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Tenebrous Towers Lyrics

Desolate Shrine - Tenebrous Towers cover art

Tenebrous Towers

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2017-08-26)
1. The Smell of Blood and Iron (6:44)
Universal gates open to Hell
Not only in the hearts of men
But upon the whole World today
The smell of blood and iron...

The black limbo twirls as always
It spins in the minds on the streets
And the rotation speeds up
Swallowing the idle, awarding the persistent

To death you kneel
In front of dark despair to feel
To death we hail
Even the blind see mankind to fail
2. No Place for a Human (5:03)
You thought you were alive, still it always was
a dead man walking
Fear has taught you to live, yet only in a moment
Lucid dreaming

Were those screams coming from your lips
Or is it the shadows to be blamed?
Anxious knocking at the door, quick
Moving shapes in the mirror...
Insanity or shame?

Old paintings on the walls awaken
the old memories from the darkness...
Was that darkness real or was it only
a vast hallucination, great madness?

Get out!
This is no place for a human
They despise you

From your personal poltergeist
Through one of the closed doors

Reach back for the Alpha and you can concentrate
on the Omega
Life's now... The race between you, me, the angels
and Hell goes on forever

The gates hold nothingness
keys in the hands of Gaap
Secret Hell's laws!
3. Crushing Darkness (7:37)
In the crushing darkness
In the pools of blood
The razor jaws!

In the holy madness
In the mouths of Baal
Gods fall!

In the night of Nebires
Impaled is their god
The demon claws!

In the void of emptiness
Behind the doors of Daath
Alethic knowledge pours!
4. The Brightest Night (8:20)
When my ever bleeding body stops its journey
On the Royal bridge between life and death
My psyche turns and berserks into a vicious attack
Black watery limbos calling from below, as above

The mythical paradise often told to man not to be reached
by body nor spirit, never
But the inner entity to be violently cast down into the unknown
by the hand of the Lord

Tenebrous towers shining their blackest glory
At the both sides of that bridge
Storming a burning breeze towards my devoted heart
This really is my end
No afterlife to experience, no life at all to sense
This really is my end

Yet my mind's eye open
seeing the moving rock and flaming ice
seeing the brightest night with closed dead eyes

That invitation is pulsing
Now stronger than ever before!
First whispering
The growing screaming-like!
5. Chaos and Wrath (6:08)
I am a hidden cave afar
In the fiery mountainside

Twilight winds and fullmoon breeze
Within me they dance like an ocean tide
The stones of the Three Eyes
They shall and will crystallize

Chaos and wrath
The beloved passengers
From my cold mouth
Towards the next destination

The Greatest of Creators
The Greatest of Destroyers
The Ruler of the Worlds
The Ruler of the Voids

Deep in my cold mouth
I hold the stones of the Three Eyes

There's a god of chaos in every man
He who sees all and beyond
6. Born to Lose One's Way (6:42)
Can't get a grip on the walls of the pit of spits
Yellow dead eyes snarling below... A stare of contempt!
The future cloaked itself to shadows where human eyes can't reach
The past collapsed under the power of speeding schizophrenia

Can't you see you've been mislead?
Can't you realize you're born to lose your way?

Evolving black larva with an inborn gangrene in the brains
Christ sharing the bread - yet the blind mass is starving
Sick mind in a spoiled body - doomed to miss the goal
Can't get a grip on the walls of the pit of spits

Strangers holding the lanterns, will you join this trip?
Burning gold light leads to nowhere, watch your steps!
Stairways are falling from above, can you navigate?
Emptiness is breathing under your heels, wait!
7. Burning Devotion (5:49)
What I feel I also see
And what I see is all in me

Thus life should not be embraced by hope
It is an effortless choice for a dead man's rope
Reach instead for godless divinity
Paradox through burning into true purity

What I believe I also fight for
Inhaling devotion more and more

Hexed serpents slither behind my heart
Striking venom to my every cell
Poisoning the weakness away
Cleansing my sight and my whole essence
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