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Beyond All Sense Full Album Lyrics

Destiny - Beyond All Sense cover art

Beyond All Sense

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Power Metal, Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level 9 Wait (2011-09-04)
1. Intro - Destiny (1:33)
The human race - Are we living on borrowed time?
Questions we ask:
Who takes? Who gives?
Who dies? Who Lives?
Are we going to live in heaven or hell?
The answer the future will tell.

Why are we so afraid of the eternal dark?
Why are we running from the unknown?
Always these questions: Why? Why? Why?

So give your life a chance before it's too late.
No one has the answer, the future is our fate.
So live and let live!
Do it good!
Do it well!
When your time has run out and you hear the bell,
don't be afraid if you are a believer...
...in DESTINY...
2. Rest In Peace (4:25)
The soldier in the grave is screaming for vengeance.
What did I fight for, what did I die for?
He's looking for an answer, looking for a clue.
And still he wonders: I really don't know.

Fight for the nation, fight for the peace.
So shut up, get down on your knees.
Fight for the nation, fight for the peace.

Screaming for vengeance, screaming for blood.
Still he wonders: Is there a God?
Give him the answer, give him the clue.
It's a soul on the run and that soul could be you.
So let him rest in peace.

You got to do your best to hate your enemy.
Kill for fun. We're never on the run.
Fight for your life, you have to be brave.
Fight to kill or you are nothing to save.

You better live today, you may be dead tomorrow.
Even if you ask you'll never know the truth.
You only live one time and time can't be borrowed.
And no one will bring back your youth.
3. Spellbreaker (4:52)
He needs blood, he needs darkness.
He's the count on the hill.
He hates sunlight, he hates the cross.
He needs you for his survival!

I'm a victim, I'm a victim
waiting for the Spellbreaker.

Don't kiss the stranger
without a look in the mirror!
Suddenly there, suddenly gone!
Hey girl!
Do you feel the danger?

Get Down! Here we come!
Lay down! Are you ready to die?
Don't strain! It's all in vain.
Just scream out in pain!
We're going to stab the pole
right through his heart.
We're going to burn the castle
on the top of the hill.

We took the cross, we took the pole
and destroyed him forever.
But his friends in the night are still there.
They have tasted the final kiss.
They are victims, they are victims
waiting for the Spellbreaker.
4. Hang Them High (2:34)
If we're gonna have full control,
many heads will have to roll.
Up and down! Now is the day!
The day has come, when they have to pay.
For all the tears and all the hate.
For them it's now to late.
Now we are ready, the time has come.
Scream and shout it out.

Tonight they hang together,
no more King and Queen.
Tonight they hang together,
we want to hear them scream.

All those years in hell,
now we broke their spell,
and now it's time for them to die.
So many lives on the run,
for all that they have done.
So let's hang them high.

So many died for the aristocrats.
Hunt them like living rats.
Kill more, kill more!
For everything they have done to the poor.
Fight for your home and bread,
or it will be your death.
If we're going to have full control,
heads will have to roll.
5. Sirens In The Dark (4:58)
In 1682 there was nothing they could do.
A ship full of people sank to the bottom.
Sirens - In the dark.
A Laugh of joy, the seaman is their toy.

Cold and rain, screams of pain.
Hell - not heaven, blinded by beauty.
Sirens - In the dark

Beauty, beauty. Here I come.
I'm far away from home.

Eternal sleep down in the deep.
Someone is collecting souls.
Calling - Why were they calling.

Beauty, beauty. Here I come.
I'm far away from home.
6. Kill The Witch (3:57)
She's the witch in my heart.
And she tore it apart.
She's the evil in my mind.
Oh no! Can love be so blind.
She got me in her spell.
I know I'm trapped in hell.
She caught me with her eyes.
And now I'm captured by her lies.

Kill, kill the witch.
She's the evil dressed in black.
I said: "Die! Die, die bitch."
There is no way of turning back.

She shows no respect.
She doesn't think I suspect
anything she has done.
But one day I will be gone.
She got me in control
until I've found my soul.
She took my future.
I have to kill the creature.
7. Lost To Heaven (1:46)
8. More Evil Than Evil (3:42)
My body is of iron my mind is of stone.
Killing is the only friend I've known.
I'm a torpedo, I'm killing for fun.
There is no escape from me and my gun.

I am evil, I am evil, more evil than evil.
I can hear you, I can see you, I'm coming to get you.
In the night - you can't get away in the night.
In the night - you can't get away.

You run for your life you tried to get away.
I was your last moment on that day.
I've done my job. I've done what I've been told.
You were fey and had no chance to get old.

I am evil, I am evil, more evil than evil.
I can hear you, I can see you, I'm coming to get you.

You were doomed by your curse.
It's your sin, what could be worse.
Than all my hate, it's your fate.
So take your punishment and die like a man.
9. Power by Birth (4:35)
X and Y together
joined - and made him forever.
The embryo was growing.
Oh no! It's glowing.
X-ray beams discovered
what science couldn't cover.
A first borne of this nature.
Who - creator?

Power by birth,
stronger than the curse.

The birth of this creation
astonished the population.
A galaxy liberator,
a new kind - of invader.
A human race defender
made the dawn - surrender.
A golden gate to freedom.
Long live his kingdom.
10. Sacrilege (4:46)
In a hamlet far away with Christians
lives an old man so wise
with power so strong.
He has seen kingdoms fall and rise.

Then came the strong men from the north
with only one thing on their minds:
Kill, rob, rape and burn.

When he looked into the Crystal ball,
he wondered why.
He knew this freedom was going to fall
and build flames up to the sky.

These people live in peace
with happiness and freedom.
The children play together
and love is a natural thing.

Sacrilege. Sacrilege. Sacrilege. Sacrilege.

The savages from the north with swords,
hungry for Christian treasures.
Gold and silver, women bodies and blood
just for the sake of pleasure.

The old man so wise,
killed a beast - sacrifice
and prayed to his idol:
Blow away this nightmare.

A blaze, a voice:
You evil, forever I make you blind!
Return to hell!
You evil, forever I take your mind!

These people live in peace
with happiness and freedom.
The children play together
and love is a natural thing.
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