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Def Leppard Full Album Lyrics

Def Leppard - Def Leppard cover art

Def Leppard

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHard Rock, Pop Rock
Album rating :  85.8 / 100
Votes :  6
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-26)
1. Let's Go (5:01)
The heat goes up as
The lights go down
The beat goes on
When we hit your town
You overload
On electric light
There's magic
In the air tonight

Welcome to the carnival
Welcome to the party
Welcome to the edge of your seat

Let's go let's go
Do you really
Want to do this now?
Let's go let's go
Do you really
Want to do this now?

Your heart is beating
Like a drum
So step right up
'Cos your time has come
Gotta stand up
Gotta get in line
Come on take a look
It'll blow your mind

Magic and wonder will hit you like thunder
The feeling gets stronger so let yourself go
2. Dangerous (3:23)
We make up to break up
Then we spin it round again
We dance on the ashes
Of a love that never ends
The heart's never broken
Eyes wide open to the signs
And your bitter taste
Is such a nuclear waste of time

You get me started
You've got me up all night
You take me up and down
And all the way around and round
'Cos you're

I'm addicted to your poison
I never felt a thing
And without hesitation
I will take you and jump right in

We're automatic
We're just static on the line
This love's divided
Just don't hide it let it shine

I'm addicted to your poison
I never felt a thing
And without hesitation
I will wake you
And shake you
And take you
And jump right in
3. Man Enough (3:54)
You got this reputation
For calling all the shots
I got your invitation
So show me what you got
Are you man enough?

You got me in a cold sweat
With a lingering caress
A bullet in your chamber
With no return address
If you can keep a secret
Then we can make a deal
Put your finger on your trigger
And show me how you feel

When you're moving to the music
You got voodoo in your hips
And the devil would approve it
So the question on my lips

Are you man enough
Are you man enough
Are you man enough
To be my to be my be my girl

You got my full attention
When you move across the floor
Divine intervention
Comes knockin' on my door
I got no time for talking
Just need some company
Let your fingers do the walking
All over me

When you're moving to the music
You got voodoo in your eyes
Let the devil try to prove it
But the question will arise

Sold me down the river
4. We Belong (5:06)
Sometimes I feel
I don't belong here
Sometimes I just don't feel
I feel so uninvited
A wound that never heals
I need a little shelter
Just for a little while
Sometimes I hide the sadness
Behind a painted smile

If you cast the first stone
I will roll it away
I will kneel at your throne
Hold my hands up and pray
I will hold back the tide
Push the oceans aside
Save the day
But I can be stronger

You're all that I am
You're all that I see
The keys to the kingdom
Are waiting for me
So don't hold me back
And don't hold me down
Just hold me and don't let go
You're all that I am
You're all that I do
The end of the rainbow
Is waiting for you
So tell me I'm right
'Cos this can't be wrong
Not if we belong

Whatever happened to forgiveness?
Are the words too hard to say
What happened to the answers?
They disappeared along the way
I hide behind the madness
Still looking for the clues
And there's nothing left to chance
When there's nothing left to lose

And the voice in my head
Screams the words I believe
And the light in the dark
Is the air that I breathe

Back where we belong

As you cast the first stone
And I roll it away
And I kneel at your throne
These words that I say
5. Invincible (3:46)
Just like the movies
When the hero never dies
I am immortal
When you look into my eyes
A lead role in a gilded cage
I could take the centre stage
Bruised hearts are broken
When love is at the door
I bet your thears dried up
Before they hit the floor
I'm gonna take a guilt trip
But I promise be back soon
You wake up screaming
When I leave the room

I am invincible
'Cos my love is here to stay
I am invincible
And I will chase the ghosts away
When you need a light in
The darkest night
Just hear what I say
I am invincible I'm not invisible
I am invincible

You keep on moving
Running from your perfect past
Hiding in your broken dreams
Was never gonna last
A lover looking for a sign
A shiver looking for a spine
Never let that feeling slip away
6. Sea of Love (4:04)
Bow to the man who gets to
Give with what he can
Kneel to the universal mother
Say a prayer for that child
Where no one cares
Give a hand to help your brother
We got need for the greedy
And greed for the needy
We eat to feed on one another
Warmtn for the chosen
Only fear for the frozen
Sincerity lives undercover

Set adrift on the sea of love
Ride on the breeze
With only heaven above
You'll be sailing the sea of love
Open your mind
Be careful what you find

Hail to the lover with only
Love to discover
A broken heart for consolation
Bread for the winner
Others starve for their dinner
The noble cause is in vain

Try breathing while your heart's not beating
Try bleeding when you start to feel
Try crawling while the sky is falling
Try walkin' while you're standing still

Ulock your mind and let your true love shine
Keep yourself alive take your mission
To survive
Open your mind believe in what you find
7. Energized (3:23)
I'm the rhythm king from coast to coast
Shot out the gate first to the post
My pulse is set on overdrive
Beat cardiac means I'm alive
I get to feed the need for speed
Heat and sweat are what I bleed
Radial philosophy
It's what you feel not what you see

It's dangerous
And shameless
When I get to look at you
I'm erratic when I'm static
I'm about to overload

