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Like a Thorn Full Album Lyrics

Demise - Like a Thorn cover art

Like a Thorn

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level ― (2011-12-03)
1. Intro (0:54)
2. Affliction (4:54)
One body, one brain, one mind
Thousands of uncoordinated questions
Pervent thoughts crushing with a parabolic smile
Are getting inside with inexplicable power
Conditions of consciousness
Connected with a love embrace of scoffing paranoia
Never stopping downpour from the clouds of stagnation
White air is burning in indefinity figures
These figures are desirous
In the unreal liquid time provoke
Provoke the senses
Provoke me, you and him
Provoke to die
The fruit of affliction has grown ripe
The tear has flown...
3. Fear of the Unknown (5:07)
I don't want to listen, understand and doubt no more
Imagination of shape has ripened in totality
I won't be passive but I will try to be active
Maybe I will fall asleep waking a destination
I close myself and go down in lethargy
I take leave of remembrances, they would be superfluous
I go away further and further
Feel I will not come back
Don't know where, I'm alone
I'm afraid I don't know what I will meet on my way
But fear of the unknown is something natural
Lightness, blissful rupture of flowe smell
Makes me serene and I feel closer
Transformation that I was undergoing
Persisting without my knowledge will consent
I became an infant, defenceless, crying
Destiny was with me, I was receiver
I stay with myself far away, no one else
I'm not subject to the law and to anyone either
Sky blue of thoughts suggests of this
I'm standing numbed and I don't know
Who I am
4. Blowing My Flame (6:50)
In the bustle of fears and passion, flood of words
In the crowd of human's emotions, I'm lost without edges
I don't know my onw place... and scream
Awakened at night, I got hurt with the day
I didn't know where I was and then I hid
But suddenly I stopped and understood my thoughts
Being stupor but real, alive
From now I was painting my life as I wanted
I directed every important events
It was pleasant, laugher at their failures
Got me inside a tunnel without exit
I didn't want anything from that moment
Pride and satisfaction pierced my body
Like a thorn, signed with the will of existence
I was walking up and down my cage, locked from the outside
I wanted to keep on blowing my flame
Being in candles of people undesired
The light went out and with this flame my hopes and desires
5. Desert (1:03)
6. Utopian Rest (5:55)
Slaves of suffering, pain and symbols
Wanting to part with gread desires
Consciousness doesn't allow to stand in place in peace
To touch the destination with a favourable wind
It's a journey into the abyss, journey to the past and future
Statues chiseled out of tatters of nothingness
In the circle of pictures, hope and mercy
There comes utopian rest
Being above don't look down
Being under don't look up
Estimate rythmically your own space around
Don't go beyond the barrier, that's fake
It starts with a storm whirling thoughts
Results in anger, it's the start of the fight
Remembrance of the defeated, cult of heroes
Are the save the spell
7. Reality in Chains (6:06)
Without compassion and regret, with open personality
Among the space of the universe, being someone much simpler
Being a dream
For the glory of constraint
The most splendid is the ascent
Blundering in the infinite expanse of interior
Give back the power to sun
Materially, significantly
I held it inside, reality in chains
Expressing it in words, I became a frosty desert
Love, hate - it's like a grain of wheat
When you plant by accident, it grows as a stone
But when in the symphony of events
You touch the lament of soul
And make the crop grow up when you are ready
Sometimes it rises, cames into existence
I can't master it, I'm too weak
Waking it in the others, I cause despair and regret
I can't feel it myself, I think about the moment
8. Icarus (4:39)
Many times I wanted to surrender to fulfilment
To accept a really different feelings
Shyness and hostility were a barrier
They were holding me in claws, I tried set myself free
I've made it at the end but results of slavery
Made my body and mind mad
Torn structure was still alive
And did everything to finish its mission
There were raging wings and storms in my soul
I was uneasy, fouled and angry
The inside was not visible through my eyes
It was grey and I didn't see anything
I decided to jump to feel it for at least a while
Fly like an Icarus but without the wings, go down
I knew what's gonna be when I reach the ground
The while was important, not the consequences
9. Searching (3:05)
Searching for gladness disturb calm
The aim retires, I lose the horizon
Another while of doubt
In people's eyes white flames burning
Colourless and empty
Their warmth is just an illusion
The fire goes out before it burst
To make an eruption on time
Every day I see this fire
I'm affraid to touch it
I'm affraid to burn
The pain is short but painful
It leaves a durable sign
I want to burn a fire
(When suffering grows
Clouds of misanthropy approach
Black or white
Depending on the point of view)
A fire without emptiness and fear
Which gives warmth and peace
I want...
10. Outro (0:40)
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