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The Bogeyman Full Album Lyrics

Death Power - The Bogeyman cover art

The Bogeyman

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
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Submitted by level 9 Wait (2011-09-14)
1. Wendigo (6:20)
A mystic night, He has come back for our lives
We can't escape, He will make a dead set
No one can survive, My tribe will be destroyed
In front of me, My past revolves
He wants our minds, Evil force of the night
I see my end tonight
I am dying to live, No one can help me
Horrible death, dust to be free

If you want to die, Follow his tracks
Bestial ritual, I am dying in his arms
Flash in my mind, My life is ending
I can't escape, Struck by lightning

Clearness of skies will be troubled because of the memory
and hate begot by Human weakness and cruelty that had
been punished by the celestial chastisement, Bloodstained...

Our gods left us, Because of lies
No hope to win, There is no more fight
Heaven is too dark, Giving us a fright
There is no illusion, No ideal to die
Beetween Earth and sky, Just a dark hole
Shreds of our corpses, Dissected
Wendigo rules now, The game is over
Bloody punishment, Stronger than ever
2. Begin the Sacrifice (4:49)
Old manor smelling of death
Before the first light of dawm
Strange people are holding their breath
Waiting to come into their owm
They invoked their master in moans
To take part in the sacrifice
The master of pleasure on his throne
Is ready to satisfy his vice

Begin the sacrifice

Flames of hate invade the room
The virgin is ready to die
A nameless force possesses her doom

She will lose her virginity tonight
A destroying dick penetrates her
Ploughing wildly into her belly
Sentence of fanatic fever
The bloody sacrifice is ready

Begin the sacrifice

Killed, Bled, To satisfy their need
Her heart rests in their hands
Burnt, raped, Under a spell
for the fanatism of a sect

Begin the sacrifice
3. War (6:08)
Soldier, Can you see the child
This lonely mind
Left alone in the war
All is dark, All is black.
Soldier, Can you feel his sadness
Can you feel his pain
Can you feel your madness
When the bombs rain

Evil, In your eyes, A deadly smile
Can you feel death in your hand ?
Slaughter, Under the sun, Through a machine gun
To exterminate this innocent...

Innocent, Putrefied corpses, Blasphemed lands
Thanks... To You, Leaders, Insane and Criminal

Reflection, No more action
Just comprehension
Please, Stop it !
Enthusiastics, Of metal dicks
Eater of lives
Great !
Elation, At each new dead
Falling into the trap
Of guns jerking off
Ya got a bone?
Hear you, Terrifying sound
Of deadly bombs
Digging tombs
For you?

You are just a poor armed child
Who loves and wants
To love again
Always !
But the love of your country
Higher than men´s
Makes you feel bad
Go mad ?

Innocent, Putrefied corpses, Blasphemed lands
Thanks... To You, Leaders, Insane and Criminal

Can you realize all these dead, You, Behind your desk ?
Can you hear bombs noise, Twisting your head ?
Can you feel the blood running, Dirtying your hands ?
Can you see innocent lives, Running away ?
4. March of the Dead (3:53)
Feeling the high pression
In the darkness of your mind
Your near execution
Darkens your cell tonight

Deceived by your wife
You erase this mistake
Cutting them to pieces
They will never awake

March of the dead

By criminal court
You have been sentenced to death
For you there is no way out
Spiritually, You are dead
Now it is time to die
Your time on earth is over
Under the bloody guillotine
There are no Hate, no Anger

March of the dead
5. Satan's Litanies (3:28)
You the most demoniac of Angels
And cruelest of Demons
The Prince of Exil and Hell
The father of illegitimate Sons

Beaten, Betrayed by Fate
Always you rise up again stronger
You subsist on peoples Hate
And the Love of your apostles Anger

Glory and Praises, Satans Litanies

Habitual Healer of mans Agonies
You are the Hangeds Confessor
You are answerable for my long Miseries
On Lifes scaffold you are the Tormentor

Much good may it to do
Under the flames of Hell
Where die unfortunate few
Gathering Souls under the Passing Bell

Glory and Praises, Satans Litanies

Glory and Praises to you in the Heights
Of Heaven, Where you Reigned
And in the Depths of Hell, Where Straight
You are dreaming silently in Pain
May you protect my Tortured Soul
Under the tree of Mystical Visions
Near you they rest for ever
But others are ready for Mission
6. The Bogeyman (5:34)
During the night, When you sleep and all is right
The bogeyman wanders about the streets, Awful sight
A small child in his bag, Blood on his hands
He goes off without saying a word to unknown lands

The Bogeyman

The night after, He will come to take you away
You know that, frightend, and alone you pray
Feeling of fear, In your room he is tonight
You feel his fetid breath, You will disappear before its light

The Bogeyman
7. Away with You (6:16)
District of madness and district of death
Where people sink into decay
You, Poor tired out man, your life is a nightmare
A nightmare you see everyday

No compassion in my eyes, Just a cruel desire
Which invades my mind at their each cry
Oh my God tell me, What I ought to do
They shout too loud, Oh please, Away with you!

In your little flat, In tht shadowy light
You hide behind your shutter
A dark desire in your tortured mind
You must act sooner or later

Tonight I am searching with my rifle
Looking for a squaling one, To exterminate
This little sucker is in my sights
Looking in my eyes, He sees only death

Looking in the street, Ready to fire
This noise in my Head must end, He must die !
This tormentor hurts me, Laughing, Shouting endlessly
Not another idea in my mind, He shall die !

Come on, Cry, Come on, Die...

In the flash of my eyes, You see, The deadly impression in its entirety
You feel death pierce you intensely, In the night
For you, Death is the only fate, A fate becoming reality
I am your master, As you see, Endlessly

Come on, Cry, Come on, Die...
8. Stop the Time (4:18)
The fear of being old, The haze of time
After a certain age, To live is a crime
I'd like to stop fate, Irremidiable proccss
And keep this youth, What I want to eXpress

I don't want to be old
I don't want to cry
I don't want to be alone
And I don't want to die

My eyes will be glazed and my skin tired
Wrinkles will be furrowed, Softening my mind
My agony and doubt growing more and more
I can't face that through this mirror

I don't want to be old
I don't want to cry
I don't want to be alone
And I don't want to die

Stop the time... The time
Stop the time... and Die...
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