I'm feeling energized
Like I've been hypnotised
I'm feeling energized
And I'm in paradise

A firestorm identity
It's what I am it's what I be
The undisputed number one
Laser fired from a gun
To liberate that's what you need
Heat and spice are what I breathe
Insatiable and chemical
And viral beyond animal

It's ageless and contagious
When I get to look at you
I'm erratic when I'm static
I'm about to overflow
8. All Time High (4:19)
You ask me to be your saviour
But I'm the poster boy for bad behaviour

I'm on the edge it's a long way down
Living out loud at the speed of sound
I can hear you calling out my name

You tell me that fate is calling
'Cos all you see is darkness falling

Don't let go don't lose your grip
Fire and ice at your fingertips
Can't you hear me calling out for more?
You knock me out like a wrecking crew
I'm back on my feet and all over you
Faster than I've ever been before

I'm on an all time high
Never giving up never giving up
Never gonna die
I'm on an all time high
You gimme the wings
You gimme the reason to fly

Shine your light and I will find you
Follow me I'm right behind you
This is the lifeblood on which I feed
Take what you want I got all I need
There ain't no mountain I can't climb

I once was knee deep in the mud
Lifeless and waiting for the flood
But now my heart is bursting at the seams
And I will not go quietly
No I will not go quietly
9. Battle of My Own (2:42)
Darkness falling
Midnight calling
It's a full moon warning
Devil's dawning
Gotta get myself
Back home
Down amongst
The dust and bones
I gotta heart that
Slashed and torn
I need a soul
To be reborn again
Forever is only a kiss away
Just close your eyes and be free
I gotta battle of my own

Dead man walking
He's double talking
Lovers dreaming
But they
Wake up screaming
Night time
It just won't wait
So learn to love
The things you hate
It's like a deadly déjà vu
And it could be the
Death of you again

Is this a leap of faith
Or just a fall from grace?
Because I feel no pain
And I feel no shame
Is this the sound
Of a madman
Or just a good man
Gone insane?
And my demons
Lie sleeping
Till my dreams come
Creeping in
Again and again
10. Broke 'n' Brokenhearted (3:17)
I'm not well I'm mad as hell
Come over here I'll ring your bell
You've got no class you're so crass
Get over here I'll kick your ass
You're obsolete you're incomplete
And the word out on the street
Is you're unclean you're so obscene
So come on and tell me where you've been

You got me broke 'n' brokenhearted
You took me and you shook me cold
Broke 'n' brokenhearted
It's a bitter sweet emotion
'Cos you stole my soul

You ain't flash you're talkin' trash
And you hit me like
A caffeine crash
There ain't no doubt
You've been found out
So come on tell me
What it's all about

You mess with my emotions
'Cos you got no soul

Who's been sleepin' in my bed
I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll
Blow your playhouse down
Put your money where your
Mouth is and let it blow
'Cos this is my town
11. Forever Young (2:21)
The cracks are starting to show
'Cos you've had it real bad
You've had it real bad
Your mind is starting to blow
'Cos you want it real bad
You want it real bad

Your heart is such a deep divide
And your love is just a love denied
And you want to be
Forever young forever young

You got a hunger for lust
But the high is too much
It's always too much
The world gets in your face
It's throwing you round
It's pushing you down
12. Last Dance (3:09)
Do you remember
When we used to dance?
Lighting up the universe
Living life for what it's worth
We took a chance

Do you remember
When we used to sing?
Shooting stars across the sky
A fire that would never die
It was everything

It was all that we wanted
And there was everything we'd need
We were gonna live forever
'Cos we believed

Do you remember
When we used to play?
We were right and we were wrong
Dancing to a different song every day
We were gonna live forever

Is this our last chance?
Is this our last try?
Is this our last dance
Before we turn around
And say goodbye?
Do you remember when we used to dance?
13. Wings of an Angel (4:23)
Faces on the ceiling
Writing's on the wall
No one to believe in
And nowhere left to fall
The road ahead gets longer
Like a land from outer space
I can't get much stronger
Lost without a trace

Desolation is all I see
Liberation is what I need
Desperation is following me
If only I could feel like I'm gonna be

Touched by the wings of an angel
Touched by the wings of an angel
Gabriel lay your hands on me

And now the voice of reason
Has nothing left to say
There's rebels in the kingdom
As heaven looks away
If only you could hear me
If you could see the darkness fall
But your spirit walks right through me
Like a shadow on my soul

Touch me touch me please
14. Blind Faith (5:33)
Is it really a matter of trust
Is it really a matter of time
Can I read the truth between the lines
Or is this just enough to believe?

Can you show me why I need to forgive
Can you tell me I have a reason to live
Are your words enough to heal my wounds
Or are they just enough to deceive?

Maybe we need tomorrow
Whatever I need I'll borrow
Wherever you lead I'll follow
I'll follow you down

Did I say enough for dreams to survive
Is my faith enough to keep them alive
Did I pray enough and did you hear
Or were they just enough to get by?

Will you show me where the love begins
Will you wash away all of my sins
Will you say the words I need to hear?
They might just be enough to believe

Faith hope and glory
It doesn't come around here no more
Faith hope and glory
But still you've got to believe
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