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Among the Ranks of the Unconquerable Full Album Lyrics

Death Fortress - Among the Ranks of the Unconquerable cover art

Among the Ranks of the Unconquerable

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  75 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > D > Death Fortress Lyrics (6) > Among the Ranks of the Unconquerable Lyrics (6)
Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-04-18)
1. King's Blood (6:13)
Within and throughout; veins beneath the core
The ancient blood, of conquerors, volcanic and pure
A conduit, between, the earth and, my mind
Ever flowing, infinite, ancient fire
Domination of the mind, every life, one by one
Formless and, omnipotent, erasing, to reshape
Dormant, bloodline, surges on, within the core
Enemies, buried deep, Pacifist and helpless,
Lower lives deny their place, but they are loathe to stray beyond our walls
And we have carved our memory within the epitaph of your mind
Subjected ones, the faceless sons, they look into my eyes with loathsome hate
But ancient songs will carry us beyond our deaths, their memory expires at their grave
Unending night illuminated in our thoughts, puppeteer of destiny
We become a threshing tool, reducing populations into dust
Bearing the, timeless weight, of the masters those who came before
Their memory, which moves the earth, lives eternally within our mind
2. Arrogant Force (6:06)
Empire of steel, glass spires penetrate the crust
Drawing power from the core into the tendrils of our brain
Earth is made into a slave, beneath the throne we've built within the sky
Civilizations are erased, reduced without a memory
Dominating the terrain, obeying primal intuition
Mastering nature, commanding all forms of life
One sword, penetrates, within the tree, of life
Humans farmed according to our needs, humiliation of the human form

Hands tightening around a throat, drawing power from fading eyes
Human bodies harvested, pulled from the root without refrain
New walls and godly arms, sovereignty achieved through raw power
All will kneel beneath the throne of the spires which eclipse the sun
The great wheel of death grinding on, a whetstone upon which all are judged
All dissenting forms of life will become, fodder for our cannons
Command of humankind is conquest of the mind, and so they must be taught the only way
Raw power, remorseless pain, tools to perfect the nature of our world
3. Fifth Season (7:36)
A chasm opening between my eyes, between the place of matter and time
The beauty of continental freeze, and yet beneath the frozen waters I can breathe
As a Sun blinks its eye, memories are erased
But within the ancient stone, quietly a sharpening of blades
The acid rain in which we bathe, revealing our true form
The killing winds we embrace, bring with them a fifth season
4. Among the Ranks of the Unconquerable (6:45)
Sleeping giants, piercing gaze, the eyes of war
The blazing light, of galaxies, sinews of the ancient stones
Devouring, and absorbing, every piece of life under its throne
The deep abyss, of God's tears, within the womb of chaois is your grave
Galloping, speed of war, silently conquering
In decaym overtaken, by the sword of time
March to war, chaos child
Grinding against, the spine of heaven
Mastery, of all space, bathing in the blood of further stars
Propagate, and dominate, so that we may never die
The language of, the ancient ones, Absolute and undiluted pain
An Earthless voice, only speaks commands, amongst the ranks of the unconquerable
5. Pride of the Enslaver (4:46)
The power of, a god's command, a single resonating note
Echoing through the halls, upon the ears and minds who kneel to me
My agency, in secrecy, clothed beneath the words which they believe
The word of God has delivered me, the power wielded only by a diety
A human mind starving for command, an empty chalice to receive my seed
all the servants under God's law, they know not that I am he
Underneath, my control, weeping, at my feet
My perfect words are razor web, this is both their collar and their shield
Underlings and necessary lesser beings, they must subsist to serve my need
Fighting timelessly to construct, a race in my own image
God-form enslaver absolute we have become both the lock and key
In my hand is then pen with which, the destiny of the human race is recorded
All shall bow before my legacy, My children which never die
6. Ancestor's Call (6:24)
Cold tears shed in secrecy, the memories of the deceased
Guided by the spectral hands, which formed me to do their deeds
The mirror which does not reflect, the living spirit of the immortal dread
The anicnet ones who created me, the ancient blood I live to breed again
Mortal bodies withering, carrying deep within
The voice of chaos whispering, the law which will forever live
The ancients which can speak to me, the power which is part of me
And from their whispers I can see, those who are my enemies
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