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Designed to Disappear Full Album Lyrics

Dead Empires - Designed to Disappear cover art

Designed to Disappear

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal
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1. Spectacular Ruin (1:24)
2. The Form (5:07)
in-tense experience.
ready to bear


from its mother
six months alone, in the dark
no love, cursed in silence
life sings a pathetic song.
yet, through a twist of luck, the form absconds fate.

Guardians have adopted, filled the form full of hope
taught how to express oneself
through sonic waves and well placed names
Distinct all the way to the grave.

solipsolistic thoughts pervade reality
no context for its abilities, no tree.
theres only one way for me to demonstrate
avow the complexity of my being
rock and roll never felt so good...
3. Slay Rider (2:20)
Weeks never ending
long way from home
thesis: I must rock the world

Broke down AC
Rest stop cuisine
Won't quit til we get back east

Sunrise won't end our vampyric life
van call at 2am don't be late...
another 500 miles to Vegas, 500 more to get to hell

wait for our 30 minutes so I can feel alive
Visceral expression of oneself to be precise
ohhhh i've found my home on the road playing LIVE!!

When i'm mired in doubt I never thought i could be
on the road for 2 months, over 40 cities
when i'm old i'll look back and think "damn, that was me!"
this adventure helped me see the forest for the trees
4. Reverse Speak (7:12)
Nothing to say - blahbittybah
watch out for those who knows whats coming now
syllabals expressing nonsense
what was it exactly i was
writing about?
I have no clue
but on paper
you might be inclined to try to make sense of this
I'm filling up space i'm just trying to get through it
ending of this line is now!

Words fall right into place for writers block
forces us to sweat
write it all down
meeting deadlines
nothing working
so just write, write about that yeah!

Form the perfect allegory from the words that spill out of your mouth (2x)

"you and I will bring meaning to this phrase"

look into my eyes and see I am not afraid
formless objects melt away deep inside my brain
relate to what you can and take meaning from this space
I just hope you walk away and consider what you take

within all our bodies lies the tools
creative outlets are a way for you
express the feelings stored up deep inside
through these sonic walls kept in time

I press on

this is the last line in the song the last line ever.
5. A Summertime Song (7:04)
You and I
we're one in the same
Hold my hand and
I'll show you what I mean
look inside yourself
there is beauty in spades
we are connected
to all living things

now consider everything
your thoughts will start change
don't be afraid - embrace
time will never stop its pace
so lets all join the race
and leave behind the snakes

(improv noise!)

long road ahead
you'll need friends
to guide you home

love flows like a stream
bend your head
and take a drink

refresh your soul
everyone will know
from the smile on thats on your face


soon light will be calling your name to grave
can you say that your time wasn't wasted with your days?

you and i
we are one in the same
free our minds and
accomplish anything
I need you
so please wait for me
we traverse this dream.
6. Ones and Zeros (2:20)
7. Ergot (6:29)
Bastion of light
cozied up inside our hearts


come lay your head down and
enjoy brief respite here
theres plenty of space to breathe
clear your mind of everything

eyes projecting all you "see"
falling again
into the trap of objectivity
theres no such thing

what is objective
when everything is subjective? (x2)

hate breeds sickness
like ergot wheat
behind the eyes
thought can will a cure

death is sold as a finality
its discovery is the ability
of enevibility
so I fall back into the traps of mind
i belong
i belong
i belong
i belong
i belong
i belong
8. Designed to Disappear (12:20)
is the future looking grim
do you regret the past
nothing working out, each day the same old - same old
you are not alone, I too have walked right down that road and I can assure you that this will pass, everything that makes you sad can disapear.

death, the great equalizer
everything will end one day
thats the hard truth we go to bed with everyday,
designed to disappear we all go away

put into perspective by the facts of existing
know that every second matters don't squander the day
i believe you will overcome the faux hatred that builds inside of you

you're all things, the world is you. KNOW! know this deeply and instinctually "i" repairs
quell your fears - open up your mind to change

to see beauty all you need do is look within; it resides inside you like all the water in the sea. to access it though you must prepare to go through change. Need to let go of the doubt thats weighing down your days.

we've been designed to disappear so lets enjoy our time while we are still here.
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