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Fire of Iniquity Full Album Lyrics

Demontage - Fire of Iniquity cover art

Fire of Iniquity

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Black Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-01-06)
1. Ritual of Flames (6:01)
Cavernous thunderings awake the Miscreants again!
Moltenflesh creatures of the subterranean realm
emanate from moulding terrestrial wounds
Barbarism and Hell return to rule on the Earth!

The Ritual of Flames - malicious demons close in
The Ritual of Flames - devil's legions always will win
The Ritual of Flames - I'll ignite the fires of my eternity in sin
The Ritual of Flames!

A ripped and slaughtered sky bears the violence
arcane spirits from the black soil are borne
the gift of sacrifice, and chemical decomposition
bestowed by Livingdead, saboteurs by the flame!

The Ritual of Flames - malicious demons closed in
The Ritual of Flames - devil's legions secured the win
The Ritual of Flames - preserved, the fires of eternal sin
The Ritual of Flames!

Feeling the radiance of woods amorphous
Knowing contemplance of moons' cycles
Constellations wrought belief into dark ritual
Introspection is life, existence pliable
This is the End to which I was so allured
By the Cult of the Meteor, I hail all that We endured!
2. Satan's Metal (5:09)
Loathing demon languish - ere the altar's whet
Always bastard yearning for master's epithet
There's chaos on the mound - the feast will soon begin
Metal anthem resound - glorification of sin

We play the devil's dirge of haughty infamy
maniacal surge raising cacophony!
Satan's Metal - debauchery!
Satan's Metal - black thrash revelry!
Satan's Metal - get your kicks tonight!
Satan's Metal - heavy and tight!

Pulsing frightful sickness confirms the time is nigh
Inner Satan writhing - unleash the third eye
Unholy entourage, chant thy chorus to me
Bang thy fist upon the stage, and set your master Self free!

(repeat Chorus)
3. Possessed Graveyard Lizards (4:37)
Their blood is cold in the perpetual slough
where they lurk beneath the heavy air
But something stirs their conscience now
to summon them I would not dare!
The time is now, the horror real
They're skulking about the tombs
enchanted by possessing zeal
to bring about cosmic doom!

Moonlight transmutation - Spatilomancer's spell
Ghastly animation - where the Lizards dwell
Possessed Graveyard Lizards - reptilian dominance!
Possessed Graveyard Lizards - cold blooded intolerance!

Their serpents' tongues and leather skin
draw reflections of fearful eyes
for those who come when possession begins
will meet with cruel demise!
The Cult is born, the astral reign
of which we have to learn
The Meteor, ancestrally deigned
in a white inferno we'll burn!

(repeat chorus)
4. Untame Iniquity (6:47)
The man was mighty and possessed great vitality
but he knew true fear, encompassing and stark
His animistic conviction, and dark age morality
were untainted by superstition's mark
The world he knew was threatening, untame
and reprieve hard won from demon sovereignty

Ah, he was alive! He screamed in anguish, in ecstasy!
Black magic was as much a reality
as the hard pain of a cold blade in his untame iniquity!

He bristled with awe, as he stoked his fire
releasing spirits from the wood
To appease presences portentious, dire
his motives spurned what no pragmatist could
The man was shielded by no law, nor logic
He made his mark on the firmament of sovereignty

(repeat chorus)
5. Mad Thrasher (5:25)
When fear is flowin' through your veins in the night
death 'round the corner with its unforgiving bite
then maniacs are ready for a fight!
White collar pencil-necks, you know there's no escape
they'll sew their emblem on your mortuary drape
burn your houses and your women they'll rape

Animalistic rage - heretic rites now take the stage
Ritualistic view - now there's nothing stoppin' you, Mad Thrasher!
Mad Thrasher! Mad Thrasher - of Satan's Metal!

Like some ghost of a repressed and horrid fear
lurking inside you, stroking hard on with a sneer
your lips tremble when Mad Thrasher draws near!
Unwilling concubine just let me have my way
I've killed your minister and now I wanna play
Perverted pleasures are your gospel for the day!

(repeat chorus)

We're heavy metal maniacs! If you're enslaved...
you'd better watch your back (the lash!)
You're damned to be a schizophreniac (don't look back!)
livin' in fear of the mad thrash attack!
We'll play shark with your soul, and jinx every roll
of the black eyed dice, and it's your call
When you're ridin' with the hounds, or the pigs run you down
you're the venom of the maniacs' spite!
You've a barbarous itch, to bring down the brazen bitch
Your blood roars for a fix
We've summoned the dire, cast morals to the pyre
the boundaries of Hell are rent tonight!

(repeat chorus)
6. Sacreligion (7:34)
We're free-willed individuals, perform not on command
Our own unholy rituals spread terror across the land
No one tells us what to write, or what we're gonna play
We'll fight the faith of penitence until our dying day

If we had religion, pleasure be thy name, but
we live for sacreligion, that our blasphemies proclaim!
If we had a deity, Lucifer He'd be, but
we'll never stoop to piety, nor cease to tout our ideology!

We've been around and seen the fools who kneel before the altar
We play by no one else's rules - our egos hardly falter
We play our heavy metal loud, though it's considered rude
Bein' ousted makes us proud, and fellates our attitude!

If we had religion, pleasure be thy name, but
we live for sacreligion, that our blasphemies proclaim!
If we had a deity, Lucifer He'd be, but
we'll never stoop to piety, nor cease to doubt we're free!

...the madness that has come before
this hardbitten allegory we're left...

Would that it were so easy! Would that we had the strength
Would that our ignorance, wanton and stark,
gave creed to our insolence!
When the great are distilled from the swarms
and strike untrodden paths by their step
would that the tracks of our blazing souls
looked well upon that which came before (in retrospect)...
...Some day I will die!
7. Cult of the Meteor (6:57)
It's the calm before the storm, now, Anthropos
You've a clime oscillation in Your favour
All fortunate eras must come to an end,
and all Your labours' fruits fade
Soon You'll live as your ancestors did,
a life of embittered endeavour!
Genetic usurpation will spread the disease
and every bloodline it'll pillage
Your future lies frozen in the glaciers
that swell, conspiring Your demise
Well, the shades lurk so awkwardly
and the hours are agonizing!
Where the haunts jest in sarcasm
and urge on Your dementia
there is no relief...
It is in vain that oaths are uttered...
Before the hardening of the perception
and spasms throttle awareness
grows a callous...
and desperate sentiments give to despair...
8. Into the Fire (2:34)
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