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Poisoned Atonement Full Album Lyrics

Demonomancy - Poisoned Atonement cover art

Poisoned Atonement

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
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1. Intro - Revelation 21.8 (1:12)
"But the cowardly, the unbelieving,
the vile,the murderers,
the sexually immoral,
those who practice magic arts,
the idolaters and all liars.
They will be consigned
to the fiery lake of burning sulfur.
This is the second death."
2. Fiery Herald Unbound (The Victorious Predator) (5:01)
Behind the wounds of a burned hand
always lies a greath truth written in blood
which shows
the path towards the conquest of all fears

The more truthful are the words of the prophecy
the higher the Revelation, Revelation!
The colder is your flesh as it's torn by the blade
the sharper the Revelation, Revelation!

When the serpent is dead,
close to it will lie the rat.
the day always comes when the hanged
and the hangman are thrown in the same grave

This is the age to avenge – come forth Fiery Herald
Unbound and here to take what once belonged to us.
Victorious Predator among men, heed the call of ferocious
preying through indomitable might

The secret of the hunter is to stare at Eternity
as the prey weaves its crown of thorns.
When one becomes the source of his own miracles
through ascension he denies his fate

Rise! Rise! Rise, Victorious Predator

Power rewards a triumphant choice over a chance:
A stone wall separates claimers and supplicants.
All men kill the things they love
but few stand when the dagger comes back

Rise! Rise! Rise, Victorious Predator

Only the one who faces the Sun
with the strenght of steel
knows the dignity of
a glorious death

Herald! Herald! Herald! Unbound Fiery Herald!

3. Archaic Remnants of the Numinous (6:44)
-The Archetype -
Patterns of bones, hallways of muscles
Cranial mazes, pre-existent mental forms
Bright eyes of the genesis, inherited scourges
Reservoir of experiences through dormant interaction

-The Shadow Aspect -
Brightness sinks back into its own depths
A tenebrous Encounter - through unhealing...
The somber Merger of method and chaos - through unhealing spirals
The dismal communion, Assimilation of the wraith - through unhealing spirals

Archaic Remnants of the numinous

-Neuroticism -
Delirious visions hanging in space, below i saw the terrestrial globe
shrouded in a colorless light...and I pierced the continents with fire

-The Complex -
Megiddo appeared, limb from limb its blood flowed into the Red Sea
and the edge of the universe imploded.

in my insanity
i drowned!

(Loosely inspired by the work of Carl Gustav Jung)
4. The Day of the Lord (5:59)

How could the apostles of Judas bow before
the tower of the beast? Every rebel
must dwell in the dust, condemned to an everlasting
journey through the darkness of the night.

Shoulders bear the burden of mortality disguised as salvation
The slaves sing their gospel, they chant the power of their Master

As the exiled will perish under the noose of the messianic deluge
Their descendants will die from thirst, killed by the arrogance of the desert

Feel the Fyre!

The prophet has spoken
In the Day of the Lord
ill-omened cross
In the Day of the Lord
The Sun will be dark
In the Day of the Lord
Thou shall repent
In the Day of the Lord

King...King of the Jews
every city by his sword is devoured
King....King of the Jews
cleansing the body

The Prophecy:
In the reborn Babylon diabolical artifacts
have woven cobwebs all along the sky,
but a greater consciousness will be revived,
darkening the land and burning the oceans.
...And a new world will emerge.
5. Poisoned Atonement (Purged in Molten Gold) (6:17)
At the hour of fornication I blended poison and wine
From the goblet of the Lord's libation I drink the atoning scourge
I obeyed his precepts with fear begging to be redeemed
The Time for purification is near, relieve me and seal my eyes

I've been purged for my excessive passions
A baptism in fire to enter the joys of Heaven
I asked for indulgence to relieve my torment

The Prophet's fluid are drained, boiled and pulverized
Pain and bliss melt with bones and feed the storm
Below the oceans lies the Annunciation
I found the path to shameless confession

Furious gospel to heal my sins
God's divine will is against my pleasures

I bow before you, oh eyeless Lord for whom my bowels bleed
Grace me and I will admit my sins, allow me to repent
Irradiate my nerves with plague, my mortal membranes fade
Unmolded flesh engulfed by winds, I witness my organic end

Poisoned Atonement

At the River of gold
the Mirage of faith
shall be revealed
by the oracle's tears

“He who comes to be saved shall walk through a fire that burns away sins and worldliness like lead, leaving behind only pure gold.”
6. The Last Hymn to Eschaton (5:39)
7. Fathomless Region of Total Eclipse (5:14)
Fallen from earth, sunken in relentless expansion
Collisions of invisible edges shift epicenters and
Waves of flames are dissolved by cold astral flows
As entropy erodes the last echoes of light I see
Antimatter warps as the deafening blackness cycles

Fathomless Region of Total Eclipse

Witness eons of dust along the Fathomless Region
Solar collapse origin of Total Eclipse

A timeless exile still leads to eternal return
Conjunction of times through parallel worlds'

Between the Sun and the Earth a blind mirror reflects
The celestial equinox that darkens sidereal pillars

Mortal remains leave this realm
Reborn and restored from the orbital plane
The orbital plane
8. Nefarious Spawn of Methodical Chaos (6:58)
Lungs filled with sand and Thorns
buried in marrow Wounds pour sterile blood
As I gaze upon the cells of God
The holy waters wet my hands

Walls of logic shatter the matter
And the horrid gift is renounced.
Through the laws of chaos nature proceeds
embodying its primeval state

Hoarding unrivaled fears of collapse
is the key for the assumption of kinetic tumults.
Paradigm banishes impossible words
strangling them in a chasm.
Congestion of all the horrors at once
All bonded for the death of the Sun

I'm hollowing my symmetric tomb

Nefarious Spawn of Methdodical Chaos

How dare you become my scourge?
I'm devoted to my excoriating whip
The hourglass strains my anxious desires
The call of the light rots unanswered...

...and I see Perfection through distinct disorder


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