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The Conjuration of the Southern Circle | Full Album Lyrics

Decayed - The Conjuration of the Southern Circle cover art

The Conjuration of the Southern Circle

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level ― (2013-03-30)
1. Immortal`s Entreaty (3:52)
Immortal's Entreaty

Ancient Gods, possessors of wisdom. On this night hear my call. From eternal land, Oh! Behold. I raise the dagger to infinite sky. Spill my blood, it flows. Reciting spells from book immemorial... Nocturnal winds rise (rise). Carry my words to deities. Moonshine descends through mystical forest to me. I beseech thee to listen... Ancient Gods, possessors of strenght. I beg rid me of this curse. The gift I once craved. Bestow me the sight of Styx's shores. Take me to my ancestors' presence. Grant me my final breath... Nocturnal winds rise (rise). Carry my words to deities. Moonshine descends through mystical forest to me. I beseech thee to listen... Ancient Gods, possessors of mercy. Answer to my calls. Rid me of this curse, immortality. Take me to eternal land. To the presence of my ancestors. Now on my final expiration.

(Lyrics by JA, music by JA & DECAYED, December, 1992)
2. Pagan Winds Return (5:10)
Pagan Winds Return

Winter moonlight in snow covered vast woods. Drawing kingly winds dwelling honoured on my throne. Suddently I wondered on the highest cliffsedge of my homeland. The nightfall mist brought me visions from beyond the red horizon... All stood still, this omen would not last overnight. My name is whispered, time has come for me to die... At the sound of Hecate wings, behind the shades of Set. My eyes closed awaiting fearless she took my hand. To a white cold landscape once a glorious battlefield. And swear by my Celtic heart to grant always the victory of the brave... Sword at my side, ravens and owls chanting proudly my death. But the moon glows forever, taste the winds return so dark... Fallen pale moon, the pride of wolves forgotten. Leviathan tears bath us under funebre skies. Swing our swords through the triumphal breeze... My blood for you, divine beautiful Hecate. On her arms she held me high up towards. To touch the clouds in my last sleep... King I am, hailing for the eternal skies. Carrying the wolf within me, brave. My hordes riding like thunder, our flag shall not fall. Full moon and the pagan winds return. By fang revenge is ours!

(Lyrics by JM, music by JA & DECAYED, February 1993)
3. Unholy Deity (Set) (4:03)
Unholy Deity (Set)

Dark Lord, god of all misery. Here upon your land. Scorch me with your sunfire. Cast me into darkness... Unholy Lord Set... Almighty destroyer and devastator. King of lies, reincarnation of evil. Set, opposer of the light. Grant me the powers... Unholy Lord Set... Cast, in the Sirbonic sea. Drowned, waiting for your ascension. Answer now to our prays. Reveal yourself to us... War-God, give me strenght. My enemies I shall slay. Their blood shall be your wine. Their souls in your domain... Unholy Deity, Dark Lord, Set.

(Lyrics by JA, music by JA & DECAYED, June 1993)
Dedicated to Olivier Bruss. (Only on 2002 vinyl version).
4. Last Sleep (3:19)
Last Sleep

As darkness mantle covers the earth. I'm left alone stillness all around. Cold breeze wraps my body. Upon this frigid rock I wait for... Visions from my dead past now succeed before me... I close my eyes and enter into Darkland. Limbs become dormant, breathing slow. From beyond I hear the call of Morpheus... "Enter in my kingdom!"... Night has passed but I wake not to reality. The first rays of sun bath my cold skin. From beyond I behold my flesh decay... Closed my eyes for the last sleep.

(Lyrics & music by JA, October 1991)
Dedicated to Rafa Carnivore. R.I.P. (Only on 2002 vinyl version).
5. Nocturnal Prayers (4:42)
Nocturnal Prayers

Impious souls summoned to celebrate blasphemies. Outcasted mortals scorn the Holy Trinity. Pentagram in red strengthening the altar. Naked bodies in ecstasy make the circle… The Whore sat upon the seven headed Beast. Appears drunken with Christian blood. Her chalice of gold now touches their lips. The hallucinating fluid burns inside… The ones which their names. Are nor written in the Book of Life. Now pray for the return of Darkness realm… As clouds occult the light of the moon. Chants are sung in forgotten ancient languages. Choirs are heard from world far beyond. Praising the Master… The ones which their names. Are not written in the Book of Life. We pray for the return of Darkness. Cursed be the Holy and his Son. God’s demise we await.

