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...in the Dusk Full Album Lyrics

Deathtiny - ...in the Dusk cover art

...in the Dusk

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDark Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-18)
1. Fading Lights (1:49)
2. In the Dusk (5:14)
In dark times we’re not afraid
to challenge death
what seemed to be fog
is life’s last breath
stronger than before
we choose the harder way
and noone knows
what lies beside and beneath

my eyes cannot catch
the light anymore
- I am trying
my soul lies dead in silence
before I’m dying
the darkness grows
for the sunlight to drown

in dark times we don’t fear
to challenge life
straight ahead
in our back a knife
our self-confidence
and courage has grown
and we will show
what lies behind the lies
3. Frozen World (5:46)
4. Heaven & Lies (6:38)
Heaven and lies, preacher’s gain
they praise the holy book
- fairytales
promises of soul salvation
lifelong waiting for a revelation

the altar’s shining bright
starve to please your god
they give you hope
and give you wine
and you bleed on and on

deceived and blinded
in god’s name
they are always right
and not to blame
promising a coming inspiration
don’t waste your time
in searching for salvation

the bell is tolling powerful
it leads to prayer and war
killing in the church’s name
forgives your sins forevermore

heaven has failed
You have learned to see
and now you’re free

believe in what you feel
not what they tell
don’t let them put you
into their believe
believe in what you feel
don’t let them put you
into their religion cell
5. Another Fight (3:54)
This is no story
this is truth, this is pain
we’re surrounded by it everyday
this is fighting, this is hate
about thirty days
the world lived in peace (since ‘45)
it sometimes seems
that we are made to make…

another fight for
power and and religion
bleed and rape and kill
and rot and dying for a god
proudly raising flags of
hate and fear
glorious the bullets flying
- smashing our heads

must people fight for not to fight?
must people kill for not to kill?
must people die for others not to die?
or could we just stop making war?

no blood for power
no blood for a god
fuck the war

another human race
spilling blood for honour
skulls and bones and flesh
and skin are treated just like trash
proudly raising guns up to the sky
glorious the bombs
are making women, children die
6. All the Same (5:20)
Wake up in the morning
all the same as the day before
nothing has changed
the time stands still

no prospects for today
trying to break out
caught in a room without a door
the time is dead

again and again
the circle is closed
it is turning on and on
today is everyday and time

only destinations change
the way remains the same
we are getting nearer
but we`ll never reach…

only constellations change
the secret of night and day
when we`re closest to the stars
we’ll turn away…
7. Death's Embrace (8:44)
It’s the last episode of life
hidden tears behind our eyes
dry limp our body and skin
like a rose that`s withering

it’s the sunset of life
remember youth? life’s sunrise
we learn to see
what it means to be
in the end we know
that we haven`t been

when the sunset
is lasting for hours
when everything
is more than it can be
forgotten voices
are pouring down like rain
it is time for death’s embrace

it is time for death’s embrace

the trees are losing their leaves
before the year is over
no more fertile land
and so does our life
we are stopping to breathe
before our time is over
close your eyes
close your eyes...
…and the world turns black

it is time for death’s embrace…
death’s embrace
the world turns black
8. Arise from Death (3:45)
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
no tears washing
the earth from my coffin
death came and killed the lust
death came and
kept my soul from sin
no more war
just peace for my soul
no more rules
I’m out of control

arise from death
never nobody changed my will
arise from death
never nobody kept me from leaving
arise from death

running blood from my veins
my soul is out of control
goddamn I loved
these broken chains
no more fight my soul is so cold
nobody there
no demon riding my soul
no more hurts just a black hole
9. Eight-Shaped Path (5:30)
Surrounded by emptiness
all alone, once again
dark is my mood and sad

entice me with visions of a world
where emptiness is unknown
come dethrone the master
of my loneliness and crown me
“queen of my (own) minds”

forgotten - I am depressed
no more faith - I am damned…
…to dwell (only) with myself

lost and alone

include me, embrace me
in your world where I won’t be
lost and alone
come destroy the walls
of my realm and let me leave
all borders behind
10. Suffering (5:49)
Dreams of blood
taking life away
dreams of blood
appearing night and day
sentenced by remembering
just one cut
and the heartbeat fades
one short deed forever dead

never felt so weak
cannot move or act
never been so deep
in conflict with my past

drown in pain
now the past
reigns inside my brain
slave to what I once did
past has won
it isn't gone, it catches me
again and again and again

fantasies of horror
seems like mental error
but it is so real
I think I feel what he felt
when my love made his
heartbeat fade to death

how painful remembering can be
it can get more important
than present and reality

this is my endless suffering

I still hear his cries
feel his screams
see his blood on my hands
when he left, I also died
'cause he never loved me
I took his life
and now I am damned to
11. Dreams & Shadows (3:51)
Mirror - light reflection
masquerade – darkness
behind shadows
where light can’t find a way
(but) in the dark
all these shapes fade

deepest dreams, awake in mind
opening the eyes: stop to see
shadows, eyes define the shapes
in their dark
the colours they all fade

dreams - the mirror of our mind
look inside!
shadows - deceiving our eyes
look behind!

mirrors might deceit you
masquerade - the truth
is in our eyes
shadows where night
has found a way
(but) in their dark
all these shapes fade

deepest dreams
one stage with your minds
close the eyes
away you sweep
eyes define the shapes
in their dark
the colours they all fade
12. Whenever, Wherever (3:50)
13. The Way (4:28)
Here in the middle of nowhere
surrounded by the
twilight of love and hate
my soul is free
my mind still a slave of you
I recognized there
was no chance for me
I was a puppet
in your wicked game

moving and acting
for you and your love
but all I did... it was in vain
for another ones love
you lied to me
betrayed, abused and
smashed to the ground
ripping and tearing
my heart away

this way it was tragedy
a self-created
staging of my death
a dead end street –
there is no coming back
the way... I never will be there

there was no friendship
I thought it was more
your love it was such a big lie
there is no coming back
you made it a tragedy

moving and acting
for you and your love
but all I did it was in vain

don’t tread on me!
14. Desperation (5:20)
For miles and miles
I was wandering
though I never left
my starting point
looking for a place to rest

I can’t change my direction
because I don’t know
my destination
every turn is wrong

please help me
to get out of here
confusing thoughts
destroy my mind
the ways I choose –
just labyrinths…
…and desperation lies inside

I try to build my own world
and always it becomes my hell
the role of Satan
played by my mind

I`m losing grip and start to fall
but there is no end, no ground
I need (something,)
someone to hold me
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