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Rhapsodies in Red Full Album Lyrics

Disastrous Murmur - Rhapsodies in Red cover art

Rhapsodies in Red

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  82.5 / 100
Votes :  2
Lyrics > D > Disastrous Murmur Lyrics (28) > Rhapsodies in Red Lyrics (10)
Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2012-06-19)
1. Disgorged Bowelmovement (4:43)
Eroded epigastrium
ambrosia constipates my pylorus
my urge to excretion
is prevented by my swollen anus

Gastric spastm torturin my body from within
a**l ejection of vomit, excrements and urine

Oesophagus is stuffed with awful grub
constipation, estomach erupts
oozing chyme, disgorged and puked
delicious slime is garnished with clots

Pendulous abdomen
filled with faecal mess
urethra is now slashed

Opressive teesmus
distorted stomach bursts into muddy shreds
lavatory explodes
my body is embalmed in this sauce

A**l defecation of juces fumes and lumps
ultimated eruptions epigastric region explodes
your muddy torso remains in sewage
growned in this sauce as your torso is dissolved

Limb from limbs
as disgorgement begins
pus discharges from your mouth
and finally you stop to shout !!
2. Extra Uterine Pregnancy Part 2 (2:22)
Open stomach, torn and bloody
repulsive smell, your innards are rotting
the dissection case with forks and spoons
is provided for your mangled womb
inside succus, guts and bile
the molten baby being kept alive
i cut its shrunken head in two
and drink from a cup its rancid juice

I would like to rip it out
and raped with my tools
i smash a hammer to is head
and beat it until it´s dead

I astraddle mothers legs
her cunt is corroded and red
I slade my hand inside her vagina
and eat the embryo without nausea
baptizide your dead baby
in its erupted chyme
realize it can´t be reanimated
and its dead was slow and fine
3. Dinner Is Served (3:00)
It´s quite a long time ago
there lived a man who ran a restaurant
he serve people as meat
for his customers to eat

They ate dead bodies
with hunger and appetite
to keep the growing demand
he kill people day and night

Men were served as collared beef
and women in the various types of meat
he used their guts for ages
as forcemeat for his sausages

The people are getting weaker
because of lunch they ate
some died on ptomaine poisoning
from the dinner he made

He put them into the meatgrinding machine
incarnation now begins
he stripped the felsh from their bones
and prepared them at home

Because of the stench of roasting flesh
in his human butchery
he was sentenced to death
and he will be served as meat

His pulverised torso is garnished
with fruits and vegetables for dish
his hot grilled body is going to be hacked
in numerous pieces with a rusty axe

Put his shreds into plastic bags
sell him as meat
for the hungry people to eat
4. Trashchunk & Garbage (3:19)
The years of decay are now already past
my pulverised torso is even marked with disgust
maggots infest my coffin
and decomposition sets in

Laying and rotting in my own secretions
this may be the firts sign of putrefaction
as i awake in my grave
and whip the maggots from my face
5. Masked Killer (5:09)
Welcome to death house
no one gets out of it alive
my family has four members
we´re all hungry for flesh

The dinning room
is painted with blood
the chandelier
is hanged with guts

My face is so ugly
that´s why i need your skin
your mutilated bones
will be wore as pins

we gnaw the flesh from your bones
it´s a fine meal fot us alone
chillingis made from human guts
we devour it chunk for chunk
6. Flesh... Is What I Need (2:21)
Once there were only remains
a corpse without a form
no skin and hair just naked flesh
too weak to gasp for air
i cant even move myself
my legs are still too weak
to get back my human figure
i make a fiendish pact

You kill for me and i won´t eat you
so do your job do it now and do it good

I send out instructions to kill and
bring me the bodies - brutally slaughtered
to quench my thirst i drink their blood from
the thorax with a cup - fleshly consumed
heads are hammered fingers sliced off flesh
is stripped from the bones - brutally slaughtered
open stomach tons of guts celebration
with fresh blood - aaarrrggghhh !!

A pick axe flies through the air
penetrating the man´s chest
blood pups from the fatal womb
and the gore continues to spurt
7. Satisfaction in the Morgue (2:34)
The lovely smell of rot and decay
cold and dead bodies are moulding away
the naked cadavers don´t drive me to disgust
in the morgue i like to satisfy my lust

I can´t resist temptation
icecold bodies morbid satisfaction

I´m so exited because i never did it before
I enjoy this beautiful smell and cry for more

Secretion of smelling excreta
feast on excreted matter
disgusting delicious sauce
nauseating, disgorged and decomposed
8. Into the Dungeon (3:37)
Dungeon- the place i fear most
spanish boots - my legs are decomposed

Bleeding bodies lying on the floor
everyone wants to see more gore
put the hands in a rope
laced up till they get broke

We are sadistic and gruesome
so we put your body into boiling oil
there is no way out
you are in satans toils

Now we´ll see how long you are able to
stay outside and lie froozen on the ground
we embalm your naked body into liquid
and wait till you´re rotting
you have no choice of life or death
we torture you till your last breath
we fasten you to a door and flay you
till you lie skinless on the floor

Into the dungeon - blood shed is done
the lives of tortured souls
are forever gone
9. Desecrating the Grave (4:39)
I feel the growing need to enter the cemetery
my body starts to rise as i reek the smell of death
carnal devise must be satisfied
deep down six feet the place i like to sleep

I open the tomb under whitch my lunch lies
pray to the moon with hunger in my eyes

Unholy corpses upon the land
dead, stiff and cold raped by my hand

Chop the stomach tear out the guts piece by piece
with my knife the corpses i slice it´s a bloody fead for me
rape the bodies burn them in the night rancid smell will rise
ash to ash dust to dust satisfying my morbid lust

Tear the flesh and open the gash
blood flows free a delicious drink for me

Open the graves are scattered so i know my work is donde
splattered bodies hacked and red spread upon the land
now i´m full my thirst is quenched cause i´ve drunken from your head
the sun will rise i´ve to go i´ll leave you slice and cold
10. Drowned in Blood (3:32)
Chests are swimming in a trough
sadistic urges i can´t get enough
fingers hanging on a cord
some are bledding some are decomposed

Naked flesh in a cage
blood drops down on my skin
bestial stench in my home
flies and vermini´m not alone

Now it´s time for dinner
delicius and fine i´m the winner
all the bodies i devour
hacked and red they are my cure

Drowned in blood
Drowned in blood

I´m still sick and kill again
my urge is bringing pain
i´m forced to watch them die
with bestial lust i hear them cry
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