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Veritas Full Album Lyrics

Dekadent - Veritas cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPost-Black Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal
Album rating :  91.3 / 100
Votes :  4
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Submitted by level ― (2015-07-24)
1. Of Acceptance and Unchanging (9:31)
Fear seething inside
Thy Love and Foreboding Cries

Cast aside my Thorns so dark
and kiss me bindigly
All Lust is gone with Vitality
Nothing remains - Nothing that breathes
And I can hear no more
Your Cries like Birds in raging Thunder
battered down right on the Ground
with Godsent Cruelty

It is not the same as Years ago
when Thoughts were said without Regret
This Silence as Ulcer breeds
Loathsome, empty, Love - LIES!
The Blessing of my Fear is Candor in Disguise
that beats and leaves me seared

Dæmon Veritas

It is not the same as Years ago
when Thoughts were said without Regret
This Silence as Ulcer breeds
Lonesome is this Life of Hate

Fuck Fear!
Fuck the Pain!
2. Dead Mountain (5:22)
I know them,
I know they treat you too
I know them,
I know they treat you too
like shit

It is never enough
They hate, despise
For they can not love

Fateful quest for lust and ardor
Ends not the inanity
Seeds of love concealed the sorrow
The unfathomed truth must not live
Destruction seems so sweet
Inner path to elevation is turning oh so steep

Take me there, Dead mountain

It is never enough
They hate and despise
Still they breed!

I know them,
I know they treat you too
I know them,
I know they treat you too
like me

Your eyes so deep
they are winsome but bleeding
Can’t hide the wounds
so painful and seething

I’ll end your agony, I’ll burn you!
I’ll dry your lakes and tears

They will die!
3. Pasijon (5:06)
Prazen in sam se dvigam nad morjem strasti
ogabnih misli prost - svoboden iz templja luči

Le prevara, tanek ovoj
Kar si misel izmisli,
bednih čustev razkroj

Razkroj - ljubezni uboj

Mimika živali usranih misli ne usmrti

Brez vseh sam na vrh
Brez strahu gotovo smrt

Bliskaj zdaj! Kar grmi!
Naj mraz v srcu mi kri strdi
4. Enervation's End (4:23)
Open your Mouth and call for Liquidation
The Process of their Thievery
enthralls yet hundred more
Open your Eyes and see their Ostentation
condemn their Power to be
The Enervation’s End’s nigh

False Heroes in Exalt tell Parables of Equity
Conveyance of Untruth is their Code to follow
Their Fear of Culmination breeds Praise of Generation
delinquent to the Hilt for Multifratricide

Await the Nightime
once cast, They fall
End their Bloodline
Await the Call

To Subjugate them
Their Reign of Treason - obliterated
Burn their Thrones down

Hold them there
in blight Despair

Their Reign of Treason obliterated
5. Valburga (6:53)
Grla pouna ʒtarich ſai
ogni diuja ʒkoſi rai
trúpla tzerna, mrtui ród
glei ceruavo belo pot

Cri ſ tu peri
cri ſ tu ʒkrii
cri ʒdai ʒgini
trúplo ſegni

Cri ſ tu peri
6 i 3
urátta u pëkov
ninei uodpri

Semirtna rana cuʒli
hudo ne ſtuori
dai u germado olia
nai ſkuri im kosti
Zlodei varui
preſenich petzali
ih pobii ze ſtrello
duſe im iʒpi

Pleſ na gorí
ʒe ſúkantzem ſkuoʒ ſanche
gor na Cleku
eſeʒ tuóie Caravanke
ze ogni uodpre
ta neʒuetia uratta
da ſkosh ich
ide boide Satan
6. Beast Beneath the Skin (6:05)
Brethren annihilated by Rapture
ever and since forever
captured and slain by Attraction
The Stand falls weak and shattered

Where is our Integrity
our Strength and Iron Will
Of Übermensch Post-ascetic Male
Taken down by Angels of Parasitic Dawn
We fail - We succumb - We yield - We fall prey

... goddamn regret

Dressed in Lies and Shame
we walk the Halls of Sin
Purify our Throats with Severed Skin

No one stands The Beast
the beast beneath the Skin

Cannot stand this Carnal Travail
A Captive of some god’s Dictation
A mere Animal under Command

I fade
I wilt
I fade
7. Keeper's Encomium (8:04)
Whispering Winds of Purity
Tenants of Olden Age
Vessels for my Soul

Mists embrace my Breath
as I am being guided
into the Harm’s Way

Last Remembrance echoes there
beyond The Fall
waits for Death receiving
deceiving the Wheels of Time

Whispers and Calls of Homage
Pro Gloria et Patria
Athwart the Wild blue Yonder
With the Vessels of my Soul

By the passing of my Conviction
At last I came to know
All the Contest of the Time
Has but tested my own soul

Stardust in Blood
Enfettered with Flesh
Fierce and Bold
Your Keeper, your Son
has grown reborn

Taken to Thy Face - The Northern Wall
To foreign eyes unknown
To Paths still never shown
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