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Revelations of Death Full Album Lyrics

Demonic Slaughter - Revelations of Death cover art

Revelations of Death

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-05-27)
1. Funeral (1:04)
2. Remains (4:46)
Under the ground
A beautiful world
odour of death
stench of the rotting!

you're carving for more
we see them dead, lying still
No life, no movement
No smile on pale face!

Do they fell
The wooden world
cold tomb walls
no sun, no air

Darkness without the sound
No life, no sences at all
No screams or anger!
No blink in the fucking eye!

Where is your consciousness
Buried under, with maggots
Worms from the below!

Where is your breath
That was carried before
so intense, now so mild!

Corpse rotting stench
that's what's comming out
from the wreached remains

No morbid mourning
for those who are done!
Ground comsumes
what left of us!

This is the world of graves
Neverending funeral
of dying ages

Si Fractur illabatur orbis
impavidum ferient rumae!
3. Chant of the Graves (4:04)
Old graves
in the dark forest
Even at day there is no sun
Tombs forgotten

Graves buried in time
Forgotten but not abandoned
There is something
lurking in the dark
And they want to be found
Screams there echo at night
The source of agony unknown
Strange noises gasp throught
the wretched land
Old graves
Buried in time

No mark on them
No cross or sign
No one knows
Who they were
or who they are....

No on came back from there alive....
4. Rites from the Past (4:32)
Devilish calling - satanic lust
Cold bloody ritual at night

Once a man of christ, from centuries ago
Became a heretic for the other God
Different kind of highest power,
make him murder a human child
Innocent lamb was sacrificed
Slaughtered upon the altar
of the cursed mad man

But the killing of innocent was far from being done,
from different village, he took another child
The girl fate was different, because of her pretty smile
when a misterious stranger was passing by
As he later confess to the furious witchfinder
he found her little, ten years old vagina much tight
when he put there his whole hudge cursed arm
Evil was teared brutally from within apart,
with pain on her face and a fear in the eyes.
After the screams were over
He feasted upon her tender flesh,
it was a reward, his communion to the fallen one.
Gitl name was Mary like the mother of christ

And yet the slaughter was far from being done.
His satanic lust was growing, drove him more mad,
He reach the obscene and unhuman most bizzare acts.
He was living death, and a nightmareto all the god's child.
In the final moments, when he was caught
during the execution last preperation time,
He said: "Evil is in every man, Evil is in each of us"

Once a man of christ, from centuries ago
Became a heretic for the other God....
5. Towards the Unseen (3:41)
6. Prayer of Accursed (4:48)
Reality is a nightmare, carved in dark shadows
the cold streets surrounds me with screams
I try not to remember but the past hunts me down

I hate your modern world of lies
with razors I cut the picture of smiles
grey buildings, cold oceans, mad whispers
critical state of nothingness!!


I try not to remember but the past hunts me down
I was the messiah, of my own life and death
Nihilistic death's saviour in the name of the fallen one.
My Bible will be hate! and communion will be raging fist

I despite humanity, every single one of you
Each time while being on the streets
among this worthless flock
I dream of world in fire, torture, rape and death.
I am the dark messiah, your stupidity is my cross
I've been slowly crucified - In this world full of shit.
My life's a living hell, and you are a part of it.

churches of the mass graves,
symphony from the death camps....
We shouldd once more try to free humanity
from it's own worthless existence....
7. Communion of Dissolution (3:12)
Decomposing body
left to forget and rot!
Only mind blowing, vomiting stench,
the smell of death
remainds of it's presence.
Unwanted, without burial,
slowly consumed by the earth.
Maggots find there endless labirints of deacy.
Mass graves are new words for them to discover,
New teritories of flesh carved in blood and filth
Crowling there and digging
in the guts of the forgotten.
Unmeasured feast
inside the tortured
human remains.
They take with gratitude,
this what's once brutally cast away.

By the bullet in the back of the head,
the human kind will be eresed
New world - order of pain!
The dawn of new earth...
... of worms and maggots/
Pure dimension of suffering

Life from flesh,
This is the communion
of dissolution!
the infested stench
of morbid death!

Salvation in sickness
Gospel of madness
Rise of the damned
World of pestilence

Av de svarte fodt (av di svarte fud)
Favla budbringer av doden (javla biudbringjer av dodn)

Frelse i sykdom (frejse i sihdomn)
Evangeliet galgen (evangeliet galgen)
Oppstandelse de fordomte (opstandlse di fordymte)
Pest verden! (pjest vedn)
8. Nightmare of the Third Eye (4:18)
Heavens are crying with blood
Tears of night, falling down
Behold the dark forest below
Rimming away, trying to catch the last breath
Demons of night, creatures from beyond
are getting closer with each second
They followed the scent of terror and fear
When coldness and emptiness reach it's limits,
and Satan's hands touch the soul,
and feast upon the absolut!
You awake, and for a moment there
You can see a god in a mirror
Self mutilated image of creator and opressor.
All mixed into one. climax point accour
You realise that combining the opposites has already begun
Wounds were made by the same hands
that wanted the pain
to run away.
Self injected paranoja
Consumes sick mind and dying soul.
Is this you? Or is it - a anightmare
growing inside you head
Demons of mind know the answer
but consciousness is already dead!

Nothingness, arise without your notice,
and dark forests are now closing
the schackles of mind once again
tearing apart the last hope of sanity

you have touched
the black spell of stars
emanation of burning madness
the broken mirror of your world
endless nightmare from beyond of mind
9. When the Low, Heavy Sky (5:21)
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