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Obscurity Full Album Lyrics

Dragonhammer - Obscurity cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal, Progressive Metal
Album rating :  77.5 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-11-09)
1. Darkness Is Coming (1:39)
2. The Eye of the Storm (4:30)
Twisting and flying inside the wind
Your fears is coming
Looking outside and locking the door
Inside my soul

You're searching and finding
Where is the light at the end
You could rise if you fight
You can escape from this land...
You can escape... From this land... Of pain

In the eyes of the storm
Falling over the sky
So we will unite or we will die
In the eye of the storm
Where the sky is falling down
You can't survive alone

Nightmares and dreams, darkness and tears
Like a bad brainstorming
Tired and faded, the way is too long
To save your soul
3. Brother vs Brother (3:57)
Like ancient when the story starts
Always again and again
You are choosing hate, wars and hostility
Hey you! You aren't understanding...

Man! You're loosing your way
Brother VS brother
Looking inside hell
Brother VS brother

Mothers are crying tears in the rain
When the children are falling in the pain
Like a strange shadow of some inhuman race
Winners and losers in the same tower...


Like ancient times when the story starts
Falling again and again
You're driving on the way of hell
Hey you! You aren't understanding


Looking inside hell...
Hey you... Hey man...
Looking inside hell
4. Under the Vatican's Ground (4:36)
Time has no sense in the dark
Imprisoned in a mystic jail
Only the light fights the darkness
Where is the truth of the right side?

Knights of faith, templars of hate
To seek and win the evil side
Maybe there isn't a right way

Under the Vatican's ground,
Land of many martyrs
Sacred secrets, holy thunder,
Under the Vatican's ground,
Land of many martyrs
Sacred tears, true and liars

The rules are no more rules
Men don't believe in anything
The force hidden in the ground
Maybe it's the last way
5. The Game of Blood (4:40)
Come on to the show of this great misery
This isn'0t a dream and you'll never forget
Every glance is for you, try to smile
I'm the boss of the game and I control the minds

Scream and pain, enter the lions of the colosseum
Tears and pain, the show is starting now

The game of blood, dead or alive
It's your moment of glory
The game of blood, this is your hell,
The crowd wants to see your blood

We are happy for you, you are a celebrity
You are the star of the social web, million of likes
It's the cruelty of these days, the power of fear
Are you ready man? It's the start of your end
6. The Town of Evil (5:36)
Welcome to the liers,
This is the right place
Blood is your money
What's the cost you will pay?

Come on into the fire
So fucking sweet!
The flame of the darkness
Its' burning your days

You can see only shit,
Living among the waste of death

Hell! This is the town of evil
This is the last stop for hell

The failure of the future
The hope you all expected
There are no more prophets
There is no more faith
7. Children of the Sun (5:46)
Don't worry you are right
Strange creatures from the night
We are believers of hope
To survive in this dark hole
No more future, no more peace
Living in the rules of the street
We are waiting for a sign
For the rising of the light
We saw flames in the sky
When the men lost hope of the new world

We are the children of the sun

We are blind after the bomb
Only outside and not in our souls
Now we pray the sun
We don't want the grace of guns
We are feeling in your shine
Resurrection of the minds
We are waiting for asign
For the rising of the light
We saw flames in the sky
When the men lost hope of the new world


We saw flames in the sky
We are blind! Only outside!
We pray the sun... Only outside...We are blind!
8. Fighting the Beast (4:38)
When you look at the moon and the red light is shining
The prophecy is coming near
The end of it all will break the sky
The fear of the scared lies

You are in my hands
You don't understand
You are puppets surrounding me
You are in my hands, you don't understand
The battle is here

They countdown of war is starting now
You need to be ready for hunting

Follow me, glory and victory
You are living by the code of my soldiers
You're living fighting the beast
You can see your flag riding the wind
You are living by the code of my soldiers
You're living fighting the beast

When you look at the moon and the red light is shining
The prophecy is coming near
The fire of guns shine in the night
The darkness is falling now
9. Remember My Name (4:49)
Free soul for a day, until the dawn of war
I just wanted to go home
My breath is broken for irony of fate
Thank you gentle giant from the space

Now you can see every way, the promise is made
When I'll fly in the dust and the wind
Remember my name

The pain is growing, tears fade away
You don't have faults, you are following a name
Soldiers of fortune, I forgive your brave
Goodbye brothers and blind men

I can't use my power on myself and I can't cure my pains
Look the stars are drawing my destiny
Nothing to do anymore now it's the end
10. Obscurity (5:51)
What have you done to loose innocence?
Washing your sins with blood of men
Different souls are the enemy
You are the slaves of the great mystery

I don't know where I'm from
But I feel the power inside my heart
Looking at the stars and choosing my role
I can't forgive you blind war no more

Now you are feeling the fire and the hate of a god

Rise from my hands, you can't understand
I'll cover your eyes, destroyed from my mind

Angels and Demons, they can't save you
A new apocalypse is coming for you
You kill my brother, you kill my friends
You don't deserve to stay on this earth

I don't feel your desperate scream
No prayers forgives your mistakes
The dawn of destruction is coming so fast
Shadows of ghosts and faults of the past
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