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Vulturine Full Album Lyrics

Draugnim - Vulturine cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPagan Black Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-11-11)
1. That Name Is Hate (7:53)
On these times bestowed
Hundredth plea and thousandth curse
Barren rain laces smote
Weeping salt on conquered earth

What lies in wait
What lies in bane
Void begets faith
What kilns remain
In quiet hearth
Land unnamed
That name is hate

What flesh can house truths unsaid
Shackled fiends, gilded lies, furnace words

Wail and howl for shallowest breath
Then tear the heretic heart,
Breastwork with pious thirst; unquenched

On these times bestowed
Names worn shadow thin
Whispered words iron stoke
Shame cast to very skin
2. As in Hunger, So in Demise (8:00)
To whom do you turn
To whom do you plead
From mouths hunger impaired
To whom do you turn
To whom do you plead
Frail words to freezing air

How far do the cries carry
When famine collects the kin
High, mute as statues
Piled are corpses thin

Familiars forsaken
Left in from of beast
Old wise one perished
To the tracks of deceased

How long does one last
Tearing wind in lungs
At hope’s closing gate
Ill year still young

How to silent the calls
Of chill and shivers
Through burial ground
From the dark
Beyond the river

How to keep away
Souls of the starved
Weak are the marks
On tall pines carved

Come the end of second year ill
Strangled with dread
Weaker grew the wretched folk
As mere graves were fed

No crops bear fields wet
Reign of fear, sacrilege
Famished were all
Apart from pestilence

None survived
Last winter
None survived
Last winter’s siege
3. A Passage in Fire (6:00)
Gaze descends into fire
Vile the actions impure
How brittle are words
And what may one endure

Break all scriptures and ties
Yield to what will commands
Burn the past beliefs
And follow what flesh demands

Gathering voices defy me
Unbind us from the tales

Blaspheming deeds define me
Unbind us from the graves

Stay under the blazing leaves
Wait for colours to wither
And all light to flee
Trees wearing white
Even the stone will freeze

Does treason rest one-sided
When past festers the wounds
And both rot divided

Inside the common tomb
Arrival to the edge of dreams
Shed light without warmth brought
On emptied halls, reaped fields
This is all
All what you sought

With strength of mortal will
I walk into fire
From world grey with sorrow
I walk into fire
4. Grief Unsung (8:15)
Between three heights
Firstborn of three nights
Was freed in sacrifice

On sleep of bone I fell
Wrapped in bark of nameless weald
Blind my sight with wealth
For wraiths my gaze beheld

On grey wood sheared
Black plated names
To shores of the dead
Light my sail aflame

Wash away the shrift
On lake of regret
And release me adrift

Neither moon nor sun
On house of the vanished one
We mourn in wordless tongue
We mouth the grief unsung

One gone forever will not grieve
One lost forever will not dream
5. Drums of Black Death (7:15)
Thrice was I burned
Thrice reborn
Becoming and thirst
Convulsions rebirth

As you were flesh my host entwined
Pain maiden on raven ride
Flame wreath brow, blood ribbon untied

Serve festering bread
And bleeding rancid wine
Am I the last one
To carry your son
Crippled orphan

Nine tied to leash
Those held endeared
Thirst of deceased kin drown into weir
Am I the last one to carry your son

Be the drums
Drums of black death
Be the drums between my heartbeats
Be the drums between my breaths

Air wet with rapture and scent
Masks of rust and sanity bent
Shroud white on shadows bride
Carries your sons

Thrice was I burned
Thrice reborn
Hold the earth above my berth
Nine tied to leash
Those held endeared
Thirst of deceased
Kin drown into weir
6. Serpent Stone (8:58)
Cold is the strand old its soil
Beneath frozen sand
The worm uncoils

Between two stones
Between two worlds
Between writhing bones
Between bodies curled

Bitter is the scent of young
Proud seething elder one
Bite the stone, bite the serpent stone

Between madness and beyond
Call ghosts of the unborn
Hatch the stone, hatch the serpent stone

Gaze held high
Leave the mark
Of fangs and despise
To newborn bark

As shall I gorge the venom
As shall you seize the blood
Strong as defiance comes
While mine is barren and stark

So suffers the slowest of us
And shares all sins of us
Spit on the stone, spit on the serpent stone

Within whole world unmade
Old viper of iron shade
Shed the skin, shed the serpent skin

Deceiveth thou my waning breath
For I have devoured the eternity
Eyes wide blind with hue of death
Knowing the lie of good from evil

So shall I sway,
So shall you crawl,
So shall we trail
The crooked paths of Seithr
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