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Thunder on the Fields Full Album Lyrics

Demon Head - Thunder on the Fields cover art

Thunder on the Fields

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHard Rock, Doom Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-05-05)
1. Menneskeæderen (5:20)
Hans tomme øjne ser dig
Runder et hjørne, men vejen den er blind
Kødet skriger, kalder på sin herre
Blodets længsel leder hans jagt

Blod på tanden, smagen af jern i munden
Een gang brændt viger du ikke fra ilden

Som et vildt dyr tog du en bid
En mundfuld ondskab, sydende
Dødsdansen kan nu begynde:
Evigt liv eller dit endeligt

Djævlens børn de hvisker fra mørket
De siger: "Fortær hans legeme og bliv ét med os!"
Kroppen er din straf, mere et fængsel end graven

Ulven som vil sluge solen
Slangen, som frister i haven
Formskifter, helgen, dæmon

Lyset forsvinder til sidst
Med natten er du nu forenet
Tal med to tunger, dit ord er lov
Gudernes ord opsluges af afgrunden

Lyset forsvinder altid til sidst...
2. We Are Burning (4:44)
Silence: awful, total power
Fallout dust all around us
Echoes of nothing, blind machines
Mors certa, vita incerta

You know the ground is always aflame beneath us
Bridges are ashes when we cross
The abyss does stare back from behind the wall
But it matters not to me what will be the cost

Yes, we'll come down like a fucking meteor
I can't stop shaking in anticipation
Always wanted to bring it all down on you

Lose your way
We are burning
We watch the sun rise still with starts in our eyes
Lose your way, we are bruning
We watch the sun fall with the fire inside

And I'd do it all again with you

We've sold our souls for cursed dreams
It's a long, damned path but I know it's right for me
I've done wrong and you have too
No one is innocent here
Laughing at death we enter the night
We're the best at living that ever were

We have the pitchfork and the halo
Lightning-hammer of the gods
We shall be crowned with laurel
Underneath the mud
Underneath the mud
The blackened mud
Underneath the mud

Lose your way
We are burning
3. Thunder on the Fields (4:09)
Thunder on the fields
The rats of Paris are grinning
Morbid, twisted smiles in the night
Their teeth and eyes are shining

In the valleys people whisper
Children named the chosen ones
They gather 'round to fear and worship
What they do not understand

Up on the mountain, there's something
Sinister pressing through
Black wings beating, hoofbeats pounding
A presence deeply terrifies you

In the houses of godheads they declare war on life
Reading through cobwebs
Preaching age-old lies

Down by the river, on a beach of black sand
Lovers have guns stuck in their mouths and are cursing these
Wicked lands

In a whiskey bar there's ghosts
Throwing dice they're betting with screams
They drink with us unknowingly and inflict the strangest dreams

There's an eye in the storm
Where riders draw maps that are broken
Their dogs they have no bones, forever
Caught up in a hurricane

There's an eye in the storm where riders draw maps that are broken
Their dogs they have no bones, forever caught up in a hurricane
That they have awoken
4. Older Now (4:17)
What seemed endless is running out
Hope became suspicion and doubt
Their walls will be higher this time
And harder still to climb

In this age we betray easily
The horizon is darker than it used to be
And in the shadow we fumble

Older now, this world is old
I can't remember your face at all
Can't believe how we've grown
This is not the world I've known

God is dead but who took his place?
Blessed human with a smile on his face
Who'll deny a stranger that has walked through hell
Ringing funeral bells

Longing back instead of forward
No longer easy to be better than our fathers
And I'm afraid the sadness in your eyes won't go away
Can I still make you stay

Older now, this world is old
I can't remember your face at all
Can't believe how we've grown
This is not the world I've known

I wouldn't trust me either, I know
We're at the point of finally losing control
This might be the last time you will ever fall
Because we're old
We are old
5. Hic Svnt Dracones (6:34)
Speed of the devil
Race into the fire
Of the devil
You have to burn, we all burn to be wild

Shackles weigh heavily
On burning souls
Oh they'll keep on trying to cage me but I
I wasn't born to follow
Give me the

Speed of the devil
Race into the fire of the devil
You have to burn, we all burn to be wild
Like a devil
An endless fire
Of the devil
You will burn, we all burn to be wild

And that is never going to change

I'm tired of waiting around for things to happen
You know the world is a lonely place
What fuels my engine is action and nothing happens by itself
Nothing happens by itself

It's time to pilot the chaos
While clouds of poison rise in your eyes
They blot out the great white sun above
But some of us weren't meant to die

Between borderland and underworld
The desert grows forevermore
Does looking at the sun really bring blindness?
Life is war
6. Gallow's Omen (6:00)
A gallow's omen
I see the shadow worlds
An absent form of presence
There is a kind of a cold war

Gift of vision, evil eye
Paranoia, psychosis

A sixth sense for the unfolding future
Fifth columns in our midst
Hidden sides and invisible dimension
Behold: the shining path

Dead persons that never lived
With jaws agape, the blood spills
Traverse the margins
Disorder is infinite

Gift of vision, evil eye
Paranoia, psychosis
It is uncanny
Paranoia, psychosis

The dissonant cries of Leviathan and Minotaur:
"You trespass here!"
Cadaverous people, bleak
Draught, famine, and pestilence
See know ye the power of myth
7. Untune the Sky (9:19)
This thing confuses us
It fits no theory:
If it is not hallucination, what does that mean?

What will happen when the day becomes the last
Will there be sun overhead or shadows overcast?
I don't know what will be left to say but I'll still have confessions to make

I'm beginning to fail as a human
Cannot feign interest in anything in sight
I look at sunsets and the moon in the sky
I need something real to occupy my mind

Time is foreboding and the end seems so near
Even the amused pessimist must fear
When I am obsolete and all is through,
Will I think of nothingness or will I think of you

That wicked moon is up again
And I feel someone forcing my hand
Lying in the dirt to die
Will music untune the sky?

A fire burning in the rain, it will stand there without a flame
Lying in the dirt to die
Music will untune the sky

Some I regret but I can't forget
Moments outside of time that we had
Reaching back to those waters, you eclipsed just bit of the bitterness

All my force it has been spent and I know I'll die without a friend
Lying in the dirt to die
Music will untune the sky!
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