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Hollow Dominion Full Album Lyrics

Destroying Divinity - Hollow Dominion cover art

Hollow Dominion

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > D > Destroying Divinity Lyrics (18) > Hollow Dominion Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-11-22)
1. The Eternity Guardians
Lighthouse that towers of the rock
The power of nature doesn't give up
The fallen king's temples
Just their names fall into oblivion
A power storms
Deadly wind
The eternity guardians
Sleeping executioners quietly waiting
A monster comma back to life

Elementary particle of the Universe
Clouds of dust
Veil the Sun
Burning energy of volcanoes
Ash falling down to the Earth

The yelling of dying persons
Meatless bodies
The rest of the bodies torn apart by gale
Blood washed out of the ground by water
The apparition of apocalypse fulfills
Prayers spreading through the burning land

No hearing out
No way back
Gods made to rule the people
Proud of power mean nothing
The glory of nature elements
Titans of monstrosity
Fertility carriers

Time for the revenge
The screams of terror were silenced
2. Burning Divine Domination
Crawling through sludge of reeking prayers
Muck shines in gold against your deeds
The age of intriguers fading in rot
Your wretched visions - sterile seeds
The undead and immortal
Nonliving arid bloodless is coming...
The unsubstantial force enlightening minds
From the deepest bowels of darkness
Corning to smite the domination of the crawling liars
Helpless servile power hungry cripples
Hobbling towards their delusion
Followers of nothingness, slaves of self-deception
Burn that land let it fade into obscurity
Burn those feebles
Wolves shall prey on their progeny
And forest graves shall keep their bones
The day of retribution is here
May the flames of blasphemy rise
And obliterate the god's flock
The now impotent and deceived mass
The war returns and in the blink of an eye
The empire of the cross turns to ashes
There'll be no tombs, no flowers
Only feasting scavengers
3. Scent of Death
No mercy, in traitors power struggle
Never-ending cavalry of the undead rebels
On the threshold of the declining society
Fight for others honor and glory
Honorless creatures hollowing the tomb of futility
Reflection of faces on spills o' blood and feces
Emotionless eyes
Staring dead into nothingness
Wasteland, death, emptiness - embracing the soul
War march of starved bodies
Greed for power, the will to potency
Driving the herd of misery into the jaws of death
Irony of the incorrigible monarchs
Decayed legacy of the throne heirs
Adversary rift, the fight for victory
Cold steel cutting the flesh
Bloodstained bonecrushing
Smacking sound of dismembered bowels
Last clean rattle of the torn lungs
Ash-grey skin on the stiffen corpses
Sentenced to death, no right to exist furthermore
Determined by enemies towering standards of victory
Whimsical celebration of the fleeting triumph
Is easily forgotten
Unlike the scent of death
The one and the only
4. Empire Of Emptiness
In the mind swayed by desire
Doors are opening
Into the halls of emptiness
Where one steps only once

In the shadow of a greedy world
Turning life in death
The seed of perdition and hate
Sprouts in our blood

Blaspheming monuments of lies
Amidst the ruins of human fear
Forever taking lives
Deadening futility of thought
Imprisoned in the clock of eternity

Withering in dreadful darkness
Cursefull souls
Burning hopes and desires
Standing before symbols
In the temple of perdition and doom

Dead wasted weeping shapes
On the ruins of cracked walls
Powerless against the fate
In the emptiness
Of ash burned future
5. Suffering Redemption
A barren land
Deathly freezing
Chops off the heads by freeze
Intertwined through the long night
Opens the maw
Silently takes lives like whirlpool
A barren land

A barrier between a bad dream
And reality is broken
Never-ending plain
The freeze - blood congeal in the veins
A hunger that won't let sleep

The thoughts of a suicide
Not to become a food
For the other walking corpses
Who desire to feed

A gaze into the human eyes
The craving to kill, to mitigate the hunger
The ancient demon
Imprisoned in the ice
Thrown to a curse of history
Arises with a hunger for revenge

Bad air
Infection diseases
Infected by fear
Cannibalism spread out

A roar of the beast grow stronger
Even the fire can't stop it
The revenge filled with excitement
Eternal wandering
The God's curse

The death becomes a friend
The redemption from
Painful nightmares suffering
6. Defleshed Skeleton
Image of hell
Lunatic's dream
Outlines of monstrosity
Death is the architect
Born of blood streaming wounds
Absorbed by voracious soil

City on the river
Clash of ideologies
Disdain human life
Encounter of the blackest nightmares
Destruction raining
From the dark cruel skies
Licked by purple flames
Massgrave transmutation

Theater of horrors
Full of tragic parts
Bloodstained curtain
Dark future spawning the dreadful

Struggle for life
Eyes witnessing atrocities
That will never be forgotten
Slashes of death carved in hearts
Frozen soil covered in the fallen
Lunatic's dream brought to life
The wings of the human beast spreading
Bodies torn apart
Humanity resting in it's grave

In the depths of darkness
In the kingdom of sewers
Man against man
Morphing into warmachines
Omnipresent death

Steadfast frost and freezing wind
Snow covering bloodstained ground
Diseases and parasites rising
The noose tightening
The hunter becoming the hunted
Swarming crows feasting
Fire incinerating spreading wings
Body devoured by hunger
Moral decay commenced
The beast

Defleshed skeleton
The city leveled to dust
Lunatics dream
Image of hell
Dying in ruins
7. Sinful Omens
Delightful moment of sin
Infectious proliferation
Expulsion from paradise
Cursed pleasure

Slowly transmutating
Ulcers and blisters
Spreading deposits of disease
Strangling razor blade wire
Poison dripping claw
Dissolving tissue

Inception of vanishing
Punishment - victory of lust
Dawn of ash
End gates opening

The body is the tormentor
Agony of pain in surge of dementia
Mind's decay
Skull's deformation

Ulcus durum
Ulcus durum

False stigmatization
Mark of god's punishment
Eternal darkness
Imminent paralysis

Mortuary stench
Incoming apparitions
Possessed by disfigurement
On the brink of madness
Hunted by self
Bound by curse
Of sinful omens
8. Inner Slavery
Inner fear of solitude
Covering the grace of aggression
The art of destructive force
The disgrace of existence

Concordingly void mind
Knocking the arms down
Disbelieving power remains silent
Preaching side waiting
For brilliant moment
To attack

Enduring, strategy of war
Brings desired suffering
Endless determination to fight
Succumbing to solitude
Brings relaxing climax

Utter willpower
Erratically walks
With our very own steps
Ability to submit is the goal
Done in self destruction
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