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Osseous Empire Full Album Lyrics

Decrepid - Osseous Empire cover art

Osseous Empire

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2016-03-24)
1. Concussion (3:23)
Brain injury unconscious dementia
Affected memory severe strike
Massive blow cracks my head
Repeated vomiting bleeding brain

Convulsions persistent confusion
Intensive violent seizures
Head trauma smashed to pulp
Cranial haemorrhage violently shaken

Neuro structural damage
Collapsed cranial pressure
Decreased members coordination
Concussion! Impulsive trauma
Concussion! Mental disruption

Puking numbness nausea
Deformed facial features
Blocking normal functions
Amnesia blurred vision
The Casket is ready
And you will be buried

Drilling Draining Puncturing Of my brain
Fracturing Scraping Nailing Of my skull

Concussion Condemned to Suffer
Concussion Slave of Destruction

Permanent Shattered cognition
2. Death Walks Above (3:39)
Forced fed your own guts
Eaten inside
By foreign parasites
The virus
Rules over the flesh
Rush to devour

There is no shelter
Nowhere is safe
Living in filth
You rot away

Consumption of flesh
Relieves the pain
Insatiable hunger

There is no shelter
Nowhere is safe
Living in filth
You rot away

Blood splattered
Splashed everywhere
Reek of death
Walking above
Chasing the catch

You shall die
And rise again
Indulging in flesh

Time to give up

You shall ever be dead
3. Indulgence in Self Destruction (3:29)
Unsound mind
Lost perplexity
Immune from sanity
Constant nightmare
High on emotions
Lack of awareness

Empty realm
Urge to harm
Left to rot

Darkness prevail
Struggle for sanity
Indulgence in
Self- destruction

Outcast being
Unfit to live
Strapped and buried
Feeling dead

Abstract sense
Of knowing all
Indulgence in
Self- destruction

Forever day dream
Illusion of reality
Knowing no one
Eternal disturbance

Strange World
Blinding my vision
Touching the void
Unconscious motivation

Mirror Of Thoughts
Reflecting Nothing

Tortured left to Die
Inside your mind
Begging Desperate for help
No response
Deep inside your mind
You are lost
Indulgence in self destruction
Lasts forever
4. Asylumaniac (4:14)
Tormented thoughts
Waves of agony
Darkness prevail
Infinite maze

Constant pain
Abstract reality
Violation of norms
Mental instability

Psychotic disorder
Defective reasoning
Criminal intent
Afflicted mind

Socially ostracized
Distorted genetics
Involuntary detention
Eternal incarceration

Sentenced to suffer
Abyss of madness
Compulsive battering

Confined to your delusion
Urge to destroy
Harm intensively

Deprived of sanity
Thirsting to be free

Addicted to the unreal
Realm of nothing
Desperate to escape
5. Into the Doom (5:02)
Darkness upon earth
Smoke covers the sun
Ground constantly shaking

Doom has arrived

Earth swallowing itself
Rivers turning to blood
The dead walking above

Doom it’s here

Hunger strikes hard
Death relieving thought
The end clearly arrived
Human remains rot

Ravengers feed off carcasses
Worst case scenario
Constant noise of screaming

Bodies torn apart
Skulls crushed into pieces
Even the soul will die

Sores Everywhere
Wounds Covers the skin
Torment All spread

True human nature
Eating each other
Seas engulfing cities

Holocaust defines the end
No one has chance to escape
Suicide to avoid suffering

Into the doom
Fate is now sealed
Into the doom
Death beyond real

Demons feasting on us
Slitting our throats
Devouring bit by bit

Watching horrified
The beasts take the lives
Ultimate sacrifice

Into the doom
Fate is now sealed
Into the doom
Death beyond real
6. Breeding Anger (3:25)
I am not the loved one
I am not the child of light
I am the forgotten

The ignored
The ashamed
The disappointment

I will not bring you joy
Nor will I make you feel whole
I will remind you of times you forgot

I am pain
I am sorrow
Forgive me not
for I know
what I do

I walk alone
full of rage
breeding anger
wherever I go
causing havoc
to spread the pain

enemies all around
inebriation calms my ache
the will to destroy
disappear the great relief
vanishing without a trace
my existence is nuisance

I am not welcome
an image of disgrace
deranged vagabond
rambling without aim
walking shame
fear it is what I am

I am hopeless
Chaos is all i know
unsettling you
your pity I can't take
what I feel
a mind full of hate
entire existence
a waste of space
7. Fear Within (7:41)
Born wanting to taste blood
Closer to madness than we admit

Leading lives of lies
Lies and debauchery

Living in fear of the foul
The foul and the twisted
Twisted insanity
Preying on suffering

The suffering of others
Feeding on the pain
Breathing in fear

Tasting the defeat
Defeat of the weak
Like a viper in the shadows
Nesting in darkness

The sun turns black
The streets run red
Looking into your eyes
I see your fears

Fear of no redemption
No forgiveness
No mercy
The pride of my life

Was the fear in your eyes
The fear as you died Die
You Die

No Way To escape

Lack of clarity
Brings you fear
Failure in life
Spread the horror
Impaled by the cross
The cross you carry

Absolute fear
The fear within

Raping your soul
The pain inside
Endless nightmares
Kill you slowly
Deprived of choice
Blinds your mind

Search for sanity
Will lead to war within
Pointless meaningless

Bloodshed is the solution
Fueled by extreme aversion

No one Can hide
From Fear Within
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