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Marinate Your Meat Full Album Lyrics

Disastrous Murmur - Marinate Your Meat cover art

Marinate Your Meat

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-12-03)
1. Splatter is Better (4:10)
In desperation you will fall
your bones are lying on the floor
I promise you to make an end
And all I did was to twist your broken hand

Splatter - rancid smells your bloody face
Is better - rash is covering your ass
Practice - slow motions till your death
Reaction - metabolisms waste

I'm going to tear out your eyes
Your look will be better and nice
Crashing noise of spinal saw
Warmed up by your frozen gore

Splatter - before your blood face
Is better - rancid smells this ugly place
Shudder - by the last words you've spoken
Crashing - it means your neck is broken

I'm digging a hole it's the grave of your garbage bag
An important disposed there is no escape your cadaver react
And I retrospect what I've done to you
There is no escape no way out your cadaver react

Your bones are rotting in the grave
I'll never be a modern slave
The sound of suffer made by me
In Earth your body disabused

Splatter - before your bloody face
Is better - never see this ugly place
Shudder - by the last words you've spoken
Crashing - it means your neck is broken
2. Bondage Balls and Cock Dissection (4:07)
Bleeding - swollen - dissected
Body and soul disconnected
There's just one way for me to can get what I need
So you can't disapprove
You twist my bondage balls
Sweet pain is covering me "oh yeah great" busty move
Bondage balls and cock dissection
Surprised by this body reaction

Your knife cuts the scars on my cock
There's more blood then sperm
Lick off the tender meat you have grade
It's so easy to learn

Endless times of selfdestruction can't remember the past
So I had my first erection - definitely a big blast
Later this tendensy broken out as the women I had
Nasty pig and scum they called me
I'm going to be mad

Your knife cuts the scars on my cock
There's more blood then sperm
Lick off the tender meat you have grade
It's not different to learn

Endless times of selfdestruction can't remember the dawn
Show her my instant erection in her dead eyes I reborn
Bondage balls and cock dissection was just a pleasure for me
Never my erection falls down I'm sad can you see
3. Just A Wound (3:50)
Sometimes my insane soul wants to dominate
Lay down I bite my veins mess is what create
Breathless now I know what I have to do
Murmur it means the end of you

Rotting away looks like a bloody mess I enjoy the day
i piss my tallow cause I fuck your ass-swollen
Is my cock dirty is my pride torture your corpse is open wide

Loose your blood smell your last fart you're sleepy subconscious relax
End of pain shell never be it a funny game come on lets play
Out of time I don't like it final perversion in ecstasy by speed

Here is no need to talk I get so confused
No one laughs when he dies
Can't tell you what's coming now
My distance I keep much too far

That's why the silent emptiness is covering me
Don't cry satisfaction is what used to be
Brain-dead this condition's near when I'm around
Repulsive a open head is just a wound
4. Toxic Trap (3:31)
if i had en successor
i would show him what i've done
and show him what were better
so my hate decreased so fast

toxic trap - toxic trap

maybe there is someone
i don't know i need a son
who must pass the things i know
who wants to learn what i can show

toxic trap - toxic trap

shall i investigate
or shall i fuck of
when the sun goes down
my mind is strange enough

toxic trap - toxic trap

slashing till the brake of day
i did my work alone
tn toxic trap i'm prison not alone
5. The Call (3:50)
I'm able to-to end your life
Oozing red sauce is coming out of your nose
Knee-deep in mud on the way you search for
Can you feel to the addiction to gore
When the master is calling and you know what he wants
You don't stop falling till you try the fresh wound
Pus looks like water meat is just made of sand
You think that you better I will teach you're the end

Bad infections of innards worry you
A bladder big like a melon it can't be true
Your genitals really don't look good
The blood of putrefaction in your neighborhood

You convulse your body your spleen fails
Itching secretion can't realize space
I lost my reaction moral takes a break
When infector has spoken it can't be fake
Tasting the bitches must be the pleasure of life
And if you don't do it you have to pay the price
The calling is only a silent voice in your dick
You can't understand you going to be sick
6. Disaster, Destruction and Doom (4:24)
The downfall of mankind, mirrored fun in my eyes
It can't be better, everything is nice
Violent deceases, mass-killer attack
Inquisition's art and nuclear defects
And grinding your cock today
Desparated black hole is my way
I raise my fist for punishment... necromancer
And falling between like a real jackpancer
You never believe in pleasure and pain
The only you shelter hold the fire again

disaster is my name and torture is my game
I visit only your bedroom and with me my friends destruction and doom
In this final dream I am the pain, you are my greed
I torture all I can get, it's my job, I'm a guy who is not bad

Meaning disappear, I lost my mind on the other side
The hardcore in death can never die
Painted on a picture with the blood from my veins
Exquisite and delicious hold the fire again

The downfall of mankind, mirrored fun in my eyes
It can't be better, everything is nice

Disaster is my name and torture my game
I stealth around in this boring world
I am the noise you hear if you feel I am near
In this final dream I am the pain, you are my greed
I torture all I can get, broken bones, you are turning mad
7. Daily Toilet Torturing (3:29)
A shattering hand is hard to cleave
A shit cocktail shaked by the beast
My stomach hurts, it slides outside
My organs I don't care

I swim in a lake of shit...
Soon... A mess in my own vomit
Beautiful spasm tonight
Feels like boiling oil inside

In the morning I wake up in pain
My stomach hurts again
The daily toilet torturing's so bloody I am in pain
Feel so bad

I vomit so much on my shoes
Strange... the voice in my head can't be used
A feeling inside of me
Let's do the final slide
8. Fecal Overdose (4:25)
I cross a new border now in appointment of sickness
So my bowels are going to recall not for long but better then now
Now you know what I mean empty words you don't care
Till now I'm gonna show you my dreams bowel movement
I give up for more flair

Fecal overdose - fecals on my nose
Fecals everywhere defection I don't care

Several times I vomit out black blood it must be the first effect
Slowly I am poisoned my skin turns to green and sometimes my dick is erect
Now your know what I mean a kind of medical project
No one tried it before cause it ends with a bitter death

Fecal overdose - fecals on my nose
Fecals everywhere stool fun I don't care

I vomit out my innards the spasm over me
This nasty satisfaction used to set me free
9. Twenty Bodies (5:55)
The first one I found in my cellar at home
He was hanging around in his suicide dome
Next I have killed as I was in the church
I saw him pray, to his god on this way
Next was my mom, as visitor she was scum
Number four this was my dad, disembowelment in bed
Bodies over all and I am going to call my private whore
On the phone for my collection of bones
Twenty bodies, twenty souls, twenty was to die
Twenty reasons, terminate and forty eyes
Twenty times of sweet erection, twenty I take with me
Twenty hells, two hundred fingers, bad century
I am the collector, the slashing protector
Keep your mouth shut, wait for an uterine cut
For seven and eight, was the time much to late
I take them with me and will make things they'll never see
Last you can taste, maybe the blood on your face
Nine on a string, twenty bodies I sing
I need many more, I am addicted to gore
Ten was a project, I fill in oil
Boiling oil
Bitches are boring, remains are a mess
Next one broke down, as I overstretched his ass
I walk through the park, my mind was insane and dark
I saw four people in action, so I'll take for my collection
From a bag-man in trash, I'll take all of his flesh
Make a dinner for my friends, three find a poison end
Nineteen'th remain under unspeakable pain, gasping for air
But his lung was not there
Twenty bodies, twenty souls, twenty ways to die
Twenty chains and twenty hooks
Collector passed by
For nineteen people, it's too late now
Look up what you do
twenty bodies I need at home
Collector is watching you
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