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Almighty Arcanum Full Album Lyrics

Denouncement Pyre - Almighty Arcanum cover art

Almighty Arcanum

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-03-02)
1. Intro: Breath of Tehom - instrumental (1:46)
2. An Extension of the Void (7:15)
At last the seal is broken and the heavens opened
From the eye of the void arisen, heeding the call of Chaos
Indoctrinate he who alone ignites the fires
A monument of tyranny who strikes upon the world!

Satan's will - an extension of beyond
On dragon wings ascend this void
By sigil or sword, it will be done
Smashing the tablets of stone and the will of God

Beyond the curse of Abel
With the fist of Cain

Would you ever turn from the path of the all-knowing God?
If from it surged a hunger...
You of dragon blood and devil's claw
Longing to venture beyond the Black Sun
By Devil's tongue taste the poison fruits from the rotting tree of life

Behold the glimmering scales of the Serpent
As it rises from the depths
Digesting the discards of shallow lore

To the Gods of Old...
To the Lord and Master of Death!

A journey into fields of Darkness...
In swelling seas I am one
3. Almighty Arcanum (4:24)
It is the great Arcanum
For what is certain but the certainty of Death?
It is true when they say hope is an illusion
Eluding and leading the blind to their grave
But this is Fate and Destiny - or so they say!
For they see not beyond the dawn that is approaching
With eyes that are fiercely focused on the end

Whatever is written, whatever is said - Lies!
From the abyss to the great beyond, the man of the cloth denies
Across the Qliphoth and beyond the layers of dimensions
Every fallen Shell is shattered
Every remaining spark is Divine

Remanifest in Sunya
Anatta, the anti-realm of flesh

Inside the walls of this temple
The mysteries of the ancient lord portrayed
Erect the pillar of Severity
Of worship and demonic necromancy

All bow and pray for the day has come
Climbing the abyss and in darkness reveal
The mysteries that the angel has sung
All Life and Death, Holy deed and ancient evil

4. He Who Conquers All (4:14)
To know thyself is to have wandered in shadows
Into the great eye and dance with Kali
Messiah beyond flesh, the time has come
The all becoming Mother of divine

Embodiment of One

For he who see's beyond
For he who will defy the chains of oppression
It is he who is the Mighty
And who knows the essence of power
For he who would travel to realms beyond time
It is he who shall brandish the flame of truth
For he who clenches the fist of Iron
It is he who will conquer the world

Take the throne of the grand Lucifer
Fall to your knees or conquer your master

For he who's eyes see in the night
With open eyes and hunting for kill
There is he who would dare not deceive himself
For they are the bearers of truth

It is the last of a dying breed of wolves
Who would have ruled with a talon of might

Release yourself from the throes of illusion
Condition belief by all that is shattered
It is the last of the strongest breed who stands
At the edge of a world that is dying...

Release your fucking spirit
So the fucking world will burn
Set the world on fire
Light the Funeral Pyre
5. The Deceiver (4:12)
lnvoke the fourth light. In dark rite. To balance the One
Hidden chakra. As‘ above is below
The inverse of Tiphareth. Yet entwined in the seed
As the fallen Daath cometh, a reflection lurking beneath

He is royal - He is blessed
All is devoured in his caress

He is the extinguished globe of light
Swelling in the seas of Leviathan

From a seed ruptured an adversary like no other
An opposing force arisen from Sitra Achra

At last when I open my eyes...
I see I wear the crown of the Deceiver

He, the bearer of wisdom
Of all things seen and unseen
The Forbidden. The Unknowable. A Revelation

The Rites of Black Mass
The Lust of Divine Rot
Deep in Necromantic Curse
A ritual of Concealed light
6. Drakon: All Is One - instrumental (1:29)
7. Circle of Serpents (4:59)
It is I, who would evoke the utmost Abomination
It is I, lurking in the shadows of truth
It is I, who would have the lesser as slaves and beggars as servants
For it is I, who built temples from ruins and conquered them all

'Beware of the Iron Storm
The triumph of Wolf Lore
The Succubis of Natures Whore
The return of the Serpent Horde

It is I, strive for ascension and through will, evolution
It is I, who peers into darkness with cold revelation
It is I, Hunter and Salker, Indulgence and Lust
For it is I, embodiment of spirit, A vessel for Satan's might

And what of all the foul creatures and beasts
’There are those that are lurking below...
What would become of, if ever, they awaken
To reclaim their place on natures throne

Omnes Unum - The Circle is One

Leviathan, Lord of the darkest depths
Tiamat, Hierophant of the Netherworld
In your darkness shines a brilliant light
A guiding power that will lead man to beast and from beast to beyond
8. Darkness Manifest (6:45)
Behind the crumbling veil of lamentation.
Divine light had shone upon them
What was an odious masking of the truth. Now its all shadows...
I invert the hour glass of time
To break the chains of limitation
Brandishing the Fire to absolve the world
On a dreaded path, we tread...

Like a river flowing through her womb
A journey to the watery abyss.
Beyond the current cosmic order
Only a quest for the righteous...
Shekinah of the right-hand path
Your light taints the cosmic flow
Towards a black diamond we must transfix
Through which all genesis will grow

Lflith - the Mother of Desire
Flow divine sparks from your cunt - Devour!

Lead us to a place beyond the swarming dark
Dimensions where no law is known
For this is the path of the unrighteous
The tearing of flesh from bone

Come forth from untimely chaos
Manifest and appear before me
Thy master of antiquity

So take me now - I am willing
Absorb all through this poison
I consume all of the cosmos
Concealer of Light, essence of the most high

Now the winds call and howl for the day is done
I call upon he who would implode the foundation of man
Corrupted by Gods will

Moloch - A new beginning

And at last, when the Earth trembles
All will be forgotten
Consumed for Darkened Aeons
9. The Redeemer (7:15)
When the circle is complete and ends in the beginning
Exude the mysteries on the path to Sheol?
Caress! One Life! One Death!
A tirade through gateways of absolution

When the hour glass turns and shatters the One
Luke a lotus spread on the path to becoming
Almighty! Devourer! Twice through!
Thaumiel, cloaked in No-thing, A pillar standing true

A twin-headed God awaits in death

First extended from the Void and now the Return
Tearing limb from limb
Fucking the world!

Rise up and become that which manifests
In Crimson thrones
Beyond time
Beyond death

Reaper of the fathomless
Binder of black tides and graves
To conjure the might of the omniscient father
The hand of the Redeemer
Crushes Now!

Rise up and become that which manifests
In Crimson thrones
Beyond time
Beyond death

Now I ask the final question
Would you ever turn from the path of the all-knowing God?
For he who wears the crown devours all

It is I!
It is I!
It is I!
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