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Theophania | Full Album Lyrics

Dominia - Theophania cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Metal, Melodic Death Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-23)
1. Everyone Else (6:40)
Everyone else will decompose
Everyone else, no matter white or black
We are still living here, we belong to the Earth
But in time every being must be dead

Everything shall burn in the merciless fire
No religions will rule over this world
Absolute freedom needs no desire
Be reborn into spirits as this world grows old

Everyone else will die. No more birth!
This material world is not forever
We have drank too much blood of the Earth
It is fading… We are dying together

Everyone else…
2. Death Only (8:01)
The Sickness… I’m waiting for the gods
Within the dimness of the candle lights
I'm alone on my deathbed
Awful sorrow… I am almost dead

They come from another world to find me
They try to take me back into Eternity

And Evil never wins over Good
And Good never wins over Evil
Only Love will win this war
Only Love will save this world

I’m fighting my fear again
I am frightened of endless rain
I beg the forces to beat me down
I am asking them to kill me now
My misery – the right to this life
In despair, this dejection I desire
I see no merciful god
My only hope is that I'm already dead

And Evil never wins over Good
And Good never wins over Evil
Only Love will win this war
Only Death will save this world

Come with a clear and perfect mind
You will find the sense of life

In the Night I’ll be erased
In the twilight of the Human Race
They will meet me at the gates
And I will be paralyzed
No turn around that’s my fate
I accept my sacrifice

And Evil never wins over Good
And Good never wins over Evil
Only Death will win this war
Only Death will save this world
3. The Shadow of the Lost Prophet (5:31)
He is the ancient word of Truth
He is the child who was sworn
In the battle of Light and Darkness
To defend the immortal dawn

He forgives the chosen one’s knowledge
And changes the future of the damned
In the chasm of Despair
He kisses the feet of Queens
He blesses the warriors to win
And follows the moonlight obsession
He rules the grace of nations
And prevents destruction and termination

Nobody hears him now
In the desert of silence and sin
Nobody sees him now
In the sky through the hopeless clouds
Only the shadow of the Universe

Only the shadow of the Universe
Only the shadow of the Universe
Only the shadow…

“The Ark of the Lunatic Palace
The Arm touches the Book of Connection
The oblivion of irrepressible Malice
The eyes close slowly… Depression…”
4. Mother Plague (7:32)
The Plague proclaimed the age of stinking sorrow
The doors to my church are open for your tearful hearts
Salvation is here
Doomed children, I’ve a healing nectar. Close your eyes and swallow!
This dreadful world is turning to the shining land without Plague’s wounds

Your dreams will be like rays of Eden Sun
Trust me and I’ll save you
I’ve seen the End. Give me your eyes
Comprehend the final truth — I am the chosen one
The blindness is my gift to you
The way to paradise

I can take all your fears, all your suffering
Behind the saving blindness eternal light awaits
Forget about hordes of festering folk, going into nothing
I am the Mercy lifting you above mad world’s disgrace
I am the gates between Hell and Heaven
My world is God’s revelation over rotting world
I am the Mercy waking you up from human being’s venom
You shall become the young gods. Come to the land of brightest gold.

Mother Plague, cradle them
Let the children dream in divine slumber
Mother Plague, as this world’s condemned
The blindnedd will be hope when we’re going under
5. Unseen Artist Realm (6:07)
Our tears are drying on the stony lips.
I pray for you, embrace me one last time.
This world will leave us. Follow me into the slipping
Bliss — to disappear within refined crime.
The road to nowhere blessed the night of final sleep.
We’ll not wake up here anymore.
The realm of dreams will be our shelter, lost and deep.
Dark labyrynth without Salvation’s door…

Unseen Artist Realm plays with our fates.
The morning will not come for us.
We are withered flowers at Oblivion’s gates.
Burnt out, fallen stars…
The picturs of our future are covered with snow.
Oh, cruel artist, who inspires you&
Our dreams fade away in memories of evening glow.
The Grief, which no one ever knew…

Where sleepless wild wind roams,
Where mothers swaddle stones,
I resurrect your call.
Where wreaths of lovers’ hearts
Float into whirpool’s arms,
We arise and fall…
6. Your Senseless Hope (5:41)
You think there is still hope
You should believe in miracles
And Jesus Christ will save your hopeless soul
And if you die he will take care of it

You think there is some kinf of devil’s fear
That is living outside of your hearts
And you believe someday it will disappear
But yo forgot that it’s just part of your mind

Your senseless hope is what you’ve made in your mind
The complacency swallows and blinds
The roofless rope strangles your will
Untie your feelings let the spirit fly free

And you still think that god is thinking of you
He’s taking care he knows what you are doing right now
Don’t be afraid I’m not trying to disturb you
But you will know somehow what is really going on
7. The Final Trip (5:18)
It is the point of no return
Your life is on the limit
Your soul will dwell among the beasts
As soon as you will feel it

Pray… for the last time
Away! No will to wait for god’s sign

It’s time to pay for all your sins
It is just the beginning
You’ve lost your air. Goodbye to you
Your awful soul is bleeding

You are placed in a cage with an ancient beast
Cold demon wastes his time with you,
Because of pleasure of unholy feast
And he becomes an artist, he becomes a priest
When you are drowned in dirt,
This evil is enjoyed and pleased

Pray… for the last time
Get away out of life without sunshine
…No prayer for the dying
8. A Murderer (6:01)
Her dead body smells like flowers…

The first rays of sun…
The dawn lights up her slaughtered throat.
I stroke her arm with my hands.
Her blood is still warm.

How beautiful she is!
I shake her trembling hair
The grasp she sees
The fatal grasp of the dead stare

I play with her like a doll
It’s time for the next drawing act.
I catch the energy of her soul.
It is the work of art.

The creation of my hands.
The creation of my hands.

Her posture is stationary.
Arms are placed across.
She was so fond of Him.
Now she is with Him.

Why did you love Him and not me&
Not me!
Now you are with Him.
With your Christ be happy!

Her posture is stationary.
Arms are placed across.
She was so fond of Him.
Now she is with Him.

I am sad and terrible lonely.
So I cut out my heart.
And let me have the strength
To put it next to her…
9. In Solitude (9:56)
The only spot, the smallest in the World,
Was burning dimly, far away
Alone in silence, so cold
The white night
The black day

…In solitude
…Free of illusion
…No more reincarnations
…No more born again again
…On the pathway of renunciation
…No more lust and no more pain

My Demons are hungry
My heavy breathing is painful
I am so angry
For what to be grateful?

But something was leading my spirit
Into the unsolved mystery
To realize the I
Free of misery
The most important,
Something concealed

And finally, No courage no fear
Someone who changes all
He smashes the whole world,
The duality disappears

And I begin my final redemption
From the cave of my sinful mind
Going on through the Secret doors of exemption
I am filled with fear and internally blind
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