(Lyrics by JA, music by JA & DECAYED, February 1992)
6. Moon Of A Wolferian Shadow (3:21)
Moon Of A Wolferian Shadow

Witches whispering sorcery. Summoning their Master till dawn. Gathered in a black mass before the altar. Where I kissed the horned Lord… Sacred flames light the sabbat. All united in the nocturnal ceremony. Apprentices vowed for an eternal oath. As the ritual ends in lustful orgies… I look into the eyes of the Baphomet. As darkness embraces the full moon. The frost winds devour me. The forest’s silence… endless night… I entered in the jackal’s soul. Flying aside the Beast. On her wings through the northern sky. To the valley of Jurafas I behold… A force created by unholy vows. I acquired all wisdom in cave Sibyla. And slept with thousand whores. Whores that turned to silver serpents… My winter shadows that glorified me once. With powers and sorcery. Now I only hear howling echoing. A dethroned king awaiting the next millennium.

(Lyrics by JM, music by JA & DECAYED, October 1992)
7. Inquisitor`s Delight (3:12)
Inquisitor’s Delight

Your pain… I feel… Your body… My lust… Your screams… I taste… My delight…

(Lyrics & music by JA, July, 1991)
8. Circle Of The Castrian Mountains (3:31)
Circle Of The Castrian Mountains

“The southern circle elevates the pentagram…” Into the blackest night through perpetual fields so deep. Emperor goat in the fog chanting to me. Blowing so infernal cold with Hades winds I rode… Mayhemic storms of reap that slowly occult our sight. In this cryptic silence I march, crossing abysmal fjords. Searching the sign of the horns, coven of acheronian fantasies… Sabbaotic fivte of apocryphal winter spells. Plays the high priestess, I raise left hand… The sabbat. The goat mistress appeared on nocturnal moon wings. Seduced me with a mystical serenade, her demoniac breath I felt. Drink the wine from her mouth, her tongue wraps mine… On this long winter night, gather wolves on the Castrian Mountains. “…And behold the Ancients’ rising!”

(Lyrics by JM, music by JA & DECAYED, August 1993)
9. Drums Of Valhalla (3:03)
Drums Of Valhalla

As I stand here in silence. Amongst the nocturnal mist. In this land of condemned peace. The winter moon rises once more… I watch the shadows down below. Figures twist by the fire. The wind blows through my hair. Takes my fears away… Drums of Valhalla… The morning shall come. And swords shall be drawn. The Einherjar will guide our hands. Our foes shall be slain… Looking in the eyes of Hel. To battle we shall ride. If our bodies will fall. Only Odin decides… Drums of Valhalla… When the moon will rise once more. Valkyries shall come for our souls. To the Hall they will lead us. Hall of the Dead… To the sound of drums. Our names shall be spoken. Forever we will feast. Until our second fall on Ragnarok.

(Lyrics by JA, music by JA & DECAYED, August 1993)
Dedicated to Rick Thor. Thanx for the help. (Only on 2002 vinyl version).
10. ...Shall Ascend / Goddess Of The Ancient (5:01)
Shall Ascend

The dead shall rise and outnumber the living… The dead shall rise and smell the incense…

(Lyrics taken from the “Necronomicon”. Music by JA & DECAYED, September 1992)

Goddess Of The Ancient

Tiamat, queen of the Ancient Ones. Goddess serpent of our homeland. Lead the seven demons of the flame and sword. Seek the gates to enter in Earth. Thee I call forth… Beneath the abyssic seas of Absu. Cthulhu sleeps in a watery place. Watching with azealed eyes of death. Cast your old vengeance to destroy. The spirit of the Earth and Sky… Thee I summon! Thee I worship! Thee I invoke! Goddess… Thee I call high in the mountains. Lord of spells and the knowledge. Worshipped since time before time. Remember thy war with the Elder Gods. No biding upon Anu… Riding the four burning winds. Breathe the incense of the evil hordes. Touch the stars on top of temples. The world ours as one. Ia Cthulhu!... Thee I summon! Thee I worship! Thee I invoke!

(Lyrics by JM, music by JA & DECAYED, October 1992)
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