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Destruction | Full Album Lyrics

Destruction - Destruction cover art


GenresMetal, rock
Album rating :  70 / 100
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-02)
1. Decisions (3:55)
decisions sometimes can kill
decisions can be beyond your power
decisions have to be made
decisions destroyed this dream of ours
decide your fate
are you afraid
of things to come
time is running fast
and i have to follow
freedom is what we seek
freedom is said to be a good thing
freedom can be a cage
freedom sometimes can be exhausting
confessions should tell the truth
confessions can make you be an asshole
confessions can be a lie
confessions? why? when god reads your soul
2. I Kill Children (4:40)
if you go out fishing
don't forget to stake the bait on the hook
or you won't catch nothing-nothing
there are things to remember
life can be much easier than it looks
if you recall the right things
the world is bad
but it's in your head
if you feel like an accused
but you're a grown-up now
so act like one
and be no more confused-confused
if you go out sailing
don't forget to watch the tide of the sea
or you won't get nowhere-nowhere
if you look for answers
then why the hell do you believe in me
when i want you to stay here
and die here
things aren't fine
but it's in your mind
if you're fucked-up and confused
your childhood's gone
and you're the next one
to marry and reproduce
i kill children, yes i will
i kill children
i kill children
yes i will make you feel as dead as i feel
if you go out angry
trying to kill or be killed by me
don't you know that i'm faster
3. Things of No Importance (4:23)
choose your god your life's too short to compensate for your lack of comprehension
society and god may be, but mortality is no human invention
now you see what's frightening me and if you're afraid this was not my intention
seek your own principle god
love, wealth, eternal youth
but that's of no importance
now as you must see the truth
burn the trees polute the seas in stupidity you're doubting god's existence
living blindly you cannot find what lies behind life but noone needs assurance
things you want and things you do and things you love are things of no importance
4. Smile (5:06)
you told me to kill things i can't stand living here all around me
i cannot survive when you start to criticize things about me
i never used to carry a gun to help me make my way
but you're working hard on trying to change my mind and what i say
i won't fight but i'm not a wimp
piss off is the thing i thing
but you don't see because you're blind
to the things in my mind that's why you're just going to make me smile
i apologize one thousand times when i failed to do what you like
am i really ten seconds too late in reading a wish in your eye?
have you ever seen me beating up another man and breaking his bones?
no? now tell me why are you afraid to turn around when you're all alone
rivulets of blood streaming down your cheeks in a travesty of tears
this is what you expected to feel but this is not my style my dear
without moving my fingers at all i'll make you say yes and nod
with rivulets of tears streaming down your cheeks in a travesty of blood
cancer is ugly but so am i when i take a grip on your brain
i will not act the way you told me i won't kill you, just drive you insane
a more beautiful way to punish a man and make him weep loud like a child
just stay calmed down and look into his eyes and give him that fucking smile
5. Speaker (2:54)
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