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Soulless God's Creation Full Album Lyrics

Demonic Slaughter - Soulless God's Creation cover art

Soulless God's Creation

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-05-27)
1. Intro (2:15)
2. Purity Comes (5:43)
Man! Behold thy brother’s face!
You will erase all of its dignity with pain
Man! Hear the beat of thy brother’s heart
You shall mute this sound of life once and for all
For thou art a herald of the things to come
War, plague, famine and death united

You shall mute this sound of life!
and burn the eyes of god,and burn the eyes of god!
ten thousand plagues and the screams of the lambs-
destroy fucking cancer,destroy human king

In one beast of flesh and blood
Thus rise above with pride, oh mighty race of cain
cursh the temple of men, which is thee
For only in the smell of rot thou shalt find liberation
Only thy own blood can wash sin of life
Which comes with thy first breath
And only with the last one purity may come

Cut my throat, oh mighty scythe-bearer
Put this chess game to an end
And leave the board so blank and pure
Purity comes when all lights stall
Purity comes with silence
So crush my eyes with rusty nails
Mute me now, sew my mouth
And pierce my life
So I can fall into the perfect stagnation
Where my soul shall die along with my flesh

Man! Behold thy own face!
How perfect it looks with no measure of dignity
Man! Behold this realm where no life dwells
Now that you have no eyes to misshape this vision
You can experience what mortality hides
Demise of fear, demise of pain, demise of all
The burning essence of recreation in the void of tragedy
Reconstruction leading back into the primeval past
When nothing was all, when all was not
3. Doedentantz (3:45)
Death is dancing tonight
like the hangmen on a gallows
Scythe is reaching for men soul
and the hourglass begin to brake
Thy body be held to the ground
yer soul shall be descent to the
deapest parts of botomless hell
Awaken the endless torture of flesh
Embrace the pleasure and pain
Guide Your mind throught punishment and decay

For now what is left is given by Him
of endless misery,
oh gift giving
mighty preacher of evil
Punish those who
deserve to be taken
Give us Your gift
of suffering.

For we are damned
Marked by thy dead!

Oh Glorious Lightbringer
Let our minds free once more
and set our souls in fire
within this chaotic flames of pit

For we are damned
Marked by thy dead!


Death dancing, twiching
like the gallows with hangmen
eaten by scavengers later on...
4. Let Us Pray, Let Us Die (3:32)
As the ancient serpent from the blackest depths shall
I devour the sun and shall I swallow every spark of hope
for in the absence of light the key can be found.
The key to the door which is eternally closed
for the ones to blind to see, too deaf to hear and too
mute to preach the work of carnal deconstruction
and spiritual reconstruction

which provides the only path to real salvation
through rejection of this grotesque,
disfigured shell of flesh and bones
remembering the most horrendous error of god.

It is the key to demise of what anyone ever known,
to the end of all sanctity for only Death is holy.
Only by entering eternal trance of nonexistence
it is possible to embrace divinity and eat its fruits,
just as Eve tasted one in the Garden of Eden,
giving us serpentine wisdom.

Thus take these blades, oh children and caress your skin
with their purifying coldness. Hear the symphony
of throats being slit, the song of bows in flesh,
of flesh and bones being cut along with puppet strings of demiurge.

Sing the song of anti-flesh dissolution. Let us pray! Let us die!
Let us unite with Nothingness as the blood erases our names from the book of life.
5. Gospel of the Fall (4:14)
Kneel down!
The bloody hand of the Devil
Draws a path towards pain and despair
For He is the Hangman
Of the soul's deepest mysteries
Devoted to what His will brings
Feed yourself with the gospel of new order
Where Man and the Beast unite as one
To rule, kill, destroy and rape
Blacknight 17:30:39

Glory to the unfaithful
To lamb of god
Glory to the sentenced
To eternal despair
In them you shall find
A purpose lead
By seven milions of venom-covered fangs

The holy sword of Eden
Rusty for ages
The godly enclave
Weak and broken
Glory to the unfaithful
Blessed be the ones who see
The end of godly reign
Black verses
Gospel of the fall
Black plague
The end of days
Glory for ages
6. Tormented (4:49)
Loneliness creates my morbid life
psychosis give`s me a flesh and soul of monster
to find you and taste holy suffering
to drown in your fucking warm meat
I wait day by day for that excitement
I wait hour after hour
for shining warm and bleeding flesh
I am the predator and you are a victim
I am fucking psycho born from woumb of sickness
I live in 4 walls of my immagination
in the rotting house full of drilling whispers
and i wait for my victim
technology gives me contact
to find you and taste your suffering
to drown in your fucking warm meat
finally I found you
born from the same loneliness
on the wings of mental chaos you came
I see your flesh that will be my feast
and for you it means salvation
my imagination burns in bleeding desire
and I stand in my cellar
and watch my sharp hooks and kniwes
waiting to cut your flesh
and you wait form me
I am am the way..for you
I am your salvation
and I am your death
I rip your bleeding body
and I taste your bloody tears
7. Abel and Cain (5:49)
Tribe of Abel, sleep, drink and eat, for God gives you his indulgent smile.
Tribe of Cain, crawl in the shit, die like a dog.
Tribe of Abel, how sweet your offerings smell in the nostrils of the Seraphim.
Tribe of Cain, will your agony never end?
Tribe of Abel, see how your seed prospers, how your cattle thrive.
Tribe of Cain, your guts howl with hunger like an old cur.
Tribe of Abel, warm your belly before the patriarch's hearth.
Tribe of Cain, tremble with cold in your hole in the ground, you miserable jackal.
Tribe of Abel, be amorous and increase: your gold also will multiply.
Tribe of Cain, however much your heart might burn with love, beware of all great desires.
Tribe of Abel, bloat and guzzle like woodlice.
Tribe of Cain, drag your hounded wife and children with you down the roads.
Tribe of Abel, one day your carcass will manure the fetid soil.
Tribe of Cain, your task is not yet done.
Tribe of Abel, your shame will come when the sword is shattered by the peasants' stake.
Tribe of Cain, ascend to heaven, and throw God down to earth.

— Francis Scarfe, Baudelaire: The Complete Verse (London: Anvil, 1986)
8. Outro (8:11)
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