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Kingdom of Worms Full Album Lyrics

Deserted Fear - Kingdom of Worms cover art

Kingdom of Worms

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > D > Deserted Fear Lyrics (9) > Kingdom of Worms Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-01-21)
1. Intro (1:21)
2. Forging Delusions (3:38)
Thirst of the world and
your world will be down
The might and the greed prevail
Divided we fall
Reminded by the past

This is mutilation
Cause none escapes the self

Heart of the force and
the word of the storm
Rule us with laws but in vain
They fall upon, the riot is on
The day of the victory

This is mutilation
Cause none escapes the self
Massive violation
I'm caught in infinity

On battlegrounds
Souls slithering away
Filled with dears
Center of decay
Forging the delusion
You're selfish and desolate
Becoming retribution
Evocate the apostate
3. Kingdom of Worms (3:46)
Driven by nothing
To lose all your wits
Unborn Existence
Servants, Submit!

Serve your god
Your lying shrines
Your breed of shit
To our slaves
Stand in line!

Lay down your corpse
Down to your sort
Denial! Distort!
To the kingdom of worms!

Convict my possession
Dispel your thoughts
Your doubts will corrupt you
There's no rules and no laws!

Waste Away!

No light,no hope,there
is no day
No light,no hope,your
prison, your jail!
May you live, may you die
4. Call Me Your God (3:39)
All of you will fear my caress
I dictate the self-awareness
I feast on your trembling defeat
Delectable sorrow
it tastes so sweet

Existence, Reality
They failed: Come on
bury your dreams
Perception, Brutality
Increasing: So call me
your god

I am the reaper of faith
Follow me my sickly sweet child
Innocence not dying worth
The rape begins
I will show you
the hell on earth

Why should I
Should question myself
My inner motive
Is known
I'll bask
You suffocate
My inner motive is known

Those tears shed
in your despair
Preserving this perverted affair
Open your mouth open wide
Swallow all of
your remaining pride
5. Wrath on Your Wound (4:15)
You don't need to blow out
The others light to
enlighten your own
You feel inferiority
Who is to blame for your
deceitful game

Weakness, aimless , all about
This is the wrath on your wound
heartless, darkness, to accuse
This is why you like to abuse

You hide your fears
behind a mask
But you forget the
others pay for that
But this time try to
take care yourself
'Cause you don't know
how long they let you grow

I am here to rebuke you
It feels nice and it paves the way

I see your mortal agony
A deep slice into the misery
i try to overcome myself
But i fail and now we leave
and descend

Into the realm of the dead

It won't help me
To overcome myself
6. Torn by Hatred (1:23)
7. The Agony (4:11)
A mistake has slipped in
Conviction: Deaf!
The sinners start their bleeding

Gather up the faithful
Spread disease!
A world will be taken

Pray for your lord
Pray for his agony
Praying your life away
Wake up your life
Wake up the agony
Wake up or die away

Greeding for revenge
In his name!
Burn the innocent

All the risks are covered
hallowed be thy name

Life is a treasure
I will not retreat
Deliver a judgement
Try to repeat
8. With Might and Main (5:34)
Revenge arises from the inner fear
My mind locked me out
Ideals tell me what it is about
I'm blind. I have no doubts

Pace back and forth
And preaching proud
The struggle of my bloody aim
I passed the guard, left the camp
The blood in my vein
One by one and shot for shot
I kill them I am insane
'Cause i want to see them suffer
Want to see them lying in pain

Stun the pain
What i enforce with might and main
It heals not all wounds
The fear in nights
Caught up and harmed by
the past in lights
Welcome to the end of life
9. Shattering the Soil (4:11)
Rising and fading
I desecrate the feeling
To those who died: Reanimate!
Sleeping and trembling
A discontinuous sealing
This is the time to fight again

We're lost in action
The horizon forsaken
Shatter the soil
Injured connection
Your repulsive salvation
This is the time to fight again

Lay myself to rest
Millions to infest
Upraise, up from the ground

I'm adding impurities right now
A common and vile decision
The earth shall be cleaned from the filth
Subsistence has become
10. Mortal Reign (3:51)
I see us resting in pain
No hope remains in vain

There's no story and there's no revenge
A devastating bright future in hands

We are the barrier, we are the target
Life is lost without any regrets

I'm your savior and I'm your demise
Living through greed negation divine

If you are faithful then
you are the blind
Follow the traces I left behind

Our sins so pure
Mortal reign in steady decay
You know why confusion
Leads the path to disillusion

Leads the path to disillusion

No retreat to the fallen
between the lines
No retreat to the fallen
between the lines
We'll strike
11. Last of a Fading Kind (4:15)
No self-restraint
for this time we desolate
I will spit the spoken end of line
Through your soul
Through your mind

Call it defeat
In the fog illusions breed
You negate the traces left behind
Drown your soul
Drown your mind

Enthrone your god
Crucify the misconduct
It's the last of a fading kind
Dying soul
Dying mind

In a world of avengers
And the chaos in concept
I raped myself
For the calls from the depth

In a world of avengers
And the chaos in concept
I am loosing confession
For the calls from the depth

War! Sulphur ages
The fields below
You are trapped
Your are blind
Locked inside your mind

War! Sulphur ages
The fields below
You are buried
In worries
I stand in line
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