lurks (6:50)
Risen from the out
Sleep of ages disinterred
Incantations to the serpent god
Summoning The One Who Lurks

Transmigrations from the sleeps
Ancient evil unleashed
Desiccated reincarnate
Flesh consumed
Corpse reclothed

Brought upon
Those who woke
Bring forth destruction
Evil on the earth
The One Who Lurks
8. Portals of Communion (5:28)
Priests of ancient science
Profane conjurations
Portals of communion
Artefact of stone
Rise above the earth
Host of sacred wisdom
Mystic chanting oaths
Sacrificial chamber
Blood incantation

Ritual of suffering
Demonic intervention
Sacrificial rites
Never rest in peace
Risen from its tomb
Desiccated flesh

Masters of profane
Demoniac magic
Sacrificial pyres
Rituals of suffering
Malevolent reanimate
Grotesque incantation
Desiccated entity reborn
Black smoke
Tongues of flame
Opened gates
Portals of communion
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