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Folter Full Album Lyrics

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TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2012-06-19)
1. The Oral, Rectal And Vaginal Pear (4:04)
Heretical preachers, blasphemers
Hold on your breath
The oral pear will enlarge your mouth
With a red hot pincer
I tear out your grilled tongue
Tied to a post
Leave you without food or water
Whole in the boc
Closed by me, you gasp for air
The rectal pear is destined for those
Of sodomy
Therfor I put it in your ass
Testicles amputated
You can hold it in your hands
Penis extirpated
All that remains is a bloody mass
Anus operated
Excrements can't discharge, a bitter
Mainly used on witches
Sometimes also on bitches
Accused of having sex with the devil
Unbelieving nuns
At the rising sun
I will exorcise you
Corner penetrates
Vagina delates
Torture never
Weights on your
A comfortable
Fatal consequence
Blood curdling scream
Gasping of a women
Vagina enlarged
The pear mutilates the victim fast
Ovary removed
No more kids, this is the proof
Uterus amputated
By my hand it's not to late
Vagina news up
I promise you, you'll never fuck
2. Breaking By Means Of The Wheel (4:25)
Tear your dress, naked on the floor
Audience is insane for gore
Face upwards, limbs spreaded
To a maximum degree, your blood
Will be sheded
Fastened to the stake or the iron ring
The last time you will hear the birds sing
Dislocation and extrusion
Dismemberment of the spinal column
Burning at the stake
Drawing and quatering
Spectators prefer
Breaking by means of the wheel
Underneath the wrists, elbows and knees
I put a thick wodden crosspiece
This is done in order to
Make it easier to break your bones
The iron tyred edge of the wheel
Is used to smash every individual limb
Including joints and hips, but I made sure
Not to strike a deadly blow
Now you're untied and plaited to the spokes
After which you will be hoisted to the top of the pole
The crows will peck out the eyes and rip away bits of flesh
3. The Punishment Collar (3:51)
An iron point penetrates
And crushes the cervical vitabrae
The entire neck is forced forward
The trachea being crushed against the collar
The spike at the back
Guarantees prolonged agony
Apart from suffocation
Destruction of the spinal column
Locked around the swollen neck
You are chained to a dungeon wall
In a hall we prepare you
For your slow death by the punishment collar
No warmth or clean air
Rotting and smelling cadavers
Vermins in your food
And maggots in your water
In the meantime you get befouled
By your own and others excrements
In which you are lying in
Shit upon your skin
The flesh of neck, shoulders and jaw
Wears away, down to the bone,
Gangrene spreads
Fever acompanies contamination
From the festering wounds, eventually
Bones erode
4. The Judas Cradle (5:02)
I made you straddle on an accute block of wood
The corner penetrates the butt, it feels so good
I keep your skinned legs apart by bindings
Tying stones or weights to the feets of the victim
Placing burning torchs next to the naked body
The torture is augmented
Fastening a bowl with live rat to the stomach
Suddenly your anus begins to ache
Bearing you down, even harder on the corner
Falling to the ground, now you've reached the border
Unimaginable pain, the torture was taken to extreme
From medieval times until today it remains the same
Hoisted up whereupon you are lowered
Victims weight rests on the point of the corner
In accordance with the interrogators desire
I can vary the pressure to total body weight
Arms are stretched backwards, body is pulled up
By arms onto a bench, feets are weighted down
Slowly pulled up, stretched above your head
Body is then lowered, pulled up till you're dead
5. The Headcrusher (4:36)
Chin is positioned to the lower bar
Whereupon the cap is made to put on
Down by means of the screw
The headcrusher is used on you
The caps are furnished with soft material pads
In order to leave no mark on your head
Teeth are crushed into their sockets
And the surrounding bone is smashed
Until the brain is forced out
Through the fragmented skull
Just a few turns of the screw
Are sufficient to make you do what I want you to do
6. Unfleshed To The Bone (4:04)
To extract any kind of confession
The chained flail turns into a mean of execution
Differing in length an supplied with additional spikes
The effects on the scourge are warlike
Supplemented by razor blade sharp steel bands
This instrument will prepare you for your end
Permanent mutilation, bones get shattered
Beating you with my flail, brains are splattered
Now you're unfleshed to the bone
Raped, sliced and left alone
I love to hear your deadly screams
More pain than in your worst dreams
After heating of the prongs you'll get whipped
Neck and arms immobilized, you'll be stripped
Rusty stars pierce your flesh to the bone
So be sure you never will come home
Punishment has not finished yet
Now I will prepare my special set
You can choose between an axe or the sword
Your head is gonna roll for my lord
7. The Saw (8:26)
Dip in boiling oil
Rack and guillotine
Squeezing on purulent boils
Penance for your sins
All methods mentioned
Are lovely toys
Now I'm going to tell you
How I fill my joys
The saw is my favourite instrument
That will provide your slow end
Into a sort of huge screaming pupper
Writhing in rivulates of blood
Raw and slimy, shapeless flesh
Mixed up with splinters, of bones smashed
Blood and guts lying on the floor
Soon you will see tons of gore
Pregnant women used for the saw
So make sure you will never break the law
Stripped and tied, head down
Soon you will lie, lifeless on the ground
Spread eagled, I start to saw
"La sierra" is notched and raw
Upside down position, adequate blood
Oxygen, reached the brain
Preventing you from bleeding to death
Keeps you from losing consciousness
8. Heretic Pincers (4:57)
You are deemed to be in prolonged agony
Till I reached the apex of cruelty
On the verge of death, in a bloody mess
The fork takes you of your breath
Salvation was saught, you were always taught
To respect the highest court
Case of minor offence, according to documents
A prelude to death sentence
Sharp prongs penetrate deeply the flesh
Above the sternum and below the chin, the fork impales your gash
The fork prevented any movement
And forced the victim to murmur the words of repentance
This is your last supper and your death sentence
You will be dressed in a traditional costume
Led to the stake, I hope you can smell the fumes
Small investment of time and effort
In proportion to the amount of pain
Saves time and money, it works 24 hours a day
Nor does the executioner have to be paid
Sharp spikes pierced your body
Nails were arranged cleverly
They will not penetrate any vital organs
You are destined to suffer a long agony
9. The Grate (3:24)
Tied to a iron "bed"
Feet and legs were greased
And then a brasier
Was placed underneath
Decompose the melting flesh
Repulsive stench
Of hot roasting flesh
Flesh is roasted, bones are showed
Limbs are lacerated, bodies are desecrated
The fire would cause burns if you are guilty
But leave you unharmed if you are innocent
Innocence presupposed
Withstand any trial
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