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Kwintessens Full Album Lyrics

Dodecahedron - Kwintessens cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Avant-garde Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-05-07)
1. Prelude (2:15)
2. Tetrahedron - The Culling of the Unwanted from the Earth (4:34)
When the iron
enters our solar bodies once more,
all our festering wounds

The energy oozing
Chaos leaking from the gashes

This is what will start the cure
Man’s wisdom, either through god’s revelation,
or through the service of the angels and the spirits,
or through the sharpness and the depth of understanding

The primal source opened
Translating all hidden thoughts

Triad of flames,
scorched by the maternal fire
Ashes scattered in your face
Your ashen face screaming at me
To heal these wounds
The four corners of this earth
Bleeding precious energy
seems like a mission impossible
I am slow of speech
and slow of tongue,
but my deeds will rage
The secrets of my spirit
cannot and will not
be communicated to those feeble men
cannot and will not
be communicated…

I, the keeper of mysteries
I am depicted with fingers to my lips
Commanding violent
raging silence
3. Hexahedron - Tilling the Human Soil (7:21)
Adam, forefather
The geometrical skeleton
created in the image of god
Memento mori
Greatest architect of the universe
Impermanent character
manifested in thy heart,
so you cannot escape

From the fall onwards,
we discover the principle
In the hearts of its offspring,
creeping along
Confronting all we so preciously built
Bare branches and bones
Whispering formulas
Cracking all structures

The mouth of heaven foaming
Vomit on the bodies of god
Amethyst mist dissolving all figures
Unending vistas of grey

Refusing to move
The dawn within myself
New light shining
Looking with sick eyes in this blinding star
Reflecting something long forgotten
Lain dormant all these aeons
to rise once more
Setting sun sending its rays through the pyramid

with the body of the sphere
Faces turn into death masks
Colorless skull watching
Blazing star
The grand Arcanum
Sacred pentagram

Amethyst mist dissolving all figures
Unending vistas of grey

Penetrate these secrets
I know the existence
A grave roar that rises
in my black rotten heart
These secrets, existence, that rise
in my black rotten heart
4. Interlude (3:40)
5. Octahedron - Harbinger (6:36)
Its slender frame
felt like barren stone
inside a black covering,
hovering above the horizon
Drone of death
Drone of creation

The whole form
expressing only will and power
It was soon lost to sight,
manifesting growth
The birth of life
The end of all
Drone of creation
Drone of death

No signs of human feeling
Heavy leaden curtains covering all
physical fatigue and mental suffering
Hide away in your den

I will be retreating
It will be advancing
Like a serpent of material life
seeking to devour its children
Taking unto itself wings
to fly into the dryness of the eternal desert
The shadow was that of a vault
A protestation
of the prophetic spirit life

Condemning the east and west
Blackness surrounding all
I read it in the figure, gleaming in darkness
I can feel it drawing near – deep vaults, closing doors

Gathering and boring down
from the fathomless shadows
Hopeless we are, fighting
Becoming a monster,
a receiver

Penetrating the core
Finding destruction
Into the labyrinth,
in hardness against themselves
Becoming a monster,
a receiver
Drone of creation
Drone of death

Into the labyrinth I go
In hardness against themselves and against others
Turning inwards, gathering the strength for self-conquest
6. Dodecahedron - An Ill-Defined Air of Otherness (7:16)
Liquid gold running through my veins
Staring in the sun’s reflection
Key to the physical and spiritual gateway
Golden lining, holy mercury
Develop the elixir
Connecting all empires of reality
Now feel the kwintessens
North, south, east, and west, not female nor male

The balance unspoilt
North, south, east, and west
Not male nor female
The balance unspoilt

Etheric element,
soul of the universe
Connecting microcosm
Connecting macrocosm

Animal, mineral, and nature,
under earth and over heaven
Ascending Jacob’s ladder
from the subterranean caverns – transmutation

Enter the matrix
Platonic soul,
present in all
Every song will be a prayer
Descending the body
Every dance will be a sacrifice
to the king
dressed in yellow

Blessed stone,
Golden chain
Flaming star
Death of your king
The seal of Solomon

The death of your body
The death of your body
The death of your body
The death of your body
The death of your body
The death of your body
The death of your body
7. Finale (3:43)
8. Icosahedron - The Death of Your Body (5:59)
Digging into the soil
The manifested madness
showing us remarkable quests
May thy be those goals
During our stay
between the grinding wheels of the great design
our souls crushed between the teeth

Flesh reduced to rags
Pierced through all possibilities
and plunged into the abyss
Time will be reversed
Too much to suffer
Lost in the depths of our pain

Consciousness faded
The black hole will be the last to be seen
Natural laws will not apply
Not one piercing eye
Not one prophetic clear view
Not one prophetic clear view

Over our nightly executioners
This hunger
for perfection
flooding our eyes
A demon in disguise

Look at the omnipotent one
Grey, meager, and bent
Ready to be cut down
by scythe and fire

The essence made our hearts shrivel
No prayer from the west
nor from the east
could save you from your megalomania
Instead of wandering in dreams,
intoxicated by chants and incense
Prowling and yearning
You will die
Strung out in that rich embrace
The real commencement of the body of god
This earthly commandment
This earthly commandment
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