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Opprobrium Full Album Lyrics

Destruktor - Opprobrium cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-03-02)
Side A  
1. Priestiality (4:55)
Hark thee
Master of deception
Preaching a vision, living a lie
Raping the innocent, fucking their mind

Touch of the priest, priestiality
Touch of the priest, preistiality

Deprived of lust, tempted by sin
Perpetrator of hypocrisy
Deceiver, betrayer, apostate

Touch of the priest, priestiality
Touch of the priest, priestiality

Touched by the hand of god
Hidden behind a veil of secrecy
Confess to your sin
You must confess to your dirty fucking sin

Touch of the priest, priestiality
Touch of the priest, preistiality

Die for your sin
Die for your filthy fucking sin
2. Besieged (3:47)
Hostile forces gather in the dark of night
Powered by many bred to kill
Spectral army, invisible infantry
Spiritual warfare will be declared upon you all

Under attack, besieged

Commanded by forces greater than the common man
Infiltrate the enemy
Staring a death that's invisible to the eye
Failed perception, fighting blind, blind

Under attack, besieged

Succumb to your master
Succumb to the ending of your empire

Conquering the ones that conquered
Conquering an empire

No use for resistance, flesh cannot compete with spirit
Only death will prevail, death will prevail!

Under attack, besieged

Succumb to your fucking master
Succumb to your mortality
3. Tyrants Condemnation (3:30)
Sentenced to death by the hand of your maker
Judged by those deemed to judge by those corrupted by faith
Archaic law passed through time
Lapidation, killing in honor of your god

Tyrant's condemnation, tyrant's condemnation

Blood for your god
Obey or be slayed

Tyrant's condemnation, tyrant's condemnation

Buried to your neck
In the firing line
Casting stones
Unleashing wrath
Cranial desecration
Battered, bloodied, lifeless

Tyrant's condemnation, tyrant's condemnation
4. Immaculate Deception (3:39)
Like a vulture to a carcass
You feast on the weak
Imparting your knowledge
Lying through your teeth

"Come before me, we offer paradise
Just believe in what we say
Gratify me, believe in lunacy
Trust in your savior, he has a plan for thee"

Fooled by the people you trust
Christ the redeemer? He is not your savior

Conceived by sin, fornication
Virgin born, ravenous whore
A phallusy, an illusion
Virgin Mary took the seed

The blind lead only the blind
Immaculate deception

A whore, hungry for sin
Son of God? Or son of lust?
Virgin blood will bleed
Joseph came

Immaculate deception
The woman, just a whore
Immaculate deception
The boy was not the son of God
Side B  
5. Blood Poison (4:34)
Am I trapped here for eternity?
Pain penetrates my spine
Fever permeates my being
Delirium offers disfigured visions of hell

Blood poison, take my life
Blood poison, let me die

My soul lies bare
The most evil incarnation of my being
My flesh is on fire yet my heart is ice
Bathed in sweat like the cold flames of hell

Blood poison, take my life
Blood poison, let me die

My hunger is twisted and perverted
Shivering and convulsing
Sweating, burning, drowning in sin
What have I become?

I thought I was strong but I am weak
Is this the penance for my sins?

Blood poison, take my life
Blood poison, let me die
6. Eradication (3:49)
I was torn from the womb
With spite for life, manifest doom
Transcending darkness, transcending hell
Drawing meaning from each execution
My disdain feeds my urge to kill

This filth deserve to die
Eliminate terminal mankind

This world of horrors that I view with contempt
Polluted by the walking dead
Mindless zombies feast on lies and fear
Willing slaves under their masters lash

This filth deserves to die
Eliminate terminal mankind

With ecstasy I sow my seed
I reap my harvest, I feed my need

Parasitic to the last
My purpose sees no end
I am hatred personified

I continue my righteous path
Culling sheep from the flock
This world needs a holocaust

This filth deserves to die
Eliminate terminal mankind
7. Forever the Blood Shall Flow (8:39)
Doomed from the day we are born
Existing to die, forlorn
Seeking closure, questioning why I am here
Bereft of hope, my time has come

Perishing in the midst of depression
Seal my fate, death awaits, death awaits me

Existence has become a contagion
A plague decaying my mind
Deep within I seek a solution
Life or death? I don't know
I've lost control

Live my life through misery
Destined for darkness, liberate me
Forever black, forever bleak
Drowning, helpless, contemplating suicide

Sharpened steel clenched in my hand
Slicing deep into my vein
Bleeding profusely, death I embrace
My eternal solitude

Forever the blood shall flow
I bequeath, I bequeath doom, doom
Forever the blood shall flow...........
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