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Axis Mundi Full Album Lyrics

Decrepit Birth - Axis Mundi cover art

Axis Mundi

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
Album rating :  86.7 / 100
Votes :  3
Lyrics > D > Decrepit Birth Lyrics (29) > Axis Mundi Lyrics (3)
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1. Vortex of Infinity – Axis Mundi (4:16)
2. Spirit Guide (5:33)
3. The Sacred Geometry (4:26)
4. Hieroglyphic (5:16)
Visions hidden in the truth
Reveal the psychedelic wonders of the living creation
Etched into the existence
Omnipotent imprints of life

Celestial vortex internal
Inward spiral
Portal to the origins
Deoxyribonucleic acid
Sequencing evolutions
Paralleled dualities

Engraved into the fabric of creation/dimension
I can not believe what i now see before me
I see the image of man within the tetrahedron

Written in the constellations
Metamorphosis, prismatic crystal form
Metaphysical images of a man
Eternal scribe, voiceless mute speaking in signs

Symbolic imprints
High-speech divine
The spirit guides me
On my journey into Bindu

Meditation, i am free from the angel of the light
I am falling inward into the portal of the mind
Walking the sacred paths
Sri Yantra
5. Transcendental Paradox (4:31)
6. Mirror of Humanity (4:30)
7. Ascendant (4:44)
8. Epigenetic Triplicity (5:44)
Metallic speculum the seventh specere
Mirror of preconception
Heightened expanse of observation
I emerge from within the violet crown

Through time it begins again
An existence of one
Begin the cycle of what is to be
I process the illusion of the dream

Djedi awakens
All points of consciousness
Triad octave division

Isolated from external light
The third eye opens
Awaken the mind
Imprint the program of self
In the instantaneous experience of being

Opening the source code of embryogenesis
And self unity conceived

Isolated from external light
The third eye opens
Awaken the mind
I feel myself being reconceived
Beyond the dimensions of humanity

Infinite points of light come together
Cross within my being
Focused within the spectrum
I see my sol beyond the prism

Divine light of recreation
To be born into time again
Three rivers of life come together

Epigenetic Triplicity
Isogenic evolution
Squared eternally within itself
Epigenetic Triplicity (Isogenic evolution)

Epigenetic Triplicity
Illuminated soul of the buddha
Heart and life and mind of the trinity
Manifesting in unity

Epigenetic Triplicity
Three portals of the souls frequencies
Tripled helix, genomatic axiom
Epigenetic Triplicity (Isogenic evolution)

Sequential amino chain
Evolution, evolved

Evolution of the imagination
Contained within the heart of the soul
The purest expression exists within
The nucleus of the universe

Molecule of the spirit evolved
Progress through the cycles of the living light
Climax of time perpetual

Polarized balance of the multiplicity
Structured pattern, self similarities
Reawakening of the energies
Through the Axis mundi
9. Embryogenesis (2:44)
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