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Thorns Over the God's Crown | Full Album Lyrics

Disgusted - Thorns Over the God's Crown cover art

Thorns Over the God's Crown

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsBloody Chunks
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > D > Disgusted Lyrics (11) > Thorns Over the God's Crown Lyrics (11)
Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2012-05-04)
1. Pussy is the Reason (2:11)

There is someone just show themself
Let the others know they are the best
But they are just a bunch of shit
Because they have nothing inside
Wearing those clothes cant make them shine
Having tattoo can prove nothing
They did these things to find some chicks
Pussy is the reson,pussy is there life
Showing off,just to fuck
Just to sleep with stupid whores
I feel sick,you will die
I will kill untill the last one
Just to fuck them all!!!
2. Strangulation (3:02)
I see a fucker who is crying over an emo song
I feel so fuck off,i want to beat him,to end his bullshit
Standing by him/Punch at his face
Kick in his chest/He's still crying
Thrust his eyes,he will not cry more
Tear his tongue,he will not scream
Cut his neck,crushing his main vein
Smash his head,grinding his brain
Death agony/Face turns to pale
Now the last one/Strangulation
Strangling him untill he shuts up
Make me feel happy,kill this fucker.
3. The Art of Killing (3:17)
Fucking their fates
End of the race
To sastified
My sickness desires
Just kill them all then burn down to ashes
Obey your lord or you will die
No time to run
No where to hide
Face to your fear
Tasting the death
Price of the sin must be paid by your blood
I am the one who will clean this world
Chasing those kids into the end of the wood
Taking an axe the bang their head
Hacked to pieces,chopped in half
Tearing their body to cook a good meal
Forget your god,here im lord
Cry your last,then be ate
Raping your corpse andd biting your flesh
Dying here where nothing can be found
Dare you to shout and dont try to run
I can find and kill if i want
Just lay down to feel the pain
Im dead once,cant die more
Killing for meal
Killing to live
Kill them all for me
Kill all for me!
4. Hang the Robbers (2:35)
Stole from the other then screamed that self-creating
You got no respect,what a shameful shit
Hang the robber/Stone them to death
Cast a spell over that stupid crowd
Make them all become your slaves
Serving you like the paper kings
Change the cover/Make a new shit
In the blind world/Thief is the king
Stupid Jackass/Try to get fame
Cheating them all/Cause they are fools
Thet dont care what/they are hearing
Stupid fucker/Eat shit and die!
5. Devil Incarnated (3:10)
Everyone has a devil
Deep inside but they dont know
Animal cant kill human
But human can kill everything
Slam the head to prove a war
Stab forward,dont say a word
Money first,the rule that old
Work till death,to find power
Dont you see the air around of you covered by Blood and hate,it will never change untill you are all dead
Kill to eat,just to exist
Kill for fun,just to show off
Kill untill turn to a beast
We are all beast but we denied.
6. Diary of Sucker (3:56)
Killing through my life
Now i feel the soul
All around tonight
All the past became nightmare
My darkest future
It will come right now
Headless guys on fire
Gutted lady crawling down
They are all dead
The dead bodies with full of hate
Touching my leg
Now they will take their revenge
Im not scare
I know that this day will come
To pay back/Everyone those i ate in the past
I am gutted/By a skinless victim
They cut my ear
And licking my wound
My cock is down
They eat it with my blood
Nails through my neck
All my brain is blowing out
Blinded by fear
Wraped by gut
I feel nothing
I am dying
My diary x4
7. Conclusion of Pain (2:44)
Fear nothing and kill everything
Just exist
Walking out to find my lunch
There is a gay
He told me that he wanted my ass
i said do it
He throught its great but he was wrong
I will eat him
Life down there,he doesn't know that now im sharpen my blade
Cut his cock,he is screaming like a fucking pig
Tie him up in the bed to begin have fun
Stab his groin then sawing his organ
He is bleeding and begging me for some mercy
I am smashing back and tell him I will end this life
Pain is coming
You will be killed
Your penis
Is my lunch
Your stink gut will be my food
I will eat you while you are still alive
Pray for your fate dont beg me more
You are a gabbage and you must be killed right now
Chop the head and end all your pains!
8. Shit Storm (2:46)
Shit is very stink
No one wants to touch
You know it but why you eat?
Fame is just blade
It can fight you back
But it is great and everyone need
We are observing
With a despise look
Dont try to depend
Dont try to hold back
You are shit just like your boss
Shit storm is coming
Everybody get away!
Shit is so stink that no one want to touch it
You know it but why you eat it?
You need the fame from the shit
Go for it now or you will lost.
9. The Red Card (3:34)
I am an abandonned man
From this human race
Find my way to get out
Out of this fucking game
I am not a toy
Which you can put away
Turning to an asshole
Cause they gave me red card
Out of this life/Take your red card!
Out of this life/Kill all
Now i dont even care
If they are abusing me
Cause now i am planning
To revenge them all and once
Punish my wish
Destroy is my will
Take a gun and go out
Find some target to kill
out of this life/Take your red card!
Out of this life/Kill all
Take these shots into your head
Remember that i am still exist
My selfish is good for me
All i want now is blood red
Innards,broken bones,everywhere
Stink brains,everybail,underneath
Niched guts,testis,all is burned
I shot myself to end this.
10. Proud to Be an Idiot (3:06)
They say that iam just an idiot
I dont care their words
Just ignored and move on
I just want to breakdown the rules
That made me sick
If you really want to abuse me
Continue your fun,i dont care,i will just smile
Cause i know that i'm alright
Right to myself
I am idiot/Yes,i'm.Whatever!
Do what you want
Do as you think
Dont need to care
Shit on their face
Just say a fuck
If they dont like!
11. Atheist (3:20)
Religion is nothing
But we all depend on it
People are still fucking
Without caring about it
No matter what they say
We are still moving on and on
You are son of bitch
Who push me with your though
I dont care what you say
I dont care what you want
Iam a lustful man,iam not a monk
I am a normal man,I am not god
Kneel down/Praying
It mean nothing now
Stand up now
Just fuck them all/Stand up now
Just say what you want
I am an atheist.
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